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Lee in the Mountains – An Introduction to this Website

Lee in the Mountains – An Introduction to this Website

Our people, white Anglo-Celtic Southerners, face cultural
destruction and our demise as a people
. For decades we have
suffered the scorn and abuse of liberal/corporate elites, a
spiritual assault which taken its toll on our morale and
spirit. These elites have used media and education to burden
us with racial guilt and belittle virtually all of our
folkways—in the name, most ironically, of tolerance.

Now the elites are upping the ante. Along with the
continuing psychological assault against the South, they
have unleashed mass Third World immigration against our
region, thereby shrinking our numbers and historic
territories. And it’s not just in places like South Texas
and South Florida. Growing swaths of the interior South,
from Arkansas to North Carolina, have become alien colonies.
This trend is only one thrust of an immigration invasion
which threatens the entire Western world.

Before us lies genocide, our systematic elimination
from the face of the earth. Mass executions need not be the
means. Demoralization and amalgamation can accomplish the
task just as well.
We cannot speak for other white nations, but as for
ourselves, we affirm the self-evident truth that a people
have every ethical right to defend their very existence.
This right implies no innate malice toward others. And
indeed, it is those who deny such right who should bear the
suspicion of hatred.

Thus when our enemies charge us with “hate,” we
should consider the hateful source. Let them hurl their
invectives against us—racist, bigot, hater—and we shall
stand unmoved, drawing endurance from our love of ancestors,
our heritage, and our generations yet unborn. Race is real
and significant, and no “social construct.” Far from
shallow skin color, it is the depth of flesh and blood—the
force kinship through time.

So deep and powerful a force, we concede, may turn
toward evil as well as good. But the same may be said of any
human passion. Better to control passions than deny them.
Without them we are dead. All races today, but white
Westerners, draw sustenance—and rightly so—from their
kinship. We white Southerners now claim the same. No more
will we endure a double standard. Hypocrisy destroys harmony
among men. We seek harmony, while demanding simple justice.
True tolerance is a two-way street.

Armed with this righteous conviction, we seek the
wisdom, the knowledge and the practical means to ensure our
survival. The title of this website, Lee in the Mountains,
comes from the suggested plan of General Robert E. Lee, near
the end of the War for Southern Independence, to withdraw
his beleaguered forces from Richmond and Petersburg to the
Appalachian mountains. There, using the advantage of
terrain, he proposed to carry on the struggle.

For a number of reasons, he chose not to do so. One,
perhaps, was the belief that the Union would give some
quarter to the Southern people and not destroy them utterly.
Today, we Southerners have no such assurance. On the right
we face assault from business elites who want to destroy all
cultures—and our very souls—in pursuit of money. On the
left are the “politically correct” neo-communists who
hate our faith and love of freedom as obstacles to the
totalitarian society they wish to erect on the ruin of our

Caught in this vice of Mammon and Marx, we must
execute a strategic withdrawal in spiritual and cultural
space—as well as physical space—to reform our lines and
attain some hope of survival. This website will explore the
possibilities and advocate practical action. We seek peace,
and will earnestly negotiate for it. Not negotiable is our
right to be.

44 responses to “Lee in the Mountains – An Introduction to this Website

  1. Winston Smith May 20, 2008 at 3:55 am

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Winston Smith, co-host of the radio program The Political Cesspool. I would like to discuss with you the possibility of interviewing you on an upcoming broadcast. If you are interested, please contact me at the address I’ve provided.

    Until I hear from you, I am

    Very Fraternally Yours,
    Winston Smith

  2. malcolm July 20, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    Just wish to tell you that it is very rare to hear such heartening words. From any point of view. Steadfastly brilliant.

  3. Tyrone Mixon August 11, 2008 at 9:26 am

    I really wish you luck in your goals and understand that this criminal government is the real enemy.God bless you and may heaven smile upon you and your desires.

  4. ed October 24, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    I’m with you……… sounds good, and good to hear.

  5. The Quadfather November 30, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    I enjoy reading your site, but I am having trouble with the right hand side of text being truncated. The worst case being the root cellar story. I don’t have this problem with any other website. You reckon you could fix that?

  6. leeinthemountains December 1, 2008 at 2:52 pm


    Thank you for your comment. The majority of the problem views comes from using the IE Browser. Most of the truncation is avoided by using Mozilla Firefox Browser. Dont know about Netscape. Some of the problem comes from cut and paste into WordPress. I will attempt to correct those.

    Thank you,

  7. Freebird December 3, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    Thanks for expounding on the proposal of General Lee to “carry on the struggle.” Please share your source(s) so that I may continue reading about this fascinating plan that never materialized. What about the evening meeting(s) Lee had with his staff just before the surrender. Didn’t one or more of his high ranking staff members suggest something similar… that the ANV continue the fight as guerilla warfare? Again, many thanks for your website and weblog. Keep up the good work!

  8. Alan Burns December 19, 2008 at 4:35 pm

    I am very impressed with your Introductory Statement. It is wise and well-stated.

  9. turnNburn January 16, 2009 at 2:02 am

    Ten Thumbs Blog & Review is joining the cause.

  10. incogman February 17, 2009 at 6:53 am

    INCOG MAN offers his greetings. Thank you so much for speaking words of wisdom in a world of stupidity. I love the mountains, too! Come to my blog.

  11. Doug Stewart February 23, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    Have you browsed the website, “Southern National Congress”, or “League of the South”?

  12. leeinthemountains February 23, 2009 at 4:44 pm


    Yes I have, thanks for mentioning.

    Do you think the SNC or LOS fits in here?

  13. Doug Stewart May 10, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    Actually, no. However, there are a couple of sites that do DNA testing which is Celtic-oriented, that might better fit. DNA gives a “family” fingerprint which might be worthy of consideration. This would appear to be true biological Kinism.

