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Diversity and the North, Yesterday and Today

This is a great post from Those Who Can See. Well worth the time to read it:

We may be less familiar with the old North. Those of us born there have been told all our lives how warmly we opened our arms to these suffering Afros, saving them from the noose or at least the colored water fountain.

Or did we.

Portland, OR, 1943

Enlightened souls in Northern state houses may have decreed a color-blind paradise, but to the man on the street it mattered little. The fact is that then as now, most Euros did not enjoy their encounters with Afros (especially those newly arrived from the South), and did what they could to avoid them.

One response to “Diversity and the North, Yesterday and Today

  1. Snowhitey September 6, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    This is how the vast majority of Jews think! We welcome them to our lands, saved them from the death camps (which really was from themselves who were not-so-innocent “victims” as usual), they destroyed our nation and our ancestral homes (yes, they had help), and now this in your face crap! Give the guy a little credit though for speaking his mind!!! Get rid of each and every one of them by sending them all to Israel (stolen land) and lock the gate permanently. Let them suck the blood out of each other for a change. They take, take, take, take, take throughout the centuries. A relationship with them is always a one-way street. Accept it. No one likes them. They’re tolerated because they control our traitorous politicians and they control the financial system around the world – and wake up – they really do! They should never, EVER be trusted!

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