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Crash Course DVDs now available

You can order 30 for less than a $ a piece. This one is a must send to anyone who will give it a few minutes. Go to site for full details.


Friday, December 5, 2008, 6:00 pm, by ErikTownsend

UPDATE 12-5-08: Discs are now ready to order!

Hi, Chris here (Erik is on a flight home).

I’ve done it, I placed the first order for 300 discs and it went through.

The DVD company is now accepting orders.

An order placed today will ship Monday.

Remember, you have to use a coupon code to get the $0.85 price per disc.

Shipping & Handling cost me $25.50 (ground) for 300 discs, and would have cost me ~$12 for 30, to give you some sense of what it will be (and I live pretty far from the shipping location).

Here are the details:

1. URL = http://www.crashcoursedvd.com/ OR http://www.cdfx-crashcourse.com/ (<– this link is the the actual order location, so don’t worry if/when you see this appear in your URL address bar if you use the first link)
2. Billing that will appear on your credit card = “New Media Gateway”. It will NOT be chrismartenson.com. Please be aware of this to avoid confusion…there is no profit on this venture for anybody and credit card disputes will upset this delicate balance.
3. Coupon codes (don’t include the “” marks, just the text between them):

For 30 discs, or any number divisible by 30: “30count” (<–that is a coupon code)

For 50 discs, or any number divisible by 50: “50count” (<–so is that)
For 100 discs, or any number divisible by 100: “100count” (<–so is that)

Orders are being accepted now.



Chris Martenson and the Team.

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