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Boot On Your Neck


One response to “Boot On Your Neck

  1. Steve in the swamps December 8, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    “No surprise” is right! There is a monopoly on political power. However, the GOP is enjoying the current and likely future policies to its demise. If it keeps “hispandering,” and passes ‘Amnesty,’ it will die as a political party. I guarantee it.

    My suggestion, is to form a third party, before the GOP officially dies off. It should promote our (White) interests implicitly, while promoting American interests collectively and explicitly.

    The bad news: With only 65% (and dropping fast) of the US total population and many of our own kind self-hating, we are not going to get an openly pro-White party in power anytime soon.

    However, the Good News: Many Northeast Asians, Blacks and even Brown Hispanics oppose illegal immigration. The same closely applies to even legal immigration. It’s not as the mainstream media portrays it! We have a great opportunity here.

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