  14. Lee Jensen May 20, 2009 at 1:50 am

    The South is already lost as a place for White people. Our ONLY hope now is to create a place for ourselves out of a piece of what is left of this country. Right now our best bet is in the Pacific Northwest. There is a movement afoot already to make this ours and call it the “Northwest Homeland.” Go to this website and see for yourself:


    It may be just what you and other like-minded Southerners are looking for. Sometimes to find home one has to leave home.

  15. JamesTheJust July 1, 2009 at 8:24 pm


    You stated that “there are a couple of sites that do DNA testing which is Celtic-oriented”. Can you please provide these locations or an Internet address?

    Kindest regards,


  16. Paul Bartron August 24, 2009 at 6:13 am

    Evolution requires “survival of the fittest”. Several hundred years ago an Englishman named John Locke invented the Liberal philosophy of private ownership. Whereas before that all land and property were owned by the military leaders of the country such as the Monarch. His invented system of “Capitalism” led to the abuse of the commoners who are the soldiers of the realm. As a result of such abuse the commoners in France rebelled leading to the French Revolution.
    Now the object of a military leader such as a monarchy is to sustain the loyalty of his subjects, if he fails to do that he will loose his throne or his head. Capitalism rewards individual capital therefore the property owners who acheived their property through the combat of Hastings 1066 have an unfair advantage over the commoners. The world is not ruled by money instead it is ruled by the sword “Political power grows out of the barrel of a firearm.” Mao. Socialism offers a more equal distribution of the nation’s wealth so logic dictates that the masses are going to chose that system over capitalism.
    Now the current situation in America is a class war with a twist. Back in about 1920 the communists met in Frankfort Germany and because the Russian Revolution did not lead to world revolution they blamed it on the white race. They concluded that the white race was a poor candidate for the Communist Party so they decided to recruit the third worlders and replace the white workers. This has resulted in the Communist Party becoming a traitor to the white working class. The response to this by the Germans was to join the National Socialist German Labor Party. Communism is now a race war and not a class war. The communists knew that the capitalists would fall for the bait of replacing white workers with third worlders, or cheap labor. This will of course result in the extermination of the white capitalists as well as the white workers. Capitalists have fallen into the trap of thinking that the world is ruled by the philosophy of John Locke and not the sword.
    The communists were not white people who met in Frankfort instead they were Jews.
    White survival depends on white people rejecting the philosophy of Capitalism or money as their “Worldview”. “Democracy” allows Bemis and Butthead, The Simpsons and other morons to vote. This allows those who run the media to brainwash the population into voting for a “puppet government”. Also the “Pagan” philosophy of predestination that either the gods are in charge or their is going to be a Rapture or a “New System” ushered in by “Jehovah” or a “Second Coming” or some other nonsense which asks people to do nothing and wait for ‘God’ to practice magic, is simply deceiving fools into becoming extinct.
    Now the elite believe that because they have become the nation’s leaders that they no longer have to practice morals,especially when dealing with the lower classes, Jews are taught in the synagogue that in order to get ahead they do not need to practice morals when dealing with Gentiles. Even Moslems are taught that they can dispense with the practice of morals when dealing with unbelievers. The white race must also come to the conclusion that some religions are deliberately evil otherwise just like the missonaries you will end up in the cooking pot and get eaten.
    The question is, will the white race wake up before it is too late? European whites in Europe are disarmed their only chance of survival by peaceful means is for Nationalists to get elected before they get outlawed. In America it is already too late for the white race to achieve a peaceful means of survival.
    There is only a military solution to white racial survival in the South West the South East and the North East and that military solution is leave.
    Remember this the dumbass Liberal’s widow who wrote “Cry the beloved country” (a book about giving the blacks equality in South Africa) left South Africa because it was too unsafe for her to stay there. Her house had been broken into and robbed several times by blacks. Liberals will not wake up and realize that black intelligence is still primative until they get placed in the cooking pot.
    Whites who have any brains will have to flee to the Northwest of America why? because we have to make a stand somewhere, the Southwest, the Southeast, and the Northeast are lost causes. You might say that white Americans are armed. Fact in New Orleans when whites were ordered to surrender there guns they surrendered their guns. Fact the army obeyed the order to take citizens guns. Soldiers obey orders, the second amendment is a piece of paper.
    Concord was an attempt by the British to disarm Americans by seizing the armoury. That event triggered the American Revolution not the signing of the “Declaration of Independence” The disarmament of Americans might also tigger the second American Revolution, but before they try any disarmament they will shut down the internet and the phone service and they might even shut down the postal service.

  17. leeinthemountains August 25, 2009 at 6:40 pm


    I agree with most of what you wrote. Soldiers do indeed obey orders. Whites in the Forced Union have a bunch of guns, so what?

    On venue, I think that if we loose the Celtic Fringe in the South, Whites will have no place to defend, in this Forced Union.

    It sure looks to me that Eastern Europe and Russia, have an overt will, not to assimilate into Babel.

    I must admit sadly, worse does not appear to be better for a White awakening. Today it was reported that over %40 of this year’s SAT takers were non-White. Unless God intercedes for us, it will pretty much be over by the time %100 of SAT takers are non-White.

    I pray that we here at LITM, will make a Helms Deep Stand.

    Christus Victor

  18. Ludweig November 15, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    This is my first experence with your web site.Suffice it to say,We have alot in common.I am of anglo saxon stock.We have no country of our own.The country’s we aryon people used to have,Have been lost an extremely long time now.Once you know this;It is time for telling only the truth.It is the Jewes whom are destroying our people.If this is new’s to you;read knowledgeable peoples work.Heir von Brunns book is one.Available on line at resist.com Morelater AufWiedersehen.Ludweig

  19. c. w. smith November 24, 2009 at 10:28 pm

    when i look into my children’s eyes i realize the fight for our white christian homeland is worth any cost

  20. leeinthemountains November 25, 2009 at 3:57 am

    Amen, Mr. Smith!

