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Doing the Lord's Work by Saving the White Race

“I can guarantee you this: The days when the Jewish people remain passive in the face of genocidal enemies, those days are over,”

Eric Holder’s parting shot and a comment in response

This @ Politico Website:

In an exit interview, the attorney general says his critics may be partly driven by race.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/02/eric-holder-civil-rights-interview-mike-allen-115575.html#ixzz3SzwZ20Lq

A comment in response was posted:

For almost 150 years the United States has been conducting an
interesting experiment. The subjects of the experiment: black people and
working-class whites.

The hypothesis to be tested: Can a people taken from the jungles
of Africa and forced into slavery be fully integrated as citizens in a majority
white population?

The whites were descendants of Europeans who had created a
majestic civilization. The former slaves had been tribal peoples with no
written language and virtually no intellectual achievements. Acting on a policy
that was not fair to either group, the government released newly freed black
people into a white society that saw them as inferiors. America has struggled
with racial discord ever since.

Decade after decade the problems persisted but the experimenters
never gave up. They insisted that if they could find the right formula the
experiment would work, and concocted program after program to get the result
they wanted. They created the Freedman’s Bureau, passed civil rights laws,
tried to build the Great Society, declared War on Poverty, ordered race
preferences, built housing projects, and tried midnight basketball.

Their new laws intruded into people’s lives in ways that would
have been otherwise unthinkable. They called in National Guard troops to
enforce school integration. They outlawed freedom of association. Over the
protests of parents, they put white children on buses and sent them to black
schools and vice versa. They tried with money, special programs, relaxed
standards, and endless handwringing to close the “achievement gap.” To keep
white backlash in check they began punishing public and even private statements
on race. They hung up Orwellian public banners that commanded whites to
“Celebrate Diversity!” and “Say No to Racism.” Nothing was off limits if it
might salvage the experiment.

Some thought that what W.E.B. Du Bois called the Talented Tenth
would lead the way for black people. A group of elite, educated blacks would
knock down doors of opportunity and show the world what blacks were capable of.
There is a Talented Tenth. They are the black Americans who have become
entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors and scientists. But ten percent is not enough.
For the experiment to work, the ten percent has to be followed by a critical
mass of people who can hold middle-class jobs and promote social stability.
That is what is missing.

Through the years, too many black people continue to show an
inability to function and prosper in a culture unsuited to them. Detroit is
bankrupt, the south side of Chicago is a war zone, and the vast majority of
black cities all over America are beset by degeneracy and violence. And blacks
never take responsibility for their failures. Instead, they lash out in anger
and resentment.

Across the generations and across the country, as we have seen
in Detroit, Watts, Newark, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and now Ferguson, rioting
and looting are just one racial incident away. The white elite would tell us
that this doesn’t mean the experiment has failed. We just have to try harder.
We need more money, more time, more understanding, more programs, and more

But nothing changes no matter how much money is spent, no matter
how many laws are passed, no matter how many black geniuses are portrayed on
TV, and no matter who is president. Some argue it’s a problem of “culture,” as
if culture creates people’s behavior instead of the other way around. Others
blame “white privilege.”

But since 1965, when the elites opened America’s doors to the
Third World, immigrants from Asia and India–people who are not white, not rich,
and not “connected”–have quietly succeeded. While the children of these people
are winning spelling bees and getting top scores on the SAT, black “youths” are
committing half the country’s violent crime–crime, which includes viciously
punching random white people on the street for the thrill of it that has
nothing to do with poverty.

The experiment has failed. Not because of culture, or white
privilege, or racism. The fundamental problem is that white people and black
people are different. They differ intellectually and temperamentally. These
differences result in permanent social incompatibility.

Our rulers don’t seem to understand just how tired their white
subjects are with this experiment. They don’t understand that white people
aren’t out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are
exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, and
the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, and
the reflexive animosity.

The elites explain everything with “racism,” and refuse to believe that white
frustration could soon reach the boiling point.

The Endgame

The Lesson Of CHARLIE HEBDO: France, and the West, Must Chose Identity or Extinction

Protesters hold signs saying “Je Suis Charlie”–French for “I Am Charlie”–in solidarity with the victims. But the whole of France is Charlie Hebdo, and solidarity against immigration is illegal in France.

The Islamic terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is as devastating as it was predictable. Twelve people are dead at the hands of “French” Muslims (Police hunt three Frenchmen after 12 killed in Paris attack, By John Irish and Antony Paone, euronews,com January 8, 2015) But while the politicians posture and the Main Stream Media tries to shift the blame away from Islam, a larger struggle is taking root. Europeans are not going to be allowed to ignore the National Question. They are going to have to choose whether to embrace their Identity and confront Islam or submit. Opting out is no longer an option.

