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Exclusive report from Towson YWC.

Our people need help. Stand up white man!

The situation at Towson University is one of untold bigotry and hatred aimed at a minority group on campus; that group is not the usual suspect crying wolf about imaginary threats, but it is instead our Youth for Western Civilization chapter, whose members have been under siege for close to a year. Beginning in September of 2011, the members of YWC were faced with threats of violence, death, and even rape against some of our female members. At the same time, while the multicultural groups were whining about feeling “unsafe” and “afraid to leave their dorms” because our group opposed things like gay marriage and Islamic extremism, there was a legitimate threat to the lives of the students in YWC. Due to the political agenda of the administration and incompetence of the Towson University Police Department, these threats were downplayed and ignored for months.

Despite leftist student groups posting pictures of YWC members’ cars on social networks, attempting to silence our God-given 1st amendment rights, and the outright threats of violence and intimidation, the members of Towson YWC were actually able to grow the organization and take on serious social issues on campus. We successfully held more events than every other political organization combined in our first semester, and things were looking up for Towson YWC.

Our most recent project involved promoting awareness about the genocide of the Afrikaners in South Africa. While the campus went viral with the “Kony 2012” campaign and began talking about a Ugandan warlord who hasn’t even been in the country for the last five years, they also openly denied the slaughter of white South Africans or smugly claimed that “they had it coming.” The largest problem we faced on campus in terms of getting out the message was the fact that the silent supporters, both students and faculty, said that they couldn’t even openly stand against the South African genocide because it involved white people. One teacher even told me rather frankly, “Matt, you know as well as I do that you can’t have white pride.” So in a two-front activism blitz, our members descended on campus last Sunday night with chalk to spread messages on the sidewalks. Chalking is a rather common activity for student groups to raise awareness about causes and upcoming events, so our activity was perfectly in the mainstream of acceptable behavior for student organizations. On campus we posted messages of “White Pride,” “Stop the White South African Genocide,” “End the War, Save the Boer,” and “Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White”. The last message was in direct reference to the fact that every “anti-racist” person or organization we have encountered purely loathed both white people and white culture with stunning ferocity. By the time my members arrived on campus the next day, many of our messages had been illegally washed away by campus authorities. Beyond the fact that we followed the Student Code of Conduct in reference to chalking and it was a blatant violation of our 1st amendment rights, the school seemed far more interested in preventing our message from getting out.

A 300 person meeting to discuss the issue brought out angry students from many organizations. The Vice President of the Black Student Union talked about how he was more scared at Towson University because of my group than he was in the middle of the hood in Baltimore where he grew up. Although his performance was convincing to some, when I confronted him about his support of the Black Panthers and militant black supremacism, he openly acknowledged that he had no shame in wearing t-shirts that sported gun-toting Black Panthers on them. Considering this is a man who has pictures of himself giving the black power salute and wearing shirts with openly intimidating messages on them, I find it hard to believe that expressing “white pride” has him shaking in his boots. Our obvious claims about the blatant racial double standard went unheard and concerns about our safety were mocked by the opposition. In the kangaroo court of liberal college opinion, our logical and coherent arguments and concerns were unpleasant truths that the multicultural groups had no desire to address. After the meeting, a significant amount of pressure was put on our adviser to remove his support from our group. Repeated calls of “doing something because talking isn’t working” demanded that YWC be kicked off the campus; this left members of my chapter concerned not only about their safety but what nefarious plans the leftists had in store. The SGA and leftist groups knew that legally they could not silence us or drive us off campus, but technicalities in SGA policy state that without an adviser student groups could no longer be affiliated with the organization. Within a few hours of being made aware that our adviser pulled his support, we received the email from the SGA President informing us we effectively been given our pink slips.

The drive to silence free speech and anything that is pro-white pushed Towson University to show its true colors. Now YWC members are facing additional persecution with accusing anonymous messages such as “white supremacist” being posted on their doors in the middle of the night. Instead of protecting and serving the student body, the Towson Police’s response has been, “Well, you are white supremacists, so you should expect this.” The very idea that at the highest levels of administration and those who are sworn to protect us have written off YWC simply for being bold enough to say that we have “white pride” proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what many of us have known now for years: the system truly is designed to perpetuate the guilt cycle of white Americans and to insult and belittle those who attempt to buck the system in even the slightest way.

White Southerners can understand the sentiments of General Patrick Cleburne of 150 years ago when he said, “Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy, that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers, will learn from Northern school books their version of the War, will be impressed by all the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision.”

As college students we are taught daily about the evils of our ancestors and how we can never have pride in our unique culture and people. The university system scoffs and spits on the memories of men like my ancestor Joseph R. James of the 22nd North Carolina Infantry CSA who fought to protect his home and family. YWC will not surrender and allow these injustices to be accepted and encouraged by the cultural Marxist professors to indoctrinate the next generation of brain-washed youth. We now are officially planning to go underground and continue doing activism regardless of school sanction and we will not stop until we have won. Surrender is not an option. Deo Vindice.

-Matthew Heimbach, Towson YWC Chapter President, March 15th, 2012

“If this cause, that is dear to my heart, is doomed to fail, I pray Heaven may let me fail with it, while my face is toward the enemy and my arm battling for that which I know is right.” -General Patrick Cleburne CSA


3 responses to “Exclusive report from Towson YWC.

  1. Selma March 18, 2012 at 1:52 am

    As a Boere Afrikaner living on a farm in s.a, i sincerely thank you and everyone who has the courage to risk anti-white reaction in order to save my people. Every word someone speaks in our defense makes a difference.

  2. Selma March 18, 2012 at 2:00 am

    Websites such as farmitracker, stopboergenocide, censorbugbear reports, nolstuijt and the Pandora’s series found on Mike Smiths political commentary documents in graphic detail what is like to be white in a country ruled by black racist terrorists. Perhaps you can post there too, or link to your blog.

  3. Fr. John+ March 19, 2012 at 8:16 am

    Wow. I know now that secession is the only viable alternative. The Bolsheviks (both cutural AND racial) have won, and the ‘Golden Horde’ of Wesley Rawles’ prognostications, is the Anti-White Haters.

    Secede. Now. Today. Forever.

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