  21. Freebird November 29, 2009 at 6:46 am

    Yes, Mr. Smith and LITM. My 8, yes 8, white children are worth any cost.

  22. A.Muhammad December 26, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    And so are the rest of our children, worth any cost… I accidently stumbled onto this website and initially thought this was funny. But you all really believe this stuff. It amazes me to see some of you refer to God as if the God you acknowledge wasn’t and isn’t the creator of everything and everyone in the universe,including non-whites. But hey, I understand your fears of becoming extinct. I think the only group ahead of you now are the Native Americans and we, blacks, follow whites according to statistics. In the end, God is the creator of everything in the heavens and the earth including every “race” of people. But as God states in revealed text “every nation has its term”. Maybe your term is up? Oh, and what really made me laugh was something in the introduction, it read “our region”. I will never understand how man can believe that he has ownership of this earth. Throughout the ages since time began people have migrated, and as you know, whites are not indiginous to North America, so what you state amazes me. This earth belongs to God.

  23. Southern Man January 4, 2010 at 9:54 pm

    Mr. Mohammad:

    We’re pleased that our site amuses you, for our goal is to spread good cheer and happiness throughout the Southland!

    Sure enough, God owns the earth, but He chooses to divide it among the nations, Acts 17:26. They have the right to keep what they have as long as it serves His purposes.

    The Indians were here first? Well, maybe not. Just lately scientists have been digging up Kennewick skeletons, Soluterian arrowheads and other honkey relics that predate the Indians.

  24. C. W. Smith January 26, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    There are many, many ministers today who are either brainwashed themselves, or too afraid of the pc crowd to speak the truth. May God bless your efforts, and thank you for crying out in the wilderness! Most sincerly, C. W. Smith

  25. leeinthemountains January 27, 2010 at 5:17 am

    Thank you Mr. Smith, help spread the word!

    REV. 3:2

  26. Christine January 31, 2010 at 3:52 am

    I am in full agreement with A.Muhummad. I am a very Conservative Caucasion and think that God indeed creates each person of every race and color. He has a perfect plan for each of those people. Of course different races started out in different regions but as you well know, we are headed toward one world govt, one world economy, one world currency, etc which is all prophecied in the Bible. In that, we are to become one giant Nation. So while we started out in different regions after Noah survived the flood and his family parted ways, we will end up as one world Nation under God. What matters is NOT the color of one’s skin. What matters is that they have a relationship with Christ because we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. Very temporary.

  27. Doug Stewart February 20, 2010 at 3:53 pm


    “Statement By NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox Regarding Washington State Supreme Court Decision:

    Friday, February 19, 2010

    “We are pleased with the Washington State Supreme Court’s decision in State v. Sieyes yesterday, which stated that the Second Amendment applies to the states via the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause.

    “The Court rightly held that ‘the history, lineage, and pedigree of the Second Amendment right to bear arms [is] necessary to an Anglo-American regime of ordered liberty and fundamental to the American Scheme of justice.’ The Court also stated that the Second Amendment’s protections satisfied the requirements for incorporation to the states.

    “NRA has always supported applying the Second Amendment to every American. All law-abiding Americans have the fundamental, individual right to self-protection no matter where they live.”

    Copyright 2010, National Rifle Association of America, Institute for Legislative Action.
    This may be reproduced. It may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.
    11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 800-392-8683”

  28. Darlena Tasch November 4, 2010 at 6:39 am

    Thank you so much for sharing this good info! Looking forward to reading more blogs!

  29. Robert November 4, 2010 at 7:47 am

    I agree… those interested in further study and books to help open the eyes of family and friends, consider my books
    – Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance
    – Our Blood on the Altar: Freedom and Civilization Hang in the Balance [A Final Call to the Nations of Christendom…
    – The Post Christian Era and the New Dark Ages
    – What’s Keeping God from Delivering America, Britain and Europe from Destruction…?

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    God bless, Robert Alan Balaicius (Lithuanian)

  30. NickFairfax February 15, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    As Mr. Mohammed pointed out above, we white Southern Americans may be on the way out, but we have two choices on how we’re going to do it: quietly or fightin’ like hell to make sure that our posterity inherits the country and culture that WE established on this continent. Since the preponderance of white Southerners are of Scots-Irish stock, I know what route we’ll take.

    And while I do believe that we are all God’s people, I also know that there are many ethnicities and religions that do not feel the same way. And those people are coming to this country in droves and will not accord our white Christian descendants the same tolerance and beneficence that we accorded them by allowing them to come this country in the first place. So yes, I feel justified in fighting and defending my white, Christian, American culture. I do not want my descendants to live in slavery in the nation that their Christian English ancestors established here.

  31. Robert February 16, 2011 at 9:44 am

    I just wanted to inform any interested about 3 newer titles of mine which address this problem:

    The Post-Christian World and the New Dark Ages, 24pp., 2.50 + P&H

    Our Blood on the Altar: Freedom and Civilization Hang in the Balance [A Final Call to the Nations of Christendom…], 88pp., booklet, illustrated, 6.00 + P&H. Various old and new problems/conspiracies/evils are confronting our nation and freedom in the world… our vepry food supply, free speech in danger.

    What’s Keeping God from Delivering America, Britain and Europe from Destruction…?, 112pp., pb., 9.50 + P&H. A powerful book which will hopefully help wake up our people to the fact that God’s Law was never abolished and the violation of God’s Law (which Christians think was “done away with”) is what keeps God from hearing our prayers and delivering us from our national enemies threatening the very existence of Christendom. Order one and read it and then order it in bulk to distribute to help save our nations.

    for more details, contact me. Robert Alan Balaicius, Sacred Truth Ministries. stm@mounet.com

    God bless, Robert

    • Robert Alan Balaicius November 10, 2012 at 6:49 pm

      I’ve recently re-written and expanded The Post-Christian Era and the New Dark Ages, as it needed greater development due to its importance. It is now a 112 page paperback book, 10.50 + P&H.

