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Epitome of brain dead whites

Merry Christmas!


A Hundred Percent of Nothing

Walter Williams saying what most whites are afraid to say…

JoAnn Watson, Detroit city council member, said, “Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president, and there ought to be a quid pro quo.” In other words, President Obama should send the nearly bankrupted city of Detroit millions in taxpayer bailout money. But there’s a painful lesson to be learned from decades of political hustling and counsel by intellectuals and urban experts.

In 1960, Detroit’s population was 1.6 million. Blacks were 29 percent, and whites were 70 percent. Today, Detroit’s population has fallen precipitously to 707,000, of which blacks are 84 percent and whites 8 percent. Much of the city’s decline began with the election of Coleman Young, Detroit’s first black mayor and mayor for five terms, who engaged in political favoritism to blacks and tax policies against higher income mostly white people.

Young’s successors, Dennis Archer and Kwame Kilpatrick, followed his Third World tyrant policies, but neither had his verbal vulgarity. Kilpatrick (2002-2008) went to jail and is on trial today on charges of corruption. Mayor David Bing is making an effort to revive Detroit. His problem is that he’s not God.

Policies that ran whites and other more affluent people out of Detroit might have been Young’s and his successors’ strategy. After all, why not get rid of people who aren’t going to vote for you anyway? The problem is that getting rid of these people left Detroit with a lower tax base, fewer jobs and fewer consumers.

Fewer whites might be good for the careers of black politicians, but it’s not in the best interests of ordinary blacks. Blacks have political control of Detroit, but the relevant question is whether some control of something is better than 100 percent control of nothing. By most measures, Detroit is one of the nation’s most tragic cities, and it’s mostly self-imposed.

Detroit topped Forbes magazine’s 2010 list of America’s Most Dangerous Cities. That year there were 345 homicides, but that’s going to be topped with this year’s 365 homicides so far.

Most homicide victims in Detroit and elsewhere are black, and 95 percent of the time their murderers are black. But far more important to black leaders and white liberals than blacks murdering blacks are charges of police misconduct and racial profiling.

Detroit’s predominantly black public schools are close to being the worst in the nation, perhaps with the exception of those of Washington, D.C. Only 4 percent of Detroit’s eighth-graders scored proficient or above on the most recent National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) test, sometimes called “The Nation’s Report Card.” Thirty-six percent scored basic, and 57 percent below basic. “Below basic” is when a student is unable to demonstrate even partial mastery of knowledge and skills fundamental for proficient work at their grade level. “Basic” indicates only partial mastery.

Unbeknownst to most black parents is the fact that most black students who manage to graduate from high school cannot read and compute any better than whites four years younger and still in junior high school.

Here’s a question for you: If we put a group of 100 students of any race having an eighth-grade level of proficiency and another group of 100 students of any race with a 12th-grade level of proficiency in college, is it reasonable to expect the first group to perform as well as the second? On top of that, is it reasonable to expect a student of any race to be able to make up 12 years of fraudulent K-12 education in the space of four or five years of college?

Detroit’s social pathology is seen in other cities with large black populations such as Philadelphia, Newark, Baltimore and Chicago. These are cities where blacks have for years dominated the political machinery in the forms of mayors, police chiefs, superintendents of schools and city councilmen, plus they’ve been Democrats.

It’s safe to conclude that the focus on political power doesn’t do much for ordinary blacks.


Community – One way to have one

A gathering of Montgomery County guys who’ll get it done

Friends in Montgomery County gather each month to hammer out a job.

BLACKSBURG — By late morning Saturday, the new deck was taking shape on the side of Mike Bowers’ garage.

Eight men hammered and sawed, lifted and dug, just as they have once each month for years. Ed Tuchler, who owns Blacksburg-based design/build company Shelter Alternatives, stood back from calculating board lengths.

“The success of the work day is how many tools get used,” he opined.

The other men chuckled. Soon Bowers, who constructs barns for a living, drove around the side of the garage atop a track loader equipped with a 2-foot-diameter auger. In just minutes, it bored holes in the ground where support poles would soon stand. Within a half-hour, Bowers was hefting a chainsaw and lopping off the top of one of the new poles. Turning the saw, he quickly notched the pole to hold a deck support.

“Boys Work Day!” Bowers exclaimed. “Chainsaw quality!”

