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Give “The Camp of the Saints” This Christmas

If the dangerous clowns of Nigeria’s Boko Haram (“Books, Him Bad!”) are escapees from an unpublished novel of Evelyn Waugh, the builders of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque and their sickening enablers are creatures whose mischief is even blacker: They are living, breathing characters torn from the pages of The Camp of the Saints.

Really, only Jean Raspail could have come up with this scenario: Muslims fly a plane into the largest building in America, then finagle a way to buy a piece of the crash site for pennies on the dollar using shadowy money they cannot account for, then claim that America’s freedom of religion (which they reject on Islamic principle) must permit them to build on the site, then they have the infinite gall to apply for government money to build it–all the while a Christian church destroyed by the Muslims is being blocked by the very same city government, which is run by a Jewish liberal, who’s betraying his own people’s interests so that he can make inroads with his financial news services in the Middle East. The only way this story could be more lurid and implausible would be if NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg had made his fortune selling rope.

The Camp of the Saints, by the prize-winning French novelist Jean Raspail, has “awakened” countless Westerners to the dangers of mass, non-Western immigration since its publication in 1973. Translated into English, publicized in the pages of National Review (back when that magazine’s target market was adults) with a review by Jeffrey Hart, the novel is a bracing, sobering look at the suicidal liberalism that has infected Western elites. In the book, a mass exodus of refugees from India loads itself onto boats and announces it is sailing for the West. (Ironically, for us, the people aboard the ships in The Camp of the Saints are actually meant to be Hindus–who have proved, in fact, to be the most cooperative and productive of immigrant groups. Never mind: it’s merely a metaphor.)



One response to “Give “The Camp of the Saints” This Christmas

  1. Will leFey December 16, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    Camp of the Saints should be left out in the weather for a few years. Read Soldiers of Paradise instead, that is, if you’re not a barely literate troglodyte who reads based on ideology and not talent.

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