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Black Run America: Black Homicides Reach “Crisis Level” in Nashville

Well said piece and analysis from Hunter Wallace at OD:


Black homicides have reached a “crisis level” in Nashville.

In 2008, Tennessee had America’s fifth highest rate of black homicides. Nashville, with 42 black murder victims, had a rate higher than the state average and in 2009 surpassed Memphis to become the most violent city in the Volunteer State.

If you are black in Nashville, you are 5x more likely to be murdered than if you are White. Black homicides have risen while White homicides have declined for several years now.

The motives of these homicides are various: abuse, domestic problems, drugs, gang activity, robberies, etc.

Black community leaders are blaming a sense of “hopelessness” in the affected areas. “Those are the ones that are dangerous,” said Jerry Maynard, a Metro City Councilman. “Because they feel they have no future.”

“In our own city, we have kids that see the rest of the world on TV, they see it across the street. How do I get from where I am to graduate high school, to graduate college, to get a job?” said Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson. “The reduction in federal funding for police prevention programs, for police outreach programs, is also going to have an effect.”

Black children in Nashville grow up in “a world that includes drugs, prostitution and violence on a daily basis.” We are told that “public housing developments like J.C. Napier, Sam Levy and James Cayce” are where “much of this violence has occurred.”

Police Chief Anderson told The Tennessean, “The public in general doesn’t realize this is another world you’re driving by each day. There is another world that you don’t recognize that needs your support, that needs your attention. They really don’t understand what’s going on in the inner city.”

Councilman Maynard believes that Nashville needs an “all out effort” along the lines of the response to the Cumberland River flood to stop the epidemic of black-on-black homicide.

He explains, “Black-on-black crime is not a black problem. It’s a Nashville problem because tourists will not come here, businesses will not come here. We will strangle economic growth if we do not come to a solution to this.”

The blacks of Nashville are fouling their own nest and it is Whitey’s responsibility to clean up the mess. There has been a 31 percent increase in the homicide rate since black community leaders declared a “cease fire” last year.

Why are these people so utterly helpless?

The Dark Side of Black Run America

Nashville’s predicament with black-on-black crime is just one of the many unintended consequences of Black Run America that respectable liberals and conservatives are afraid to talk about.

A few observations:

(1) Much of the gang warfare in Nashville goes on in the public housing projects that were built as part of the War on Poverty for the explicit purpose of abolishing underclass social pathologies through government social engineering.

These programs were based on the premise that the individual is a product of his environment. When the federal government created a new environment for blacks, they moved into their new neighborhoods and quickly destroyed them.

(2) There is nothing stopping blacks from graduating from high school or college. Their skin color actually works to their advantage when trying to find a job in the private sector or get into a public university.

Intelligent blacks can and do graduate from high school and move on to lucrative jobs in the diversity obsessed private sector.

Most blacks are unable to compete with Whites in integrated classrooms because they are objectively less intelligent than their White peers.

The problem was never the Jim Crow schools. When the federal government gave blacks access to the White schools, they brought the racial gap with them into their new environment.

(3) Most of these black murderers come from “broken families.” Fatherlessness has a causal relationship to violent crime. An incredible 59 percent of black women now have children by two different fathers.

The black male is unable to compete with the federal government as a provider for black women. Most of these households are beneficiaries of various types of federal anti-poverty programs. White liberals have fostered and encouraged this type of extreme dependency.

Whether it is housing projects, welfare, or integrated public schools, White liberal attempts to uplift blacks through government intervention programs have a long track record of failure. And those are just the most obvious examples.

(4) Integration didn’t benefit all blacks in the same way.

The dirty little secret of integration is that it allowed the so-called “talented tenth” to abandon the black underclass and move up into the White world.

Under Jim Crow, the “talented tenth” was excluded from the White world on the basis of race. They were forced to live among their co-ethnics and cater to them and respond to all their various social problems.

Who benefits from meritocracy, affirmative action, and relentlessly promoting diversity? The “talented tenth” which is given the means to escape the black world.

They leave the old neighborhood behind which has the effect of robbing it of its natural leadership and compounding its various social problems.

(5) Integration has cowed Whites into submission.

Whites are unable to defend their own property and institutions under the present system of forced integration. They adapt by fleeing areas which they are unable to control.

The Whites take the jobs and the tax base with them. The “talented tenth” follows the White wagon train to each new Whitopia. An underground economy moves into the geographic vacuum where the black underclass has been left behind.

