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Love Your Southern Brother; Fight Your Foe

Love Your Southern Brother; Fight Your Foe

By Washington Jefferson

A big problem with the Southern movement is one typically shared with most conservative movements. Namely we have too little love for our comrades and too little righteous anger toward our opponents.

Let’s start with love. Anyone who has been in conservative and traditional movements for any length of time will notice the lack of general comradeship and friendship among the participants. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are indeed exceptions.

As Whittaker Chambers put it so well, “the right does not retrieve its wounded.” Typically, the average social conservative does not think to assist his fellows when the left assaults them. Typically, indeed, he has trouble working together with them for common goals. To our shame, it often seems that our leftist enemies have much more cohesion and love for one another than we do. One example, particularly to our shame, is the so-called gay movement. Warped and evil as it is, it does a display a definite brotherhood and sisterhood. Communist leftists have long called one “comrade,” and they have genuinely meant it

Given our heritage as Southerners, and our historic sense of society, it is surprising that we seem to lack real cohesion today. One reason, perhaps, is the power and influence of Yankee conservatism in conservative movements. Its stress on radical “rugged” individualism (particularly in its libertarian incarnation) and money-making definitely fragments people. (It’s not that individualism and making money are wrong, in and of themselves, but they are not beneficial when they ignore legitimate duties to family, community and society).

Many on the right seem to equate society with socialism. Nothing could be more mistaken. Men need society because we are social beings. Natural society is necessary and beneficial. Socialism, an ideology based on force, regiments and warps all human relationships to fit its iron-clad dogma of equality.

To understand the importance of working as a community, consider the practice of some Asian immigrant groups of pooling money to purchase enterprises. Each investor puts in his amount to buy a business, and then each reaps a proportionate share of the profits. What one of them can’t do alone, they can accomplish as a group. Thus in the future they will have capital to give economic advantage to their children, or maybe to exercise political clout, e.g., buying our politicians.

Now a key question: Can anyone imagine Southerners getting together to do such a thing? Certainly it’s hard to conceive of them even thinking of it in the first place, let along being sufficiently cooperative and trustworthy to carry it out. Sad to say, Southerners love to backbite and fight one another. Sometimes their basic honesty leaves something to be desired. In the past, we could survive this way, but times are changing.

If we cannot work together as competing groups are doing in the increasingly diverse America, we face a grim future. As our competitors rise and gain control of capital, our children, just to make a living of any kind, will have to sell themselves into serfdom on the Wal-Mart plantation. And what little we have will be of scant interest to the politicians.

We need to put the backbiting aside, and love each other a lot more. Remember the lyrics of the Bonnie Blue Flag: “We are a band of brothers. . . .” Save the hostility for those who truly mean to hurt us all. And this raises another issue, our lack of righteous anger toward our opponents and their beliefs. This is not to suggest the sort of bitter hatred that poisons the soul. That is destructive and simply wrong. But without the zeal that comes from proper indignation we will not have a chance against those who are full of zeal and determined to destroy everything we care about.

To put it bluntly, we are often too good for your own good. Leftists are consumed with self-righteous passion when they assault us. Our response, quite commonly, is weak and limp. We want to be nice and pleasant, because, after all, that’s part of our Southern culture. Also, as Christians, we recall the injunction, “Love your enemies.” Gentility is certainly commendable, but only in its proper place. As our Lord also commanded, we should not cast our pearls (such as gentility) to swine. Kindness toward a personal enemy is one thing; but not toward destroyers of community and moral order. Jesus did not turn his cheek toward the corrupt religious leaders of his day; He rebuked them with the fiercest language.

Our opponents are determined to destroy our heritage and culture-as well as our children’s future. We have every right to the indignation necessary to stop their campaign. Our hope is to stand united, a band of brothers native to the soil.

4 responses to “Love Your Southern Brother; Fight Your Foe

  1. macdonald January 6, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    great article, and thankyou for teaching about Jesus our Lord so correctly. I think there is no brotherhood between whites, even southern whites, is our ideas, goals, and values are so removed, diluted, and scourned on that we have a false sense that we have nothing in common with each other, which is so false. Plus, TV steals too much time for people, and only those seeking find websites like this one. We need to clarify our values, and broadcast them somehow. Like the NRA, they have a tight group, centered on guns; we need something like this but with ALL of our values. lastly, you taught from the Bible correctly, so we will have to undo all the phony mike huckabee type one worlders who steal the show and decieve people. His show in particular on Fox, makes me puke. Thanks again for great thoughts.

  2. Fr. John January 7, 2009 at 5:53 am

    One thing that clarified the biblical adage, “Love your enemies” was the common-sense approach of the Eastern Orthodox, who had lived under the Turkish (read Muslim) yoke for hundreds of years.

    St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves Lavra put it all in proper perspective:

    “”Live in peace not only with your friends, but also with your enemies;
    But only with your personal enemies, and not with the enemies of God.”

    Now, I can quote Ps.139:21, and mean it. ““Do I not hate them, O LORD, that hate Thee? And am I not grieved with them that rise up against Thee? I hate Thy Enemies, O LORD, with a Perfect* Hatred- I count them my enemies”-Psalm 139: 21-22

    This word *perfect – in the LXX, is the same Greek word used by Our Lord in the phrase, “Be Ye perfect* even as your Father which is in Heaven is Perfect.”* -Matt. 5:48
    (the same word for Perfect hatred is contained in Christ’s admonition to BE perfect!)

    * From the Greek “Teleios”- [teleios] – complete, brought to its; end, finished, (cf. John 19:30- “It is Finished”) Lacking nothing in perfection, complete, lacking nothing in human virtue, full. (Strong’s #5046)

    I can now hate those whom God hates, and call them my enemies, as they have always been, and put Our Lord’s words in biblical perspective.

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  4. Mary January 10, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    I just do not agree at all that conservatives “don’t stand up for each other.” At least here in TN that isn’t the case. We are tight here and will band together if need be. I agree there is an upperclass of conservatives that are not sociable…perhaps they are the ones the writer is referring to? Well here in Knoxville the rich is mostly jews so need I say more? But in general, no we whom are proud confederates will never leave each other to fend for ourselves! I do think however, that we are a proud group and yes we will often try to handle attacks by ourselves first (what a wonderful moment to fight off a idiot lib and win singlehandedly) and then if we cannot handle it alone, we will call in the troops for backup. That is just our spirit though and being as independent as we can be. I could not fathom ever allowing a comrade to fend for themselves..can southerners ever band together you asked? Brother, have you truly studied the history of the Civil War? We didn’t lose by lack of constructive comradship. We lost as usual to a corrupt government. Study your history!

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