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Brothers and Sisters, Let’s Leave Babylon

Brothers and Sisters, Let’s Leave Babylon

By Washington Jefferson

The American Empire becomes more degenerate with each passing month. As just one recent illustration, a homosexual punk who judged a beauty contest lashed out against a contestant because she very apologetically stated that marriage is something between a man and a woman. And echoing the punk’s intolerance, as often as not, were the scribes and talking heads of mediadom. (Or maybe it should be mediadumb.)

The writing on the wall is plain. If we traditional Southerners want any kind of a decent society for ourselves and our children, we must build one from the ground up. And the necessary first step for doing that is to what the Scriptures say and come out from this Babylon and separate ourselves from its spiritual sickness. A good place to start is tuning out its media, the most powerful and insidious propaganda machine in human history. Don’t imagine that you can partake of it for very long without its lying contamination seeping into your soul as mental and emotional poison. And if it can do this to adults, imagine what media oppression, particularly contemporary TV, can do to your children.

Also, let’s not forget so much of contemporary music (rap and all that rubbish). The Russian prophet Solzhenitsyn years ago decried our musical degeneracy. The soul, he said, “longs for higher and purer things.” Listen to the rhythms of Southern songs, Bluegrass and all the rest. Better still, sing them and play them yourself. Come out from mediadumb and create your own entertainment. Seek out and find like-minded Southerners in your community and build strong friendships. Be a friend that your friends can depend on when problems arise. As a small community of brothers and sisters try to reach out and influence your greater community. Always remember that with people, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. One thing to focus on is the education of our children.

Home schooling is ideal, particularly if done with like-minded families. But if not home schooling, be aware of what your child is learning in private or government schools, and make every effort to counteract bad teaching while instilling proper beliefs. Take it for granted that in most government schools today, your kids will not learn about Robert E. Lee or anything good about their Southern heritage. It’s up to you to teach them. The long-standing strategy of our enemies is to alienate our young people from our beliefs and values. We must not allow them to succeed.

A task to pull families together is gardening-and it has the added benefit of providing good nutritious food. The sickness of our society derives in large part from the physical sickness of so many people. And to a large extent this is the consequence of the junk factory foods our commercial establishment provides. Sadly today, there is too much physical fatness and too little physical fitness.

Spiritual health is even more important. Avoid fast faith churches (the ones with rock bands and “contemporary worship,” the ones that preach an effeminate Christ and worship the goddess Equality). Practice the faith of our Fathers, and practice the values you preach. This more than anything else will separate you from the corruption of a dying American Empire.

One response to “Brothers and Sisters, Let’s Leave Babylon

  1. Patrick Cleburne May 16, 2009 at 7:48 pm

    Good words. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing.

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