  32. Ana Rebeca Gonzalez May 5, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    Hello Lee in the Mountains!
    I just made a post about the same video just did, which is what brought me to your page. I think that’s very interesting because we seem to have very different outlooks on life and yet are connected by that video and by bluegrass music. For instance, I am not white (I am Salvadorean-Canadian with a Latin American, european, Arab, and Black background). I love music in general and I love appalachian music. How do you feel about people like me liking this music and your culture?
    Personally, it’s very difficult in today’s globalized society to draw frontiers based on race. I do think regional music and culture should be conserved but don’t you think a great way of doing that is by sharing it with other cultures and races?

  33. Robert Balaicius May 8, 2011 at 11:36 am

    Of course there is nothing wrong with peoples foreign to our race/culture experiencing and appreciating aspects of our culture. The only problem is when other cultures are FORCED on another and when a corrupt government/media/education system forces cultures on others via brainwashing (subtle or blatant). Each race and culture must preserve its uniqueness, or it will cease to be–and that is genocide. It was our people who developed the nations of Christendom, to which the rest of the world flocked for freedom, peace, safety, morality, and prosperity. However, as these other peoples, ungrateful, have undertaken to turn our nations into theirs (ie. the ones from which they fled), our nations have ceased to be free, peaceful, safe, moral, and prosperous. We should not hate people simply because they do not share our race/history/culture–but when those other peoples want to disposess us of our inheritance, that is when everything goes sour. Enjoy the music.

    • Ana Rebeca Gonzalez May 8, 2011 at 11:35 pm

      @Robert B. Thanks for your reply. I must point out to you that nations, cultures, races or ethnic groups, frontiers, religious believes, worldviews, etc. evolve through time and space. In my opinion, what you call the white race doesn’t and has never really exist but is a socio-cultural construction stemming from an idealized past. I mean white people in North America and around the world are very different. I speak french and have lived in France and with Europeans so i probably have more in common with a white European person than you (even if you both are white). Genetically, humans are pretty much the same and our intra and inter racial differences have both an environmental and genetic component. I do understand your point, I mean I’ve been to Los Angeles and I know what a nuisance “my people” can be. But we are more than gang members and drug dealers. Immigration is such an important part of North America, white people must not forget they were immigrants too at some point, and they also disrupted what was a normal of living for the native americans (not worse or primitive, just different).
      Right now 1 in 4 US citizens are from latin american descent, and I can assure you they are not ungrateful towards the US as it has given them so many opportunities, it’s just hard for immigrants to adjust to a new country and a new culture. And you catch more bees with honey so give us a chance, open up and help new immigrants help you build the nation you want.
      I think am really curious to know what you guys think about that, I’ve written an article on my blog about this blog and white-non white interactions. Negative or positive feedback is much appreciated!

