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An Inspiration for Us All

Paris conference attracts 700 nationalists.

On March 10, I gave a talk to an audience of more than 700 French nationalists in Paris. The meeting was called to oppose current proposals to let foreigners from non-European Union countries vote in local elections in France—and it certainly did that. But far more important, it was a ringing assertion of French identity in the face of massive Third-World immigration.

This was a meeting on a scale and of a quality not yet possible in the United States. The speakers were politicians, authors, academics, and corporate executives, many with national reputations, and all were united in what they want for France. Catherine Blein, president of Nationality, Identity, Citizenship (NCI) which sponsored the event, spoke for all when she declared, “French we are, and French we must remain, in a Europe that is once again European!” Nor did she shrink from explaining how this will happen: “The future of foreigners is not in France but in their native lands. That is where their loyalties lie and that is where they must return.”


One response to “An Inspiration for Us All

  1. Snowhitey March 15, 2012 at 9:48 am

    Thank you, Lee, for doing something we all need to do. Taking action, making change, restoring “us” to the greatness we once were, and shall be again thanks to those like you. And, without apologies or groveling!

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