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Being a Southerner, I naturally do Not trust the Government

The FEDGOV has recently accused Southrons of clinging to our Savior Jesus Christ, our guns, and not trusting the FEDGOV.  Indeed we do, and indeed we do Not!


White House: WHO may soon raise flu alert

2 May 2009, 0442 hrs IST, AFP

WASHINGTON: The White House has said that the World Health Organisation is “somewhat likely” to raise its flu alert soon to the highest level, phase six, which would signal that the world is in a pandemic.

“I think it is somewhat likely that in the next few days that the WHO will raise their alert level. I think most people anticipate that,” spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters yesterday at his daily briefing.

“That won’t change our preparation because we have always planned for doing all that is necessary to ensure the protection of the American people,” said Gibbs, who is President Barack Obama’s lead spokesman.

The WHO had said on Thursday that there was no reason to raise its five-step alert level to the sixth notch as the outbreak of swine flu appeared to remain steady.

On Wednesday, the organisation had raised the alert level to five, which signals that a pandemic is “imminent.” Phase six would signal that the world is in a pandemic.

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