It is “another world” out there precisely because it is a black underclass world. Violent crime spirals out of control because integration has forced Whites to abandon those areas. It has also given upwardly mobile blacks their ticket out of the hood.

(6) The Cultural Revolution has destroyed White confidence in their own traditional culture.

Whites used to take great pride in forcing Christianity and middle class values onto blacks. Now that the pressure to assimilate into White American norms is gone, blacks are losing their Christian veneer and reverting back to their base racial way of doing things.

Christianity worked for blacks. It restrained a population that is naturally less intelligent and less conscientious than Whites. It curtailed their natural polygamy and licentiousness.

(7) The overarching myth of Black Run America is that every American is an individual who is born as a blank slate with the same opportunity to succeed in our capitalist economy. Environmental obstacles like racism and poverty alone stop blacks from climbing the social ladder into the American middle class.

This dangerous myth that everyone is equal and has the same chance has resulted in the abandonment of the black underclass in Nashville. It doesn’t acknowledge the ugly social reality that human beings are not born as interchangeable parts.

The black underclass is shuttled into public schools and the private sector where they don’t have the intelligence to compete with their racial brethren for scholarships and job opportunities. They drop out and fall into a life of drug abuse and violent crime which has been exacerbated by black flight into the White suburbs.

Comparatively, Jim Crow America was a more humane place to live for the black underclass for three major reasons:

– A society based on Christian values and racial inequality will accept that some blacks are unable to succeed for biological reasons and will respond by tailoring its culture, social institutions, and economy around dealing with that unpleasant fact.

– A society based on race will blunt class divisions. As I explained above, the “talented tenth” was forced by Jim Crow segregation to live among their weaker brethren and steward their communities, which was a far more successful social reform than any progressive anti-poverty program.

– Under Jim Crow, Whites were self confident and explicitly in control of their own society. They didn’t have to flee Southern cities like Birmingham to the surrounding suburbs. The “talented tenth” had no incentive to leave either.

While there was some white-on-black violence under Jim Crow, there was far less violence overall because of these instructive lessons in racial hierarchy, blacks were safer in what is now called the “inner cities,” and there weren’t nearly as many blacks in prison as there are today.

The ugly truth that blacks are unwilling to confront is that the Klan was nowhere near as much of a menace to blacks in Jim Crow America as blacks are likely to be murdered, raped, robbed, or assaulted by feral black criminals in Black Run America.


Every negative thing that has been said about Black Run America above is equally true of the White community. It is only a difference of degree.

The same cultural trends that have been unleashed in the black inner city are destroying White America at a slower rate. The parallel of the black underclass experience with cocaine in the inner city ghettos is the White experience with meth, alcohol, and prescription drug abuse in trailer parks.

The present meritocratic system allows the “talented third” of White America to abandon the cities, small towns, and rural communities of the American South for high paying jobs and exclusive suburbs in other parts of the country.

22 percent of White women now have children by multiple fathers. Christianity is collapsing. The White nuclear family is dissolving along with it. The old middle class values are under constant assault from the counterculture and the redistributive state.

The myth of Black Run America that everyone has the same chance in life (i.e., you just need to be reeducated to be a nuclear physicist) and that White racial consciousness is synonymous with evil has hurt the White underclass more than anyone else. Nowhere in Black Run America is a there a greater sense of hopelessness.

The best and the brightest of the small towns now graduate from college and move off to the big cities. The White underclass has been completely abandoned by its natural leadership. No one even gives lip service to caring about the “white trash” anymore.

A traditional organic society like Jim Crow America which was based on Christian values and racial inequality elevated the White underclass. It blunted class divisions among Whites and worked to their economic advantage. Racial identity gave other Whites a stake in their lives.


The solutions being proposed by the political class of Nashville reflect the fact that the truth about human inequality was the first casualty of Black Run America.

Just listen to these great ideas: new housing projects, spending more money, community centers, “ways of giving our young people hope,” distractions like sports and music, “real mentors,” “volunteers to work with poor kids,” rebuilding the black family, etc.

The “young people” here don’t have any hope because they have been abandoned by their co-ethnics. These ghettos are what happen when blacks are sorted by intelligence and economic segregation is allowed to create an impermeable geographic barrier to the outside world.

In so many words, this is what happens when you replace a race based society with a class based one.


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