The work day is a long tradition built by a group of friends, mostly neighbors along Mount Tabor Road east of Blacksburg. Once each month, they gather for a project chosen by each man in a rotation.

On Saturday, the plan was to tear down a weathered set of exterior steps leading to an upstairs tack room above Bowers’ garage and replace them with a ramp and a new deck running the width of the building. The deck would have space for a bench, Bowers told the crew, where his wife could sit and watch their daughter work with horses in a neighboring paddock.

Over the years, houses have been renovated and outbuildings constructed, trails cleared and firewood chopped and drainage ditches dug. Sometimes a charity project is selected, like repairing church roofs or painting or just helping someone who has a project too big to tackle alone.

The twin mottos of Boys Work Day, said group member Curt Laub, a Virginia Tech entomologist, are “You can’t see it from my house,” and “It’s not as nasty as it was.”

In 15 years, Boys Work Day has only skipped a handful of months, said Bowers, Tuchler and Trev Smith, a carpenter and woodworker who is another of the founding members of the group.

Of the many projects, “The ones with blizzards — those are the ones I remember best,” Smith said.

Others laughed. Pausing from tamping down dirt and concrete mix around the support poles that would support the new deck, architect Peter Ozolins noted that one of the most memorable monthly gatherings came when it was Smith’s turn to choose a project. Instead of the usual construction job, he sent the group on a canoe trip down the New River to honor Tuchler’s birthday and some out-of-town guests who were visiting.

Bowers grinned. “The best thing about this is males my age, they don’t usually have friends,” he said.

Others present Saturday included Al Warren, a retired builder and Tuchler’s father-in-law; his son Dan Warren, who has worked in construction and as an engineer; and Dan Britten, whose career has also been in building.

With all the years of building-related experience, the group isn’t afraid to tackle most projects, Bowers said. But, he added, “We’re just guys who help each other out.”

One member of the group, David Mudd, moved out of state some years ago but still occasionally returns to help, Bowers and Ozolins said. Mudd started his own work group in Kentucky, his first home after leaving Blacksburg, they said.

“It’s exportable. People can do it if they want to,” Ozolins said.

Group members said the impetus for starting Boys Work Day came from their wives, who were meeting for a night out.

“We said, ‘We should get to do this, too,'” Smith said.

“But sitting around didn’t work for us,” Tuchler recalled. “We just couldn’t drink enough beer.”

So they launched Boys Work Day. A decade and a half later, the boys’ ages range from 52 to 79 and they have a long list of projects — and possibly a longer list of pranks, jokes and near-miss stories — behind them.

Ozolins recalled when Laub painted his tools with his initials to keep them from going home with other group members so often. Ozolins and others quickly “put ‘CL’ on all our tools, too,” Ozolins said.

Bowers remembered tumbling out of a tree, fortunately falling the other direction from his chainsaw.

There has been only one injury during Boys Work Day, group members said, resulting from someone stepping on a nail.

There is no plan to stop.

Laub pointed across Mount Tabor Road to his own property and a tall barn atop the ridge. It was built years ago through Boys Work Day efforts, he said. Then the derecho winds last summer toppled a large locust tree through a section of its roof. First Bowers showed up with his track loader and removed the tree, Laub said. The next time the work day rotated to Laub’s property, the group quickly replaced the roof.

“The money savings is incredible,” Laub said. “And it seems to build momentum,” spurring him to continue work on other home projects alone after the Boys Work Day is done, he said.

Next month’s Boys Work Day likely will be convened at an old cottage that Smith plans to renovate, group members said.

Bowers said he was ready: “Once you’ve had eight guys come to your place and do work — you’re real primed to go to their place.”


