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VMI continues to dishonor

It typical fashion Communist try to change the language.

LEXINGTON, Va., Feb. 4, 2011 – VMI has received criticism on some blog sites concerning an upcoming conference that it is sponsoring. This conference, “711-2011: East Meets West,” will examine 1,300 years of interaction between the East and the West.

This controversy centers on the use of the word “celebrate” in promotional materials in describing centuries of tri-cultural harmony and scholarly achievement by Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Some of the complaints VMI has received are from people who have suffered losses in the years since the September 11th terrorist attacks, and even from terrorist activities prior to that. In retrospect, we see how the word “celebrate” can be an inflammatory term for some people.

VMI regrets the misunderstanding this has generated, and most especially the anti-Muslim comments that have filled the blogs because of it. The promotional materials have been revised.

VMI intends to proceed with the conference. The topic of the “East Meets West” conference is both timely and important.

For information about the conference, visit http://www.vmi.edu/eastmeetswest.


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