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The White Industrial Guilt Complex

The White Industrial Guilt Complex

By Washington Jefferson

Dwight Eisenhower, the conqueror of Little Rock, is no one for Southerners to admire. Nevertheless, he did make some good points about the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), that conglomerate of business interests always looking to turn a buck with militarism and war.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the MIC has been scaring us with tales about the dangerous “terrorists” who threaten us from the plains of Iraq to the caves of Afghanistan. These plainsmen and cave men, we’re informed, are a distinct threat to the freedom of all Americans and the security of our homeland. Believing these tales, a lot of Southern boys enlist in the military, and offer their lives to the greater glory of corporate profiteers who regard Southerners as cretins and second-class humans.

And as we bear the burden of the MIC, we must also carry on our backs the load of another sort, namely the White Industrial Guilt Complex (WIGC). With so much our business and enterprise shipped away to China, this complex is an increasingly important to our national economy. One of its key components is the diversity industry. From swarming diversity consultants to all the pooh-pahs who administer affirmative action-not to mention our myriad of “civil rights” organizations, diversity is a big big business.

Just like any industry it must have its basic raw material to operate. As iron ore is to steel manufacture, so is white guilt to the manufacturers of diversity and related enterprisers. To keep the wheels of this complex rolling, a steady and unending supply of white guilt must be mined, refined and distributed. If white guilt ever runs out, the whole complex collapses.

Thus the media members of the complex are constantly looking for ways not just to mine existing white guilt, but to create new deposits to exploit. Thus hardly a day passes with out TV dredging up some ancient examples of white inquity-lynchings, Jim Crow, cross burnings, etc.-to induce the rising generation of whites, particularly young white Southern youngsters, to embrace the holy virtue of self-loathing. On those rare occasions when a white harms a minority, it’s all over the news. When, more commonly, it’s the reverse, the story goes down Orwell’s memory hole.

Other key components of the WIGC are politics and bureaucracy. Would it be possible for leftist politicians of all races to get away with the shenanigans they do without abundant white guilt? Would we have massive welfare rip-offs, benefits for illegal aliens, and all the other blessings of post racial America if leftist politicians and bureaucrats could not silence indignant whites with the charge of “racism?”

Fellow Southerners you may feel angry about all this, but think to control your anger. If the WIGC comes down, the economy will go bad and lots and lots of people won’t be making lots of money anymore. Imagine the trauma Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would suffer if they had to get real jobs. The economy must go on. And after all, isn’t money what modern America is all about? So ignore the injustice of it all, suck in your pride and your self-respect, and get with the program of hating yourself and teaching your children to hate themselves too. The fortunes of our social and moral betters depend on it!

7 responses to “The White Industrial Guilt Complex

  1. Dr.D September 19, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    Great post!

    I tell you with absolute certainty, there must be an end to this white guilt. There is no reason for it. It was White Americans that built this country to be what it is, and it is only White Americans that can sustain it. In the hands of any others, it will soon collapse. We are seeing that happening now.

    Don’t let your children and your grandchildren be subject to this load of foolish guilt. We are sinful people, just as any other people on this earth, but we have done more with what we have been given than have any others anywhere. No one else has matched the creativity, the energy, the enterprise, or the generosity of the White Americans. We should be proud, not guilty!

  2. Old Atlantic September 23, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    The only white guilt should be for betraying other whites.

  3. Fr. John September 24, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    “Eisenhower (that Swedish Jew) the conqueror of Little Rock.” What a pithy and puny title that somehow fits so righteously!

    Excellent article. As I state time and agan, for our ‘White Guilt,’ as a priest of God, I say to you, “Ego te absolvo”- this sin is forgiven thee.

    (Because it is no sin, but merely the wiles of the conscienceless, afflicting those who HAVE consciences, in order to paralyze them thereby.)


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  5. Rusty October 1, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    Good term, ‘White Industrial Guilt Complex,’ I like it. Perhaps you could write some more about it.

  6. Cracker Americanus December 13, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    White guilt is a mental illness brought on by the consumption of communist controlled mainstream media. Do you feel guilty for something done by other people? Do you accept condemnation from people who would not exist if your ancestors had acted in their own self interest. Look at the state of the world, our culture is receding and darkness descends on our former colonies. The only guilt white people should be concerned with is allowing the murder of our race and culture.

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