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Break the Spell of a Magic Word

Break the Spell of a Magic Word

By Washington Jefferson

Supposedly magic words only exist in fairy tales, but that’s not true at all. Consider a word we hear often in the real world, which, if uttered, has the power to make otherwise strong men quiver and lose their manhood. Well, at least certain men anyway. And just what is that word? Maybe you’ve guessed it by now: RACIST.

If you don’t believe it, just throw the word at any average group of white folks and watch them grovel. And it doesn’t matter what their views on race might be. Just say the word as an accusation and observe them cower and placate. Seldom, even in fairy tales, did wizards wield such influence with their incantations.

This magic, of course, only works on white folks. According to our lords of political correctness, people of color (once known as colored people) cannot be racists. The reason is that they have no power, this despite the fact that they possess the power of a magic word-not to mention a host of well-funded advocacy groups to promote their interests.

The mystical might of the R-word is so great, and the fear it inspires so great, that reason and logic seemingly can do little to blunt its force. For example, try to explain to a white person under its thrall that “racism” is a term of propaganda invented by the communist Leon Trotsky to denigrate racial and ethnic groups resisting communism. Also explain, that the word, when directed against white people, equates a benign and natural love for one’s own people with genocidal hatred, the latter illustrated in most white people’s minds with media programmed images of Klansmen, lynching nooses, homicidal rednecks, and Nazi death camps.

Now see what kind of reaction you get. For a moment the person you’re speaking with may show some understanding, but then the force of the magic often will return, and he may even accuse you of “hate speech,” (another incantation) for trying to raise such issues. For whites under the magic, the only way to prove you’re not a racial hater is to hate your race.

Is there any way to break this spell? We should never give up on logic and facts. Faith calls us to hope that simple truth eventually will prevail. In the meantime, some other approaches may be helpful. One is a counter-spell suggested, ironically, by Saul Alinsky a true wizard of social manipulation who commonly cast the R-word against whites for his purposes.

Alinsky advised that an effective defense against people trying to control you is the use of mockery, flippancy and ridicule. These thrusts, he advised, are hard to counter. So, to use this advice against the likes of Alinsky, let’s consider some creative replies to the charge, “You are a racist.” 1) Yes, I am. I run 10K races all the time. 2) Well, isn’t everyone? 3) No, I’m not. I respect all races, even my own. 4) What are you, a race card shark? Deal me out of your stacked deck. I’m not playing your game. 5) There you go, off to the races again.

Be creative. Be bold. Remember: the magic will subside when you don’t take the magic word seriously.

3 responses to “Break the Spell of a Magic Word

  1. shari June 27, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    “In your OPINION,I’m a racist. You just say that because I’m white.”

  2. leeinthemountains June 28, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    “You’re a RACIST!”

    “No, I’m not, I’m the boogeyman, be afraid, be very afraid!”

    Main Entry:

    1 : a monstrous imaginary figure used in threatening children 2 : a terrifying or dreaded person or thing : bugbear

  3. JamesTheJust July 2, 2009 at 5:26 am

    I admit it; I am proudly a racist. I love my kinsmen, my culture and my history. I have nothing to be ashamed of. The Anglo-Saxon people have a history and a culture that is second to none. The only reason why other races hate us is because they know we outclass them on every level.

    What’s more; YHWH is a racist. HE elected the Anglo-Saxon race as a holy people; dedicated to HIM alone. HE makes this very clear in scripture. Those who try to make Yahshua (Jesus) into some hippy love child for all races haven’t got a clue.

    Yahshua said, “I have come ONLY for the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” That is the Anglo-Saxon a.k.a. Adamic race a.k.a. WHITE people. He did not come for anyone else.

    Our forefathers were the only ones bound to the covenant and we are still the only ones.

    I am in excellent company being a racist since my own Heavenly Father is too.

    Anyone who accuses me of being a racist, I just say “yep!”. I like that word. Anyone who cringes at that word, must not like themselves nor their kinsmen very much.

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