      • Robert Balaicius May 9, 2011 at 9:15 am

        Please understand, as sentiments/attitude do not convey well through the written word, I am simply speaking frankly and informatively, I am not endeavoring to argue and I speak only with the sincerest intentions. I disagree that peoples evolve. I do not believe in evolution. To the contrary, I believe peoples and all things devolve. I believe in devolution. All things are devolving, corrupting, decaying, from their created state of perfection. The foundational laws of science prove this (homeostasis and entropy). Peoples (and therefore cultures, etc.) devolve, change, adapt, but they do not evolve–and more truthfully, they devolve. Look at the moral tone of this nation and the general education of the masses, and clearly our nation and people have devolved. If you study the first century of the U.S. (and the English/Dutch/Swedish/French colonies which predated the American Republic) you will find crime was nearly nonexistant, hardly any jails or prison, little to no perversion, political corruption, crime, immorality, inflation, oppressive legislation, etc. (of course, some always existed, but it was held in check by law and moral indignation against it–not given free reign to take over like a plague). This is what made the U.S. great, and it was due to the people (homogeneous) and the purity of their religion (unadulterated Christianity). Mixing of foreign peoples and foreign ways, religions, customs, morals or lack thereof, and their “integration into society” is what has destroyed our nation. Now, I certainly agree with you that not all Latinos are gangsters or drug dealers. I know whereof I speak. I have travelled to dozens of countries, I worked with missionaries during my high school summers (grades 10,11,12) in Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay. I grew up in Miami, Florida. I know people of every race who are shining examples to their own people and who are to be honored. I know that each race also has those who are disgraces to their own people. I know many people of other races who are more honorable than many people of my own. I don’t wear rose-colored glasses. However, whille you say you may have more in common with a European than I, because you are familiar with their language and customs (even though I spent some time in Europe and speak several languages myself, and have established myself as a historian), I disagree. There are different methods of commonality. Blood is the closest. However, that blood relation can be rendered useless by immoral behavior or some dishonorable act. Language may be a small hurdle, but it is not a barrier. Whites in the U.S. were originally immigrants, but we were brothers and cousins, not strangers. Genetically, peoples are very different. Genetic studies have not been pursued as much as other studies, because it is considered “taboo” in modern multicultural society. However, those studies that have been done are kept quiet. Physical diseases and mental disorders as well as IQ are very strongly represented in race. Races are quite different. Of course we all have 2 eyes, ears, arms, etc. That is superficial. When you get down to the chemical and molecular level you see how vastly different peoples are. Blood type is a big factor and blood type is closely related to race. The best match for organ doning is not merely blood, but race. Yes we all bleed, have feelings, etc. That is obvious and true. If you believe in evolution, then you see nothing wrong with all peoples mixing into a nonrecognizable mass, since you beleive they all evolved from the same goo and then separated. I do not believe that. There is zero scientific evidence which proves that. When painted into a corner the greatest evoluitionists will admit they believe in evolution (which they must believe by faith, since there are no facts) for the sole reason that they refuse to believe in creation (for that would admit that there is a God whom they must obey). From their faith in evolution as the starting point, they then sculpt a model of hunches, opinions, guesses, and such into an elaborate body which is nothing but a groundless theory. God created all and ordered His primary law, “Everything After Its Own Kind” which He announced 10 times in the first chapter of Genesis. God’s law was simple (only about 700 laws, in contrast to the modern U.S. which passes 10,000 each year)–and much of it common sense. In it He forbade the crossing of even animals and plants, and demanded His people not intermarry with other peoples. It is this law that Europeans followed for centuries, and as a result their nations prospered to the point all other peoples wanted in. However, in letting them in, they introduced decay and the nations have devolved to the point they are little better than the oppressive dictatorships from which they fled. I have said for 20 years now that the U.S. is a 3rd World country with pockets of civilization here and there… however, the pockets are becoming smaller and smaller. Equality is a myth. When a myth is enforced by legislation, it become destructive. If equality was a reality, all other peoples would have developed the same safe, prosperous, moral, free, and peaceful civilizations that we have produced–even more, even if they could not do it on their own (a clear sign that they are not equal) they should have been able to do it with the hundreds of billions of dollars we have given them. Even with those billions, they cannot achieve it, not even with our guideance (another sign of inequality). The only time many of those nations (Somalia, Haiti, India, etc.) were safe, prosperous, etc., was when they were our colonies and under our direct governance and establishment of law and morality. Once we left, they devolved, degenerated, reverted back to their barbarism. People are not equal. This does not mean they are less of a being, but different. You cannot put a Saint Bernard in a race with greyhounds and say they are equal and expect the St. Bernard to perform with the greyhounds’ speed. The bottom line, they are not equal and the St. Bernard should remain in the snow capped mountains of Switzerland and not pretend to be equal with the greyhounds on the race tracks of Miami. Yes, immigration is important, but the right kind of immigration. Originally, our immigrants were brother and sister nations–and the vast majority came bringing their trades and work ethic with them. Modernly, immigration is only from nonwhite nations and the majority come here, go on welfare and public assistance, and then either raise families perpetually on welfare or begin to ploy their trade in crime (for which each nation has its specialty). This certainly is not to say that all such people from a given country are immoral criminals(willing to live off money stolen from taxpayers or steal it themselves)… no doubt many are honorable as I have experienced–and that is why they wanted to get away from their own people and move to the U.S. (or now Europe/U.K.). Even here, nonwhite peoples want to move away from their own people into the whiter neighborhoods. However, white neighborhoods are nearly extinct and soon there will be nowhere to move to and all must live among the crime and immorality rampant throughout the land with no remedy. When I worked with missionaries in Portugal (when I was 15)… we were out in public, at a pool near an open market, and I called out to missionaries about 20 feet away to call their attention to something, and they motioned me over and spoke quietly in English, “No, don’t ever speak aloud in English, you are a guest in their country, show respect.” NEVER do I EVER see the same respect by the nonwhite foreigners who have invaded our land–rather than guests, they think they own the place and even look at us… the rightful inhabitants, with scorn. When our laws were secure, foreigners acted with respect and knew their place as guests. Now they are haughty, knowing so called minority rights will give them anything they want on a silver platter, if they cry racism or such. (in fact, whites are the minority, and once that is recognized, minority rights will be abolished and majority rights will again rule–hypocrites.) Yes, 1 in 4 immigrants in the U.S. are Latino, and of the 2 million prisoners in the U.S. 25% are Latinos. We don’t need help building the nation we want. We had the nation we want. We want those who wanted to benefit from living in our nation to leave it the way it was, stop trying to turn it into their own nations from which they fled… and live as respected guests and recognize it as such. It is not whites alone who believe this. Even the black preacher in NYC, Pastor James David Manning agrees. Please understand, none of my words were meant to offend. I have simply offered the facts as I see them. Whether you agree or disagree is up to you. Those who think they know the answers have not really studied deeply enough–and have only studied from the “official” position, which is the one that is currently politically expedient for the cabal that is destroying our nation. Most people do not even know what freedom is, because they have never really seen it (since it is nearly extinct), they only know the oppressive, regulated, taxed, injustice to which they are accustomed and think it is freedom, since it is better than being behind bars. But it is not freedom. That is like comparing your general health to a corpse. The true test of health is comparing your health to that of a perfectly healthy person. No sane peson would claim equality between a healthy person, a sick person, and a dead person. But that is what is done in society and that is what has caused the epidemic of death.

  34. Ana Rebeca Gonzalez May 9, 2011 at 11:30 am

    @Robert: I am not offended as much as I am fascinated (and a little perturbed) by your way of thinking about the world and also a bit upset regarding your lack of paragraphs. For communication’s sake I will also use the word “race”, which is a term I think makes an ill-job in determining the differences between human beings. I also must say that I have nothing against caucasians, europeans, north americans, or any population you consider “white”. However, since you decided to make this white/non-white distinction I will try to stay within that framework.

    First of all, what you call devolution is simply evolution. Evolution applies to the genetic make-up of a specific population (of animals – humans included – or plants). With the pass of time, this genetic make up changes depending on the environmental conditions. If they migrate, if the climate changes, etc. the population will adapt to these changes by changing the proportion of genes. A clear example of evolution is the effect of the industrial revolution on moth populations. The smoke rendered the trees darker and as a result the previously non-existent dark kind of moth surpassed the white kind in numbers. The white moths were not worse than the dark ones, but simply ill-adapted to the changes in tree colour. Evolution does not mean populations getting something better, in any way. It only means that their genetic make up is changing – not for worse or better. So unknowingly you do believe in Evolution (you just call it devolution and add a moral component to it).

