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Castrated Confederates

Castrated Confederates

by Dr.  H. Rondel Rumburg

© 2010 SBSS

Castration is very familiar to those of us who are from the Southern agrarian culture. Castration is used in animal husbandry and for other reasons. Castration, gelding, neutering, orchiectomy or orchidectomy is any action, surgical, chemical or otherwise, by which a biological male loses use of the testes. This causes sterilization, i.e. prevents reproduction; it also greatly reduces the production of certain hormones, such as testosterone.  In animal husbandry, such an procedure was used to produce desired qualities in the animal to make it gain more weight, etc.

Castration, historically, has roots early in human history. Castration was frequently used in some cultures, such as in Europe, the Middle East, India or China, for religious or social reasons. After battles, winners castrated their captives or the defeated in order to symbolize victory and demonstrate power.  Also, their enemies would not be able to reproduce themselves.  Castrated men – eunuchs – were often admitted to special social classes. Eunuchs were also often used to guard harems. Castration also figured in a number of religious cults, also known as castration cults.  A primary result is castration abolishes the ability to reproduce.  Castrated men lose some of their masculine traits and become more feminine.

There is also the castration of beliefs or writings, which occurs when parts are removed or excised to take away what may be considered objectionable.  The act of tearing pages from a book that is considered politically incorrect would be called castration as well.  The wholesale rejection of any pro-Southern manuscript for publishing is a form of castration.  The Constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech is thus rejected for real Southern people!  There is a serious question to be contemplated, “Are some Southern people submitting to politically correct castration or teaching a castrated history of the South?”  Reconstruction has tried to castrate the supposedly conquered Southern people, and thus, once and for all, end a Christian culture along with the testimony of its history.  There has been much more at stake than a war being lost.  This is very evident in the fact that ideologically the Southern history and way of life is meant for extinction.  Who hears anything about the villainous and bloody administration of Lincoln?  The eradication of the true history of the South – castration – is even at this hour the object of many Southern institutions of learning, many liberal religious institutions and many Southern writers.  Hopefully, there is no one like this among the Sons of Confederate Veterans who has joined the band, but don’t hold your breath.  Many Southern people do not want to be considered as having a connection with Southern heritage, so they eulogize Lincoln, change their accent, embrace modern abolitionism, accept revisionist history, deny the authenticity of the Holy Bible, apologize in essence for being white, and any number of things that might be thought pleasing to the reprobates who are castrating the South!

Are we to be partisan as Christians and Confederates?  Are partisan Christians and Confederate descendents racist for standing up for what is right?  Certainly, God teaches us to be partisan.  He told us we were to love Him with all our hearts, souls, minds and our neighbor as ourselves. He told us we were to have no gods before Him.  He told us that there is only one way into His presence and that is through Jesus Christ, His Son, who is the way, the truth and the life and no man comes unto the Father except through Him.  He instructs us to love our wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it.  He told us if we provided not for our own we are worse than infidels.  He revealed that His Word is the only acceptable guide for faith and practice.  Thus, we should love God and love no other.  We are to love our wives as we love no other women.  We are to love and correct our children in a way we love no others.  We are to follow the Bible as we follow no other book.  We are to love our forefathers as we love no others.  We are to love our race as we love no other.  We are to love our local church as we love no other.  We are to love our heritage as we love no other, and this depiction could be extended.  There are myriad’s of partisan instructions in the sacred Scripture.  However, if we listen to the humanists, the politically correct and the neocons then all of this partisan teaching is racism.  It appears that the historic Biblical hermeneutic has been replaced by the humanist, egalitarian, French Revolution hermeneutic.  It is the hermeneutic of egalitarian love.

Now the abolitionist agenda is being forced on Christian people of the South, declaring that they cannot be Biblical or partisan, but must favor the extermination of their heritage, must submit to the removal of the moral standards of their ancestors and should hate their race or extol another above it.  Have you been thus castrated?  Or, are you reproducing your Biblical and Southern beliefs?  Do you have any concrete convictions that are non-negotiable?

This new wave of political correctness aimed at the castration of the Southern people will lead to the impugning of our holy God, the rejection of the deity of Christ, the compromising of the inspiration of Scripture, the abandonment of the sanctity of marriage, the replacement of the biblical norm of the home, the redefining of the masculinity of men, the removal of the separation of nations, the dishonor of our fathers and mothers, and the eradication of our Confederate heritage.

Did God divide the nations into linguistic groups, racial groups and cultural groups?  Was it God’s idea to assert this as a corrective of man’s sinful intentions?  Did God in the Book of Genesis give us the table of nations?  Was that His idea?  Has God rescinded His actions?  Obviously, we have as much, if not more reason today, to believe that men are as depraved and disobedient to God as then.  Regeneration does not remove these divisions, but it is the divine bestowal of life to dead sinners.

Are we going to submit to castration?  Are we going to obey God or men?  Are we in favor of honoring our Southern heritage or not?  Are you ashamed of being from the South?  Have the descendants of Confederates been castrated, or are they undergoing such treatment or are they submitting to such out of imposed false guilt feelings?  Remember the admonition of the fifth commandment, “Honour thy father and thy mother,” even if they were Southern or Confederate.  This is not optional!


My wife and I took a trip to Savannah in remembrance of our 50th wedding anniversary.  We went to one of the early rice plantations in the South.  The lady at the gate thought we were some folks she was expecting from the North and began to explain how they would commemorate black history in the format of presenting the plantation.  I told her we were from Virginia and Confederates; then she switched gears and said they were also commemorating the man who built and ran the plantation.  We must reject castration and call the hands of these desecraters who wipe their politically correct feet on our ancestors!  Many will not make a stand because they have submitted to castration!

From the Chaplins’ Corps Chronicles of the Sons of Confederate Veterans