Charlie Hebdo is best known internationally as a provocative journal that occasionally published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Only a short time before the attack Charlie Hebdo tweeted out a joke about the Islamic State with “Caliph” al-Baghdadi wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

However, the publication is hardly conservative and directed just as much fire at Judaism and Christianity. Just last month, the magazine published a vulgar image portraying the birth of Christ that could serve as an entry in its own right in VDARE.com’s War on Christmas Competition [What is Charlie Hebdo? The cartoons that Made the French Paper Infamous, by Max Read, Gawker, January 7, 2015]. The cartoon still serves as the magazine’s avatar on Twitter.

Several of the cartoonists who were killed were reportedly called out by name as the gunmen entered the magazine’s offices. One of the names was Editor Stephane Charbonnier, who was “reportedly a supporter of the French Communist Party and his cartoons often featured Maurice et Patapon, an anti-capitalist cat and dog” [Called for by name: Dead Cartoonists Identified, Sky News, January 7, 2015]. In fact, the magazine’s latest cover of the magazine featured a vicious caricature of Michel Houellebecq, mocking the author for his newly released book prophesying the Islamic conquest of France.

But equal opportunity willingness to offend didn’t save Charbonnier or anyone else. Nor did the police protection that Charlie Hebdo enjoyed seem to even inconvenience the highly-disciplined attackers: the unarmed officers were forced to retreat [Unarmed French police literally retreated in the face of Islamist attackers, by Noah Rothman, HotAir, January 7, 2015]. The terrorists’ execution-style killing of a wounded French policeman begging for his life provided the defining image for the day. It should shame any self-satisfied protesters from ever using the despicable slogan “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.”

Yet even as leftist cartoonists and satirists were butchered in their offices, the MSM hastened to change the subject to the real danger—the anti-immigration policies of the French National Front.

Tony Barber at the Financial Times took the opportunity of the attacks to caution that “some common sense would be useful at publications such as Charlie Hebdo, and Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten, which purport to strike a blow for freedom when they provoke Muslims.” The danger, of course, is the “siren songs of the far right” represented by “Marine Le Pen and her far-right National Front.” [The gunmen in Paris attacked more than a Muslim-baiting magazine, January 7, 2015]

Richard Seymour veered into the territory of self-caricature by telling people that anyone who values the anti-Islamic caricatures of Charle Hebdo needs to be “reading Edward Said’s Orientalism, as well as some basic introductory texts on Islamophobia, and then come back to the conversation.” The fact that he wrote this in a U.S. journal entitled Jacobin gives his words a special poignancy.

Progressives, writes Seymour,

[S]houldn’t line up with the inevitable statist backlash against Muslims, or the ideological charge to defend a fetishized, racialized “secularism,” or concede to the blackmail which forces us into solidarity with a racist institution.

[On Charlie Hebdo, January 7, 2015]

And William Saletan at Slate mourns:

France’s far-right National Front was already on the rise. This attack could help it take over the country. Maybe…the dystopia on the French horizon… [is] a state run by the anti-immigrant right.

[Disgracing Islam, January 7, 2015]

Therefore, even as the bodies are not yet cold, the MSM lectures us that terrorism and murders in the streets must always be regarded with cool objectivity and rationality. At the same time, the possible democratic election of a political party that may limit immigration is met with wild denunciations and nightmarish prophecies of “dystopia.”

Patriots shouldn’t expect murderous attacks on journalists and cartoonists to awaken the MSM to the threat of Islamic terrorism. After all, it’s Europeans who are the existential enemy. Instead, there will be a redoubling of efforts to demand that Europeans abolish their sovereignty and identity.

Thus, Yascha Mounk sneers at the German marches against Islam because,

[T]heir chants of “We are the People” betray how exclusionary their conception of nationhood really is. Appropriating the most famous slogan of the 1989 protests that helped to bring down the Berlin Wall for their own purposes, they are signaling that they will never consider Muslims as true Germans…

[I]n rallying to the defense of our values, we must, as ever, remember what those values actually are: a set of rules and institutions that allows everyone who subscribes to them to live together peacefully—whether they be a devout Muslim or a blasphemous cartoonist.

[Europe’s Brutal Truth, Slate, January 7, 2015]

This is nothing less than a call for Europeans to abolish their own countries as meaningful entities and embrace a “proposition nation” united by vague “rules” and “institutions.”