    In addition, Evolution does not in any way attempt to discredit your story of creation. I personally don’t believe in God the way you do but some people argue that nature (including the human body) is so perfect that it must have been created by God. But alas your post is not entirely about Evolution…

    I do understand your concern over non white (latin american) immigrants being a threat to the peace in the US. It’s the same concern Europe is having with their non white (arab & african) immigrants. But I see it as the result of Karma. No offence but Europe and your mighty white race (which is not much better than the other non white races) has screwed over populations since the colonization of the American continent. In the entire American, first nations, indigenous groups, indians, or whatever you may call them have been disgraced to no end. Their culture, religion, and moral scheme has been completely destroyed. Some still survive in Guatemala, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador and Brazil, etc. but most of them were cold-blodedly eliminated back in the 1400s-1500s. I will not even get into the atrocities that happened in Africa, and Asia!

    So when you get all of your non white immigrants, think a little bit about where they come from. They don’t know order, yes; they don’t know freedom, yes. Why is that though? It’s because non-whites have been and are still being victimized by a white, male-centred patriarchal world order. For example, gold, silver, and other natural resources was simply stolen from America and ended up in Europe. The ex british colonies in Africa went to shit after the british left because they were demoralized and they had been imposed a culture, and economic and political system that was not their own. In the past, the US has been implicated with the death of leftist political leaders in latin american, Africa, and Asia and with the subsequent establishment of dictatorships. An example: Chile with the killing of Allende and rise of Pinochet. Today North American and European mining companies and resource extracting corporations plague south and central america, extracting every bit of resources left and thus continuing the abuse (e.g. Pacific rim, betchel group, Edison, Barrick Gold, etc).

    So my question is:
    Why didn’t you whites stay within yourselves at the time of colonization and left non-whites alone?

    American natives did not ask for white populations to come establish themselves here and destroy their culture and social dynamics. Whites wanted the continent and its resources but didn’t want or cared about the people or culture in it, right? It seems that’s exactly what you think non-white immigrants want today from the US and it actually is what Europe and North America are still doing to third world countries.

    My suggestion: You don’t want any more immigrants? Tell your government to stop screwing over third world countries.


  35. Robert Balaicius May 9, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    First of all, my apologies for not putting in paragraphs… I didn’t have much time earlier.

    I still disagree with evolution. What I speak of is not evolution (finctional auto-change from simple to complex); by devolution, I mean degeneration, which is entirely different from evolution. Further, evolution and adaptation are two entirely different things… and modern science has had to admit the falacies of the moth example. Adaptation is very minor change WITHIN a species and most often it is not the result of subconscious need for change, but simple variability. Even as not all purebred puppies will be born the exact same color, so neither were the moths. Those darker survived because birds could not spot them as easily, and thus the darker species reproduced far more numerously. This is not an example of evolution or even adaptation, but a simple result of predation.

    Evolution IS in diametric opposition to Creation and the greatest scientists in the world believed Creation. There are numerous books on this that are available. Even some of the most reknown scientists/evolutionists have changed sides, if not in terms of God and the Creation record, in terms of Intelligent Design. There are also numerous books by these authors. I can provide a short list if interested.

    The other issues you raise are hypocritical whipping boys (not that you are being hypocritical, the notion itself is by its very nature). The Indians of North, Central, and South America (as well as the pacific sea islanders) migrated to lands that were occupied by other Indian peoples–and simply exterminated them. Thiis is documented history. How then do they hold two standards… it is okay for them to exterminate and steal the land, but it was not okay for whites to move in and purchase or occupy unused land… the extermination part only began in retaliation. The white settlers in the U.S. were peaceable and only waged war when war was waged on them. This is not to say that there were not some unscrupulous whites who perpetrated crimes. That is the exception, not the normal.

    Furthermore, the arabs and turks (and blacks themselves were the most notorious slaver traders in history and the whites as slave traders were only Johnny come-latelys in the slave trade scene. Further, it was Jewish slave traders and Jewish ship owners and captains that predominated in the American slave trade. Even the Nation of Islam has published books on this topic, showing it was not the whites who were to blame, but the Jews. The horror stories of how whites treated slaves is also propaganda (and the Civil War was not about slavery, General Grant and others continued to own slaves in the north long after the Civil War). The black slaves cooked the food of and raised the children of their white masters… slaves cost many thousands of dollars each in 1700 dollars (tens of thousands in today’s worthless currency)… no intelligent person would beat or mistreat something that cost them so much money, let alone someone that could poison them or kill them and their children any time they wanted. Many slaves fought on the side of their masters by their own choice, and even after the war many stayed on as hired servants for their former owners and many even took, by their own choice, the last names of their former masters. This shows the love and devotion slaves and masters’ families had. All the propaganda that says otherwise has been concocted to cause racial tension. Futher, the Spielberg movie Amistad does not tell the audience the most poignant fact, that the poor black slave around whom the movie centers, once he regains his freedom–goes back to Africa and becomes a slave trader himself, selling his own people brutally into slavery. Again, hypocrisy and deceit.

    Those who denounce white imperialism in colonialism fail to recognize that when the whites arrived, it was safe and peaceful for the indiginous peoples… no longer were they prey to the preditors of their own people… the whites put a stop to bandits and warlords raping and robbing and massacring the weaker of their own peoples… the standard of living was raised, jobs created, infrastructure built, eduction and medical care established. Many nonwhites themselves have supported this and said colonialism was the best thing that ever happened to those nations–and the troubles started when the whites gave up their colonies and left.

    Natural resources were not stolen unless someone actually knew of them and owned them. There might be oil on a piece of property 1 mile from my property, but if that is not my land, no one has stolen it from me. Peoples who are nomadic do not own all the land they trod across the space of a year. If peoples were simply exterminated for their gold mines, that of course was wrong, but I believe you will have to blame the Spaniards for that. True, Britain did the same to Rhodesia and South Africa, stealing the gold and diamond mines from the Dutch Boers, but if you scratch deeper you will find that it was Jewish banking powers that used Britain to do their dirty work. That does not absolve Britian, but reveals the fact that the British people were lied to and used by corrupt politicians.