The GOP faithful & football

Under the Shadow of the Almighty

My conclusion is an old conclusion, but it must be stated again and again until Liberaldom is in ashes. We don’t need superior numbers. We need only a few white men to stand up for Europe, fully convinced that in doing so they are standing for the right against Satan and his unholy legions. If we believe in the rightness of Christian Europe and the satanic evil of diverse liberalism, we will fight and prevail against the liberal pestilence that walketh in darkness and the colored hordes that wasteth at noonday. +

Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. –Psalm 1: 14

The Christian churches spawned our universities, but the universities soon took over the churches, and there is now very little separating the churches from the universities. Even so called conservative churches bow to the universities on the subject of diversity. That race doesn’t exist when white men try to band together as a race is a liberal dogma. That race is everything when the colored races band together to demand special sainted status is also a liberal dogma. And nowhere are those liberal dogmas more rigidly adhered to than in the universities of the European people. There are black student unions, brown student unions, Asian student unions, and women’s centers, but there is nothing for the white male. And whenever a courageous white male tries to form a white student union, he is deemed a racist and denied permission to form a white student union, because there is no such thing as white people, unless the liberal wants to bring them into existence in order to demonize them. And of course the values of our liberal academies have become the ruling values of our society. Racial diversity, which means the deification of the colored races and the demonization of the white race, is the ruling principle of every European nation. Destroying the universities and their adjuncts, the anti-Christian Christian churches, would not immediately put an end to Liberaldom because the religion of racial diversity has already been institutionalized. But it is also certain that so long as the two-headed monster of academy and church is allowed to spew out its blasphemies unopposed, racial diversity will remain the ruling principle of the European. If, on the other hand, the lifelines of church and academy are cut off from the liberal body, then the foundations of Liberaldom will start to erode.

Christendom eroded when Europeans found ‘problems’ with the whole notion of ‘the resurrection of the body and the life of the world to come.’ When the white man believed that the body contained a soul, he had an aversion to diversity because he felt his whiteness was part of his essential soul, a gift from God. The loss of that belief created a new belief in diversity. When faith in Christ’s bodily resurrection from the dead and our own bodily resurrection in and through Christ is restored so will our abhorrence of racial diversity be restored. In the depths of our soul, where the modern European man refuses to go, is a non-diverse, integral personality. Unleash that personality, which longs for a God who transcends the church-and-academy-God, and Liberaldom will erode.

The modern universities have strayed far afield from the classical ideal. The Greek educational model was a band of elite scholars united together in the pursuit of knowledge. Our modern universities are primarily indoctrination centers and vocational training sites where the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity are supposed to prevail (though some are always more equal) over the elitist pursuit of knowledge. And yet, despite their seeming divergence from the Greek ideal, our modern universities are the logical consequence of a ‘classical education.’ The Greek ideal was fatally flawed because it was too rational. Like the 19th and 20th century psychoanalysts, the Greek scholars overestimated the powers of reason and failed to give sufficient weight to those irrational passions of the heart that ultimately apprehend more than cool reason ever comprehends.

It’s not as if the Greeks themselves were unaware of the poetic of life. Homer, Sophocles, and Aeschylus were not rationalists, but who prevailed? Ultimately it was the rationalists. The poets were banned from Plato’s republic. And that ban remained in effect when the Christian Europeans assumed the mantle of Greek civilization. Forgetting that our Lord rebuked the ever-practical, ever-rational Martha, in favor of the fanciful Mary, the Christian theologians insisted on putting God in a silver rod. And by doing so they set in motion an eternal conflict between a faith in a rational system of religion that can be comprehended by the mind of man, and a faith in a God beyond the mind of man who can be comprehended only in the deeper recesses of the human heart.

Our modern academics, whom the churchmen slavishly follow, are in a flight from rationalism. Their worship of the negro is an attempt to escape the rationalist prison of their minds, but their negro worship stinks of rationalism. They have made a rigid, rationalistic theology out of diversity. Will the white man never escape from Greek rationalism? He once did when he believed in the Son of God rather than a rational system of apologetics. Ivan Karamazov’s brief against the Christian rationalists could only be defeated by his brother Alyosha, who had no rational explanation for his faith in Christ; he only knew that he loved Him. It’s very easy to become sidetracked by the visible outer ornaments of Christianity, because such ornaments can fit quite nicely into a narrow box called religion. But the European poets, like the Hebrew psalmists and St. Paul, keep us mindful of the better part of our faith.

And if we distinguish not between Articles of faith and jurisdiction, but account all those superedifications and furnitures, and ornaments which God hath afforded to his Church, for exterior government, to be equally the Foundation itselfe, there can be no church; as there could be no body of a man, if it were all eye. – John Donne

The only broadsword God has given us with which to fight “diversity” is the only weapon we need, our faith in a loving God beyond reason.

