Lee in the Mountains

Doing the Lord's Work by Saving the White Race

April 15, Taxes to beat the White Wing Extremist!, Pay early, Pay often, but PAY you MUST!

Thanks to SWB for this one, http://spiritwaterblood.com/2009/04/not-one-little-grave-in-all-that-fair-land/, right on time as always:

Taxes to beat the Axis

“Taxes will keep democracy on the march!” And spending, which was then considered treasonous, is now called patriotic.

“The genius of the Jews is to live off people, not off the land, nor off the production of commodities from raw materials, but off people. Let other people till the soil; the Jew, if he can, will live off the tiller. Let other people toil at trades and manufacture; the Jew will exploit the fruits of their work. That is his particular genius. If this genius be described as parasitic, the term would seem to be justified.” ~ Henry Ford

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