    Again, it was white people who helped the South American republics to gain their independence from oppressive Spain.

    The Oriental peoples themselves, like the American Indians their cousins, likewise carried out interminal exterminations against weaker tribes of their own peoples.

    I could not agree more about the evil wars (and secret operations) the U.S. and Britain have been involved in over the past 100 years–but again, this is not the American or British people, but corrupt politicians who deceive the people dragging them into wars in which they have no business for their own selfish means–and it is the Mossad and other International Jewish interests that are behind all these unconstitutional and immoral wars. The U.S. had no business in any war during the 20th or 21st centuries.

  36. Rebs May 9, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    Not to offend you but you seem to be a little confused about evolution. Not to brag but I have a strong science background and I am pretty knowledgable about ecology and what evolution is. Maybe I wasn’t specific enough but to me evolution = Darwin’s theory of EVOLUTION BY NATURAL SELECTION (it remains a theory because in the natural sciences a theory can never be proven, only disproven). Evolution by natural selection includes different mechanisms by which populations change over time, INCLUDING predation. Predation, available resources, climate, etc are all variables that influence the size and fitness of populations (as well as genetic variability of course). Evolution is not necessarily going from simple to complex, immoral to moral, unfit to fit, etc.
    And in regards to slaves… some slave owners were probably very nice. Most were just following social norms of the time. Despite all this, you cannot dismiss the fact that slaves suffered A LOT, starting with the trip from Africa to America, which was a true ordeal. Some were separated from their families, were victims of rape by their masters, had to live in confinement. It’s hard for me to believe that most slaves had a pleasant experience, the ones doing the cooking and babysitting were lucky compared to the rest.
    I mean maybe for you going back to that america would be sweet, but the truth is that around 1 in 4 americans are from latin descent now – America (and the US included) belongs to a wide range of races now whether you like it or not. We’re not going anywhere. If you want to preserve your white christian culture (which I think you should!) I suggest opening up and being a little more tolerant and curious about other cultures. If you showed more openness to other world views you might be able to build a stronger unity around settler-descendants.
    Thats all I have to say since I think our views are too different and it makes me sad to think that people still think the way you do, not to say that your messages have not been interesting because they have.

  37. Robert Balaicius May 14, 2011 at 9:12 am

    Hi again.

    I don’t believe I am confused about evolution, so we will have to agree to disagree.

    Evolution is passed off as cold, hard, unshakable scientific fact and as science, when it is not. You can’t explain it away saying natural sciences cannot be proved–if that is the case, they are not sciences but arts, opinions, faiths.

    The leading evolutionists say you have to approach the Big Bang/Evolution by faith, you must start by believing it and then build on it; it is not a science, but a godless religion and it is Marxist. They claim to know what has happened billions and billions of years ago because that is what they want to believe… and they force everyone else to accept it as gospel fact. Life did not evolve from goo and then progress to higher forms of life (if that was the case, politicians would be extinct by now). Species adapt. Of course. But they do not evolve in the classical sense. Even under controlled laboratory environment where skilled scientists put all the proper ingredients in the ideal environment and then even “fudge” with “nature” cannot replicate the simplest “spontaneous” spark of life by creating right and left amino acids required for life to “form” according to how they claim life began on earth. (–and if their little experiment did work, “fudging” and helping and all–it would not prove evolution, but “Intelligent Design.”)

    Of course some slaves suffered. No doubt, all suffered greatly being ripped from their homes (sold by their own chieftains, in most cases, in lesser cases, kidnapped) and the horrid conditions and murders on the high seas on the Jewish owned and captained ships trying to evade capture when slaving was forbidden.*
    That is a given.

    [* But again, that era of slavery was but a pimple on the butt of history, in light of the slavery and slave trade that existed over the past 6,000 years and which was dominated by the Africans, Turks, and Arabs for millennia in all parts of the world, not to mention even earlier in ancient history by Rome, Babylon, Greece, Assyria, Medo-Persia, China, Africa, and elsewhere. This not said to justify slavery in the U.S. (but U.S. slavery certainly raised the conditions to the point many slaves felt part of the family and did not even want to be freed). However, it is rather disingenuous to point to the white man and accuse him of slavery over the past few centuries, in light of nonwhite slaving that is still carried out today, and when considering if not for slavery, most blacks over the past 350 years would have been raised in Africa in barbarism and poverty. The same goes for South Africa. Apartheid kept law and order for all. Once abolished, chaos, mayhem, poverty, theft, murder, rape, bankruptcy now reign.]

    But in the whole, they lived better than most do in the inner cities today or in their former african villages where they were robbed and raped and killed by their own people, warring factions, other tribes, etc., even as they do today. Now there is welfare, where everything is provided, yet many still turn to crime and drugs and violence. Some of them of course are exceptional people, but they have not evolved, but have been properly educated, raised, civilized, and reformed. If they had evolved, they would have acquired our level of civilization without our help. We ourselves did not evolve, but developed the God-given potential implanted within them by the Creator.