I found the last Presidential election very useful as a barometer of where the Europeans are at this point in their history as a people (I think the percentage of Satanists in every European country would be roughly the same as in the U.S.). I place the white people who voted for Obama beyond the ken of humanity. They are Satan’s own. And the rest who voted for Romney? They are in a kind of limbo. They are not comfortable with some of the uglier aspects of Liberaldom, but they lack the heart and the vision to attack Liberaldom and restore Christendom. So they wonder a lot. They wonder why, since they live in the best of all possible worlds (the liberals tell them so) they have such unfilled longings. Perhaps it is just indigestion?

Those people, and the liberals are such people, who think they can grab history by the horns and make it do what they want are always gored by history. The liberal set out to make a new man, a better man, but is he a better man? The modern, liberal European is like no creature, save one, we have ever seen before. The colored tribesmen are what they have always been. The Christian faith that transformed the Europeans did not transform the people of color. So we had two separate worlds, the world of heathendom that the coloreds occupied and the world of Christendom that the Europeans occupied. And then came the ascendency of the European liberal whose progenitor is Satan. A new man emerged upon the world stage, a man without any ties to humanity, a man who denounced his kith and kin in order to bind himself to Satan through the worship of the demon gods of color. Don’t tell me about the airplane, the rocket ships to the moon, or computers. The most significant event of the 20th century was the creation, by Satan, of a large body of human beings fashioned in his image. These newly fashioned creatures, these satanic clones, must be opposed as we would oppose Satan. The old democratic give-and-take, politely agreeing to disagree, cannot be applied to the clones of the enemy of mankind. Even if a European was foolish enough to adopt a polite ‘agree to disagree’ stance vis-à-vis the liberals, the liberals would not follow such a policy themselves. They hate humanity as Satan hates humanity. To expect them to live and let live is suicidal. (1)

The Europeans in limbo cannot oppose the satanic clones because they do not believe in the satanic nature of liberalism. I was surprised shortly before the Obama re-election to hear the usually wishy-washy Mike Huckabee state that hell would be the destiny of anyone voting for Obama. I was surprised because that statement showed some awareness of the nature of liberalism, and I didn’t expect such an insight from Huckabee. But when I mentioned Huckabee’s statement to other limboesque white people, they recoiled from it in horror. “That’s too extreme,” “That’s uncharitable” – you know the litany.

A European is called to fight the devil and his works whether others follow him or not. So we won’t look back to see if the white people languishing in limbo are following us. But one thing is certain: Liberaldom will remain intact so long as “decent” Europeans agree to disagree with Satan’s own. The essential truths that men fight for are seldom articulated, but they are in us; they are in our hearts and our blood. They sustain us in the day of battle. The British soldiers defending Rorke’s Drift defeated a numerically overwhelming army of black barbarians because in their souls they believed they were fighting for Christian civilization vs. Satan’s minions. I hear the cynic in the corner: “They were fighting for personal survival, nothing more.” No, Mr. Cynic, if personal survival had been all they were fighting for, they wouldn’t have stayed to fight in the first place. They would have cut and run with the native contingents. We always must come back to the miracle of God incarnate. Was Christ incarnate in the hearts and the civilization of the antique Europeans? And if He was, then why can’t we follow in their train? He was, and we shall.

The sneer is the liberals’ and Satan’s preferred weapon of choice. The sneering focus of the liberals is always on the imperfections of the antique Europeans, never on their own satanic blasphemies. We should never accept the lie that says because Christian Europe was not heaven on earth, liberals are in the right. Is diversity right? Is the demonization of the European people right? No, such things are not right. Old Europe, in essence, was a Pickwickian world where faith, hope, and charity mitigated the harshness of existence and pointed men to the Man of Sorrows who redeemed the world. If we give up the fight for our European racial stronghold, we will lose that Pickwickian world of grace.

My conclusion is an old conclusion, but it must be stated again and again until Liberaldom is in ashes. We don’t need superior numbers. We need only a few white men to stand up for Europe, fully convinced that in doing so they are standing for the right against Satan and his unholy legions. If we believe in the rightness of Christian Europe and the satanic evil of diverse liberalism, we will fight and prevail against the liberal pestilence that walketh in darkness and the colored hordes that wasteth at noonday. +