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The “christian” Right (Wrong) hates White people.

Joodeo-con “christians”, Falwell, Dobson, Robertson, Billy Graham et al.  Hate White people.

This is a partial transcript from 03/12/2010 ad, (Frankin) Famly Life Today, hosted by Dennis Rainey and Bob Lapine.  Hey boys, how many 1/2 breed grand children do you have?


Viva la Difference!

Series Title: Your Intercultural Marriage (Day 2 of 2)
Guests Include: Marla Alupoaicei

Think you and your spouse are as different as night and day? Imagine, then, if your mate was from another country with a different language, traditions and customs. American Marla Alupoaicei talks about her life with her husband, Catalin, a Romanian translator she met while on a missions trip. Hear about the benefits and challenges of an intercultural marriage.

Program: FamilyLife Today (25 Minutes)
Airdate: 3/12/2010 12:00:00 AM


Think you and your spouse are as different as night and day? Imagine, then, if your mate was from another country with a different language, traditions and customs. American Marla Alupoaicei talks about her life with her husband, Catalin, a Romanian translator she met while on a missions trip. Hear about the benefits and challenges of an intercultural marriage.
Guests Include: Marla Alupoaicei



Bob: All couples bring different perspectives and different backgrounds into their marriages.  When Marla Deshong met and married Catalin Alupoaicei, a Romanian, it wasn’t just two people blending their differences, it was two cultures intersecting.

Marla: You start to realize that there are many aspects of our faith that people believe differently about.  It might have to do with tithing, baptism, dedication of children, how many children to have, whether you should wear jewelry… but it was more difficult than I expected because that was a difference I didn’t expect to have.  I just assumed, “Well, I’m a Christian, he’s a Christian.” (Read Full Transcript)

Bob: This is FamilyLife Today for Friday, March 12th.  Our host is the President of FamilyLife, Dennis Rainey and I’m Bob Lepine.  As we’ll see today, two people who love Jesus still think very differently about a whole lot of things.

Welcome to FamilyLife Today thanks for joining us.  I’ve been thinking about the subject that we’re talking about this week, the intercultural marriage.  On some level, isn’t every marriage an intercultural marriage?

Dennis: Marla joins us for another day.  Welcome back, despite the host’s ability to butcher your last name.

Dennis: We shared earlier that you married a Romanian.

Marla: Yes.

Bob: … Let me move off of your story and let’s talk about the reality of cross-cultural marriages, interracial marriages that are going on in the United States.  I mentioned earlier this week that I grew up thinking that there might be something wrong with mixed race marriages.  That sentiment has pretty much gone by the wayside, although, there’s still vestiges of that in the culture today aren’t there? And in the church as well right?

Marla: That’s true.  Sometimes people try to twist or distort scripture to support that.  But I discovered in my research, I did research on all of the intercultural marriages in the Bible, and what God said about them and so forth.  Actually, many of the great heroes and heroines of our faith including David, Ruth, Joseph, many other people were involved in intercultural marriages, and those were marriages that the Lord approved of and blessed.

Dennis: Yes, in fact I wanted to ask you, what’s the first intercultural marriage in the Bible? Bob and I participated last fall in the first ever Bible Bee.

Bob: And you’re thinking this question might have come up with those Bible Bee contestants?

Dennis: I think it could.  But anyway, do you remember?

Marla: I would say one of the first that seemed positive was Moses and Zipporah.  If you remember the story Aaron and Miriam disapproved of Moses—they spoke out against Moses in part because of his intercultural marriage.  God really responded harshly to that, to Aaron and Miriam.  You remember Miriam was struck with leprosy for speaking out against Moses.  From everything we can tell, God approved of Moses’ marriage with Zipporah and there’s nothing said about anything negative about that relationship.

Bob: But there are general prohibitions throughout the Old Testament that the Jews are not to marry women from other nations and other tribes.

Dennis: Samson for instance.

Bob: “She looks good to me” the Philistine woman.  And then you’ve got Solomon who goes off with all of these women from all sorts of other countries, and God says, “You’re not supposed to do that.”  Right?

Marla: That’s right.  But if you look at all of the stories you’ll see that he didn’t prohibit that intercultural or interracial marriage because those people were of another race or from another culture, he did it only because they didn’t share the same spiritual values or beliefs.  They didn’t worship the one true God. They worshiped idols.

So he said to Solomon, don’t go after these pagan wives because they worship idols.  They’ll lead your heart away from me.  But that’s exactly what Solomon did, and that is what happened.  His heart was led away from the Lord.  So, his later life, he did not serve the Lord.

Dennis: So it really takes us to one of the New Testament admonitions, “Do not be unequally yoked.”