    The Civil War was not fought to free slaves. It was fought to destroy the autonomy of the South and the States and enslave everyone. What do you call it when a person must work half of the year before any money he actually earns is his own…? When he is forced to fund 10,000 projects none of which he wants and none of which benefit him or his children…? When he is taxed on what he earns (and SS, a retirement plan forced on him against his will and which will prob. not be there when he retires), when he is taxed on what he buys and the same thing again if he sells it, and in some areas he is taxes yearly if he still owns it. What do you call it when a corrupt govt passes 10,000 new laws a year to further restrict and regulate and limit what people can do…?–and tax them more on each and every tiny thing they do…? the car they drive, how they are allowed to drive it, when they can drive it, tax to buy it, tax on title, tax on tags, tax on insurance, tax on gas, and now B-HO (B. H. Obama) wants gas prices to rise to $10-$12/gallon and then tax us on each mile we drive to boot…*

    [* While he flies around the world with a 300-party entourage… ]

    Tax when you buy house, for survey, for title insurance, for zoning, building, improving, in some areas you can’t cut down a tree or paint your house a different color or do anything without permission or a permit and fee, taxed each year you own it (and they continually raise what they say it is worth, though the dollar is continually devalued through inflation and the counterfeiting perpetrated by the Feds–they just “reappraised all property out here in the mountains in the country where I live 45% this year alone, even though the dollar is worth only 66% of what it was 2 years ago), taxed when you sell the house, and you have to have inspection, permits, fees to do most anything to improve your house… and now they tell us what kind of faucet we can have in our sinks and showers, etc., and they want to pass/have passed Cap and Trade where you will not be able to sell your house until you have it retrofitted to meet the draconian “Green” lesser carbon footprint code,* all new windows, etc., which would cost many tens of thousands of dollars.

    [* While the average American’s “carbon footprint” is negligible to start with. The average high-ranking politician’s–and even Al Gore’s– carbon footprint is more in 1 year than the average American’s is for his lifetime.]

    The purpose is to control the movement of peoples and further enslave us… it is communism. You can’t move if you can’t sell your house, and if you have to spend $30,000 to improve your house before you sell it, you will receive less money for it, have to ask more, and thus fewer buyers will be available. Our peoples existed since the founding of our nation for centuries before such socialist regulation and oppression. It is NOT “progress”; it is designed to enslave us. What do you call it when people are taxed and regulated into a box…? It is slavery. The only laws, for the most part, which are enforced, are so called crimes against the state, when the state perceives it is an injured party (real or imagined, mostly imagined). For citizens who are victimized by other citizens, foreigners, or the govt/big business, there is little, if any, “justice”–and then, it is mostly reserved only for those who “can afford” a “fair trial.” This is not how our nation was founded. It has been subverted by a cabal of internationalists to destroy our nations so they can take over, and they use foreign peoples to weaken us. If any white Christian went to the State of Israeli, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Nigeria, China, Korea, Pakistan, Mexico, etc., and “demanded” equal rights, welfare, free housing, food, electric, cell phone, an equal high paying job, a voice in the government to where he could change the laws to suit him–he would be executed quietly in some dark place and disposed up. It is utter hypocrisy. All peoples have a right to their own culture, nation, way of life, and religion–in their own country. Why is it that only the white nations were targeted for destruction and to be turned into multicultural states…? Why not China, Japan, Central/South America, Saudi Arabia, State of Israeli, etc….? It is genocide, whether they execute us all or force their way in to out breed us and take over our nation.

    Crime, immorality, perversion, illiteracy were nearly nonexistent for nearly the first 150 years of our nation (and for a century earlier in the colonies)… how, if we have “evolved” and if “multiculturalism” is such a good thing, have we been demoralized as a people, now have over 2 million in prison, illiteracy is not only rampant but the “experts” now want to throw out all the rules and nothing is really taught in school and a large percentage of public high school grads can’t read, write, spell, add or think/talk coherently… how, in the face of all our “progress” is there such perversion, crime, inflation, corruption in govt and business (nearly 100%). Because the standard has been removed (the Word of God which was the basis for all American, English, and European Common Law, and our Constitution) and we have been invaded by foreigners who have changed our nation into theirs–just like the ones from which they fled because they are unsafe and crumbling. No, I am sorry, it is now we who need to be open minded and embrace other peoples and ideas and ways. There is only one way that works. We had it. Those who want to partake in its benefits must realize this and hold it sacred. However, the parasite only thinks of immediate gratification. It cannot think ahead and rationalize what will happen if it bleeds its host dry and the host dies, it does not wonder where its next meal will come from. It cannot think. It merely feeds.

    Obviously, I don’t expect you, as someone looking from the outside in, to appreciate our view. I believe all peoples and cultures have the right to exist and have their own land. However, it is genocide for other races to force themselves on us and demand our way of life at our expense. There are several hundred nonwhite nations. There are now zero white nations, there are a few hanging on to maintaining what they had, but the UN and other such groups are doing their best to destroy them. It is planned war of genocide. How else can it be explained when Chinese refugees are sent all the way across the world to Lithuania (rather to another Asian nation in their own part of the world, with similar race, culture, religion, climate, diet, mores..)…? or when Nigerians are sent to Latvia halfway across the world (rather to another African nation in their own part of the world, with similar race, culture, religion, climate, diet, mores..)…? Or when Saudi Arabian refugees are sent to Norway (rather to another Asian nation in their own part of the world, with similar race, culture, religion, climate, diet, mores..)…? The plan is to destroy all white nations. If you agree with that method of translocation, you are a part of the war against us, despite your politeness, education, or sympathies. It is genocide. Some call it Neo-Colonialism or Revenge on Colonialism and mince no words about it.

  38. john7 May 1, 2012 at 12:21 am

    @ gonzales – most of what you say is wrong and wrong-headed, but let me point out one simple fact ; white Celts and Danes were in America before the ‘indians’. This has been proven through both archaeology and historical record. Many of the ‘indians’ themselves will even admit to same. You just have to look a little farther than the jew-published ‘history books’ that are readily available and rammed down our throats at every opportunity by the ‘educational establishment’. So this garbage of ‘whitey ruining the indian’s paradise’ is a non starter.
    And thank you Mr Balaicius for your tome[s]. Well put.

  39. shotgunwildatheart October 13, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    Long time reader, first time poster…

    Thank you for all your blogging work over the years. It’s been much appreciated.

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