The problem is that the Europeans have already tried this. From the multicultural model of Scandinavia to the assimilationist policies of France (where even keeping statistics on race is banned), Third World immigration is failing all over Europe. France is an especially troubling test case because the Republic’s policies are as civic-national and color-blind as anything that could be dreamed up by a Beltway Right foundation.

And yet nonetheless, France finds itself embroiled in a kind of permanent low level insurgency in its own cities. In fact, there’s no evidence that Muslims want to live under liberal rules and institutions: polls show that Muslims in Europe radically disagree with the cultural norms that Europeans take for granted.

Therefore, even speaking about “living together peacefully” is misleading. Even if European governments could prevent the occasional terrorist attacks and “random” acts of violence from its newly imported underclass, sheer numbers will allow Muslims in Europe to impose a new political and cultural order on the Continent—regardless of the wishes of the indigenous inhabitants. Whether this is done through violence or through the ballot box is ultimately irrelevant.

And as the attack on Charlie Hebdo shows, even those citizens who define their way of life as satire, irony, and cynical detachment will not be exempted from the demand that they submit to the new order.

The choice confronting Europe is brutal in its simplicity—does it want to be Islamic or not? Simply remaining deracinated consumers will not be an option much longer.

The West cannot be defined simply by the rejection of Islam or as a collection of legal norms. It is a culture created by a specific people and it will be destroyed if that people is dispossessed. Europeans have the self-evident right to secure their homelands for themselves, without regard to the claims others make upon it.

In the end, Charlie Hebdo isn’t about whether the French have the right to practice satire. It’s about whether France has the right to stay French.


Black Crime Rate

We hear quite frequently how black crime and various other black pathologies are the result of such large single mother families. That back in the 50’s and before blacks had intact families almost on par with whites and if we had that today it would change our out of control black crime problem. Without a doubt single mom households are generally not a good thing but high crime rates and blacks go hand-in-hand…

from the April 21th 1958 edition of Time magazine:

THEY are afraid to say so in public, but many of the North’s big-city mayors groan in private that their biggest and most worrisome problem is the crime rate among Negroes. In 1,551 U.S. cities, according to the FBI tally for 1956, Negroes, making up 10% of the U.S. population, accounted for about 30% of all arrests, and 60% of the arrests for crimes involving violence or threat of bodily harm—murder, non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. In one city after another, the figures—where they are not hidden or suppressed by politicians—reveal a shocking pattern. Items: New York (14% Negro). Of the…


Fergusons in Perpetuity

Thoughts on the Unfixable

November 27, 2014

Two questions, methinks, arise from Ferguson’s latest outburst. The first, political, is “Why does the country tolerate it?” The second, more anthropologically interesting, is “Why the eerie incapacity of underclass blacks to understand evidence, or law, or much of anything?” Of the countless explanations given for the poor performance and poor behavior of blacks in the US, one of them dares not speak its name: Low intelligence.

Yet it fits all the evidence. It explains why Africa never built cities, why it did not invent writing, why there was no African Fifth-Century Athens. It explains why Rhodesia, prosperous and an exporter of food when run by whites, fell immediately into hunger and barbarism when whites left. It explains the dysfunction of black societies from Africa to Haiti to Detroit. It explains why blacks invariably score far below whites and Asians on tests of IQ, on the SATs, GREs, on entrance and promotion exams for fire and police departments.

It explains the need for affirmative action and for departments of Black Studies in universities when black students can’t handle real courses. It explains why the gap in academic achievement never closes. It explains the criminality, the violence, the poor impulse control, the dependency on welfare, the unemployment, and the inability to integrate themselves into a high-tech society. It explains the constant scandals involving teachers in black schools giving students the answers on standardized tests.

Further, it explains why none of the programs intended to raise performance of blacks in the schools ever work. Head Start didn’t work. Integrated schools didn’t work, nor segregated schools, nor black schools with white teachers nor black schools with black teachers. Expensive laboratories and free computers didn’t work. Schools run entirely by blacks with very high per-student expenditure (Washington, DC for example) didn’t work. There is no indication that anything at all will ever work. Low intelligence is the obvious explanation. There is precious little counterevidence.

Endless evasions seek to avoid the unavoidable. Tests are biased, all tests without exception. Africa is primitive because of colonialism, or for geographic reasons, or because the natives liked hunting and gathering. Detroit is largely illiterate because of slavery, or low self-esteem, or institutional racism, which seems to mean undetectable racism. On and on.

