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Monthly Archives: November 2008

This is Lee in the Mountains! “This time, I will not stand by”

And the Darkness Comprehended It Not


That was the song “Game On” by Disciple set to clips from the movie “300,” about Sparta’s heroic stand against Persia at the pass of Thermopylae. The blood you see flying across your screen is what gave our people in western Europe the safety and security that was necessary to build the institutions that our people now scorn. Here are the lyrics to the song for your spiritual edification:

I’m not afraid of loving my enemies
Turning the other cheek
Blessing those that would curse me
I honestly want peace with you
But when you come against my country
When you come against my family
You try to destroy my people
I can’t just stand by
There’s no way that I can stand by
This time, I will not stand by
I am coming, and if I come, then pain is coming with me
I’m coming, and pain will be with me

Can I get an Amen?