Marla: Yes.

Dennis: It’s talking about not the culture people come from, but where their hearts are.

Marla: That’s right, that’s really the only principle that we have now for today’s culture to go on is “A Christian is not supposed to be unequally yoked in marriage with a non-believer.”

Bob: You may be equally yoked spiritually, but you may come from very different ways of practicing your Christian faith.  You grew up in church, in Terre Haute, Indiana right?

Marla: Yes.

Bob: Marla, in your research you’ve talked with a lot of couples who are in either cross-cultural or interracial marriages.  Let me ask you about the unique challenges that interracial couples face that maybe take it a step beyond the challenges that you and your husband have faced.  When you talk to couples who are from different ethnic backgrounds, what kinds of things did you learn?

Marla: Many of them especially people who are from a Christian background struggle to convince their parents or friends or other people around them that it was OK for them to get married. Oftentimes people try to talk them out of it, sometimes if one of the people is from another culture the friends or family might ask “Are you sure that person isn’t just trying to get a visa to come to America?”  That’s common and actually I’ve faced that myself, too.

Dennis: Really?  Some relatives?

Marla: Yes

Dennis: Friends?

Marla: Yes. I think that’s a common concern.  But of course it is hurtful to the person when someone asks you that. But that’s common.  There are a lot of issues that the interracial couples have to consider because you don’t want to alienate your family, your ultimate goal is for them to support you and love you.  You really need that because the culture does not provide as much support.  The culture still tends to be more judgmental toward interracial couples, and the children of interracial couples.  Because, when they walk in the door you can tell they’re interracial whereas, my husband and I were intercultural, but we’re not interracial.

Bob: You look the same.

Marla: Yes.

Dennis: In fact, I wanted to ask you a question about that.  If you were speaking right now to a couple who are in an interracial marriage, where there does seem to be from time to time, that judgmental attitude, what’s the best advise you could give that couple?

Marla: I would encourage them to pray together, discuss the issues, I think they need to discuss with each other if there’s hurt there.  Try to come up with some ways that they can overcome that, if there are specific family members that seem disapproving or are causing problems in the marriage.  They need to discuss how to approach that whether they should both go together or say it is one person’s father or mother, maybe they can talk to them.  Try to share biblical principles with them, pray with them and even write out why it’s important to you and share it.


In some ways an intercultural or an interracial marriage is a declaration of the Gospel. I’m just sitting here thinking about Ephesians chapter 2 that says, “In Christ there is the tearing down of the dividing wall.  Jew and Greek are now one in Christ.”  I’m thinking about Galatians 3:28 that says “there is neither Greek nor Jew…” again, the gospel says that what matters is our relationship with God and that puts us in his family.  At that point culture and ethnicity and race, background, it’s not that it doesn’t matter.  But it’s not preeminent.

I’m not suggesting that you need to go out and find a person of a different race or different culture to marry them in order to proclaim the gospel, but I do think that those couples who do meet and fall in love and show that the dividing wall is torn down, and that their bond to Christ is stronger than any other bond.  I think it’s a powerful message.

Dennis: I think there’s some pride in our hearts in the Christian community sometimes where we find people discriminating against other races and other cultures thinking that somehow we’re better, or they’re worse, or they’re not of a higher class.  It was that kind of pride God really came to root out through the death of Christ.  I’m glad, Bob that you pointed that out because the love of Christ is colorblind.

2 responses to “The “christian” Right (Wrong) hates White people.

  1. thewhitechrist March 15, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    Whenever I see that Galatians 3:28 is being quoted, I rest content that the sodomites, the Lesbians, and the Priestesses of Baal quote it in the same way, with the same emphasis, and in the same manner as these fools do, above.

    I respond to those idiots with the simple question, ‘What race was Abraham?’ For, if we can figure that one out, we know the race of the “Chosen People,” and therefore, Christ. And, as the Son of the Living God, Christ would not marry a whore or a slut, but only the ‘chaste Bride of Christ,’ i.e., the Church.

    What is true in the larger sense, must be true in the smaller sense as well.
    What is the race of Abraham? Clearly, not ‘multicultural.’

    ‘Let the dead bury the dead. You, follow Me’ – J.C.

  2. leeinthemountains March 18, 2010 at 2:12 am

    How far White Christians have fallen! Here is a good antidote to (Frankin) Family Life Today:


    In the wake of Lincoln’s War of Genocide, and as the tyranny of Destruction (aka Reconstruction) was ending, a mulatto church sought admittance to the PEC. Some in the denomination were persuaded that since the mulattoes were fellow believers, their church should be accepted as an equal body, and their leaders as equals to the white clergy. The response: “We deny that there is any Christian duty or obligation requiring us to do this thing.” The point is made that shared Christian faith does not give men the right to be represented in common church leadership. Nor does it give a common church the right to amalgamate congregations without any regard to preserving their God-given distinctions.