If the consequences didn’t affect others, it would be needless, even cruel, to mention cognitive deficits. But they do affect society, very damagingly. They result in the enstuipidation of schools to which the bright go, and cripple the high-end brains upon which the prosperity of the United States depends. They result in Fergusons.

Among people who study intelligence, the racial disparity is not debated. It is evident, accepted. I suspect that it is evident also to many thoughtful liberals who fear the question: If we admit the obvious, what now? And would they be invited to any more cocktail parties of the politically correct?

And so, if psychometrists state the truth publicly, they are shouted down and said to be racists, bigots, and “pseudo-scientists.” They are not. Rather they are highly intelligent and competent statisticians, far more aware than the public of possible sources of error. The achievements of blacks closely fit the predictions that come out of psychometrics.

These scholars are worth reading. Try Social consequences of group differences in cognitive ability, by Linda Gottfredson of the University of Delaware, long but comprehensive. Daniel Seligman is short and clear.

Unfortunately, understanding their writings (should one want to) requires some faint memory of eighth-grade algebra, such as what a curve means, and some mathematics barely beyond arithmetic. This eliminates most of those who dispute the evidence.

A glance at the data reveals that there will be a small number of very smart blacks and a larger number of fairly smart blacks. This we see. They are engineers and lprogrammers. They appear on television as well-educated talking-heads speaking good English. To whites who never see any other blacks, this gives the impression that, since these blacks are like white people, all would be if it weren’t for discrimination. Would that it were so. It isn’t.

What are the implications?

First, we will see a continuation of hostility by blacks toward whites. This often amounts to outright hatred, as seen in the intermittent riots that never cease, and in the frequent, though carefully under-reported, racial attacks on whites. If blacks cannot rise, and it seems they cannot, they will remain angry in perpetuity. Then what?

If you believe the hostiility does not exist, or is not intense, read rap lyrics. Many examples could be adduced. Here is one:

“Niggas in the church say: kill whitey all night long … the white man is the devil … the CRIPS and Bloods are soldiers I’m recruiting with no dispute; drive-by shooting on this white genetic mutant … let’s go and kill some rednecks … Menace Clan ain’t afraid … I got the .380; the homies think I’m crazy because I shot a white baby; I said; I said; I said: kill whitey all night long … a nigga dumping on your white ass; fuck this rap shit, nigga, I’m gonna blast … I beat a white boy to the motherfucking ground….””

(“Kill Whitey”; Menace Clan, Da Hood, 1995, Rap-A-Lot Records, Noo Trybe Records, subsidiaries of what was called Thorn EMI and now is called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.)

Not encouraging.

Second, things will get—are getting—worse. First-world countries are brain-intensive. Automation eats rapidly away at the low-end jobs for which blacks are usually qualified. So do Mexicans. In a technological society, people at the bottom at some point become economically unnecessary, unemployable for anything at any wage. This happens now to blacks, and soon will to unintelligent whites. The unnecessary will need, do need, to be kept in custodial care, however disguised. The alternative is starvation.

Third, serious conflict is likely between blacks and Hispanics. There is no love between the two. Today when Latinos move into a neighborhood, they tend to drive blacks out. They are brighter and work harder. For the moment blacks hold the political upper-hand, but Latinos grow in number and in their proportion of voters. A train-wreck is on the way.

Fourth, the danger will grow of serious conflict between whites and blacks. I suspect that even now only heavy federal pressure and dissimulation by the media keep the cork in the bottle. Among whites a large proportion loathe affirmative action, degraded educational standards, toleration of crime, and compulsory integration.

As the economy declines and jobs become scarcer, the likelihood grows that jobless whites will rebel against racial preferences. The hidden rock in the current is that if affirmative action were eliminated, blacks would almost disappear except in sports and entertainment. There will be hell to pay, though in what currency is not clear.

What in god’s name to do?

Arguably the best we can do is to continue as now, regard affirmative action as a tax on efficiency, tolerate the racial attacks as preferable to the riots that would follow on not tolerating them, and clean up after the riots that happen anyway. Temporize, hold the lid on, and let other people worry about it later. This is certainly the course that the feds and the major media will advocate. The question is whether they can make it stick.

Another approach, conceivable but barely so, is quietly to institute segregation in the more combustible areas of society. One of these is law-enforcement. If none but black policemen worked in black regions, fewer cities would burn. The schools are another sensitive spot. If segregated schools were allowed, and blacks given more money per student than whites to avoid complaints about unequal resources, each race could teach its young, or not teach them, as it saw fit. Finally, letting people live where they like would reduce friction. These measures, though stop-gaps, might work, for a while.

The third—“solution” isn’t exactly the word, but maybe “possibility” fits—is carefully called “civil unrest” when what is meant is “race war.” Black extremists have often called for it, thoughtful blacks have worried about it, and a lot of whites think “bring it on.” (Read Black Mobs and the Coming Race War, a column by Thomas Sowell. Also The Coming Race War in America, a bookd by the (deceased) black columnist Carl Rowan.)

The big media outlets have little idea of what is going on. Their reporters live in a bubble of political correctness, policing each other stringently, and have little contact with the black underclass or with America outside the Beltway. Books (e.g. Face to Face with Race) detail the underclass, but few read them.)

Such a race “war” would be a spontaneous and simultaneous, though uncoordinated, burning of many cities. Blacks would quickly lose. Whites are much more numerous, food comes not from Safeway but from remote farms belonging to whites, welfare checks do not materialize magically in post-offfice boxes, and so on. The danger is that blacks, accustomed to intimidating whites, may push too far and find that they have made a very serious mistake.

Afterward, what? Blacks as Palestinians and whites as Israelis? The country would never recover.


Race does matter. Always has.

Nationalist Speaking Up

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day

What a wonderful world…

9-year-old Bronx boy fights for his life after being thrown off of building roof

Investigators suspect 17-year-old neighbor, Casmine Aska

dragged the child to the roof of the building, where he threw him over the ledge, the sources said.

A 9-year-old boy was clinging to life after a callous teen neighbor chucked him off the roof of their five-story Bronx apartment building, cops said Saturday.

The young boy, Freddy Martin, cried for his mother as soon as he landed on the cold concrete sidewalk in front of the Nelson Ave. building in Morris Heights about 8:30 p.m. Friday, neighbors said.

“Mommy! Mommy!” the bloodied child wailed as he lay on the ground, unable to move.

Emergency workers initially suspected the critically injured boy took a fall from the fire escape outside his third-floor apartment — until he told a cop that he was the victim of a crime, police sources said.

The little boy told the cop during an ambulance ride to New York Presbyterian-Columbia Medical Center in upper Manhattan that a neighbor tossed him off the roof, the sources said.

“The kid told a cop, when they were going to the hospital, that he was thrown from the roof,” a source said. “The boy named the suspect.”

Freddy, before he lost consciousness, told the cop that 17-year-old Casmine Aska cast him over the ledge of the brick walk-up.

Investigators soon learned that the teen brute, who lived on the fourth floor, grabbed the child from his apartment and dragged him up to the roof, sources and witnesses said.

“(Freddy) was screaming,” said one neighbor, who ran outside her first-floor pad when she heard a “commotion.”

“He was saying, ‘Stop!’” said the neighbor, who did not want to give her name.

She said echos of “laughing and hooting” sounded like a group of kids horsing around in the hallway. But when she peeked up the stairwell, she only saw two youths.

Dismissing the rowdiness as part of the typical child’s play that occurs on the roof, the neighbor went back to her apartment.

“That door (to the roof) is always open,” said Wanda Simonetti. “It’s no good. It’s a big problem. People have complained to the super, but nothing happens.”

But the shenanigans ended when Aska allegedly threw the boy off the roof.

A 9-year-old boy was fighting for his life after a teen neighbor tossed him off the roof of their 5-floor Bronx apartment building, cop sources said Saturday.

Investigators suspect the young boy, Freddy Martin, was in his Nelson Ave. apartment in Morris Heights when his 17-year-old neighbor, Casmine Aska, grabbed him about 8:30 p.m. Friday, sources said.

The teenage brute then dragged the child to the roof of the building, where he threw him over the ledge, the sources said.

Emergency responders initially thought Freddy took a fall from his third-story apartment, but the child told a cop on the way to New York Presbyterian-Columbia Medical Center that he was the victim of a crime, sources said.

“The kid told a cop, when they were going to the hospital, that he was thrown from the roof,” a source said.

The critically injured child then named Aska as his attacker before he lost consciousness, the source said.

Little Freddy remained on life support on Saturday.

Aska — who law enforcement sources said has four prior arrests that include collars for robbery, assault and harassment — took shelter in another neighbor’s home after he threw the boy from the roof.

But he was soon grabbed by police when he tried to leave the building with his mother and brother, sources said.

Aska was taken to the 46th Precinct stationhouse in University Heights, where he told detectives several different versions of what happened.

Cops didn’t buy any of the bogus stories and booked him on an attempted murder rap. Aska was waiting to be arraigned on Saturday.



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