    It is certainly true that every Christian polity should contemplate the spread of the Gospel among all peoples, and the extension of the Church over all nations. How shall this be done? Which is the best way of doing it? Rome answers these enquiries with the affirmation, that there is but one way of doing this, and that is by having but one temporal and infallible head, which shall govern and control a Church, interpenetrating all peoples, and ignoring all nationalities, except in so far as she can make them subservient to the temporal growth, prosperity, and expansion of her one form of ecclesiastical government. The doctrine and teaching of our mother Church is directly opposed to this; and claims that every nationality may have its own independent Church, decreeing its own rites and ceremonies, and having authority in controversies of faith, so that nothing be ordained that is contrary to God’s written word. Upon this fundamental Christian truth, she threw off the dominion of Rome, and established her own ecclesiastical polity upon her nationality. She has never abandoned this position, and still maintains it.

    The Irish and Scottish Churches likewise have “always been distinct, although not different, from the English, for centuries asserting [their] right to [their] own Liturgy without question.”

    What united us in one Protestant Episcopal Church in this country was our unity of race, the common origin and nationality of those who framed our organism… Why should we attempt to break down these partition walls rudely, by main force, to thrust discordant masses together, rather than leave them to coalesce, mingle and assimilate by the gentler and kindlier influences of time, if that can produce such amalgamation? Why has the Almighty suffered these permanent distinctions between peoples and races for centuries? Are we sure we are cooperating with His scheme and purpose in causing such diversities among men by abruptly forcing them into hurried commingling? It is our common Creator who has made one nation to differ from another, and we should not rashly insist that His work was unwise, and set ourselves to work to confound these distinctions, impressed upon His creatures by His Almighty and Creative hand, lest haply we may find ourselves fighting against God. And if anywhere this distinction of His should be reverently observed, so long as He permits it to endure, it is in the Church of Christ, who sent His Apostles, not to amalgamate different peoples, but to preach the Gospel to all nations… What necessity is there that this work of thwarting God’s arrangements (as it appears to us to be) should commence now, in the Church of Christ? Surely the necessity should be made so plain as to be apparent to every candid mind, and so urgent as to constrain every honest will…

    We say, this [black] race, as a people, are not at this time in their history, qualified to take part in the Councils of the Church…

    Notice how shocking this statement is to the Jacobin, egalitarian mind of the West today, which has been steeped in “rugged individualism” and laissez-faire morality.

    If this Convention cannot be intrusted to the control of a majority of the colored people as members of it, because of their incapacity for government, then not one of their delegates should be admitted, so long as that incapacity continues—for our vacant parishes and deserted churches [the aftermath of genocide] in the low country put it into the power of the blacks to become the majority. If this people are indeed qualified at this time to take this Convention into their hands, and control it, and so regulate the internal affairs of this Diocese, then they must be the most extraordinary race of men the earth has seen, and their advancement more rapid than all other races known to us…

    For ourselves we not only object to miscegenation, but denounce it as injurious to our race; and, as we believe, opposed to the law of God, as revealed in Scripture, and developed in the uniform course of His creation and the ordinances of what we call nature. We do not intend to encourage the commingling of these two races. We believe our race to be the superior race, and do not hesitate to assert and maintain our faith in this truth and intend to conform our ecclesiastical organization to this faith, and never can consent to give countenance and approval to such admixture, even when the result of lawful wedlock, but would leave all such admixture to bear the stamp and wear the livery of unlawful intercourse. We refuse to recommend to a body of Christian men that which we believe would tend to counteract God’s order in Providence or creation, and to obliterate distinctions which He has seen fit to make as manifest and as conspicuous as the sun at noonday, or as the stars at midnight…

    [W]e have before us as the polar star to determine our course the Christian principle upon which our English divines and reformers relied for their guidance, and upon which our Church has stood in England, Scotland, Ireland, in these United States, and in all the British Colonies; that is, independent Churches for distinct nationalities or peoples. That is the principle; simple, clear, distinct and fixed, a sure and safe guide for us in our times and circumstances… The truth of this principle, spiritually and logically, is not to be found in the territory occupied by the nation or people, which is a mere physical connexion, but in the homogeneity of the people themselves.

    Reading this makes me proud to be counted among the Redeemed. I can sleep better at night knowing that my homeland was once dominated by men who understood the Bible.

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