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Wake Up! – Obama-Nation Is Dawning

Wake Up! – Obama-Nation Is Dawning

By Washington Jefferson

Wake up, fellow Southerners, if you haven’t already, and take a good look at the hard realities now staring at you. They’re not pretty. The Obama-nation of Desolation is upon us.

With the election of America‘s Red and Black president, we can no longer hide behind our illusions. NASCAR, cold beers, college sports and pop music will not keep the fear at bay any longer. If you want to know the ultimate intentions of the Obama-nation, just ask a White Rhodesian (if you can still find one) or a White South African (and they’re getting scarce). They trusted liberal promises about “change,” and the like, so they could go on living in their stupor of entertainment and the “good life.” Now see what it’s gotten them-not very good lives at all. Here are the realities:

1) This is no longer the America you knew during the fifties, or even the eighties. It’s the new America, the Obama-nation, where you, the White, Christian, traditional Southerner is increasingly marginalized and held in contempt. Forget the idea that you are a proud citizen of a proud country, the home of the free. That America is about as gone with the wind as the Antebellum South.

2) The Obama-nation will show you no mercy. It will not stop trying to dispossess you until you stop it-and nothing less than manly courage will accomplish that. Pay no heed to their rhetoric of reconciliation and tolerance. It’s nothing but lies to lull you to sleep. If you doubt this, look at the record. Remember the “civil rights” hucksters who promised that they only wanted basic rights, not forced integration, anti-white discrimination, and eternal white guilt? Remember when our political hacks promised that immigration would not change the demographic makeup and culture of America, and make you a minority in the land your ancestors built? You can count on liars to keep on lying. You’re a fool to believe them and their media.

3) If you want to stop your dispossession, and secure a decent future for your children and grandchildren, it’s no more business as usual. You’ve got to change your thinking and behavior-drastically. Nothing will even begin change if we don’t master these basics:

We must mentally and spiritually secede from the Obama-nation and create our own counter culture and counter society, just as the early Christians did when they withdrew from the corruption and decadence of Imperial Rome. Affirm to yourself that the values of Obama-nation are not your values. Quit being terrified when they call you a racist, a bigot, a hater, and all the rest of their assault vocabulary. Again, remember that their words have nothing to do with morality and reconciliation. They are simply rhetorical weapons to intimidate you and break your spirit. If our opponents insist that we must become a minority, then they cannot logically deny us the right of self-assertion that they encourage among all other minorities.

Turn off your television and live a real life. Think your own thoughts, and cultivate your mind and spirit with the music, passion and drama of our heritage. Forget politics for the time being, and reach out to build and rebuild the ties of family and friendship. As a community, a band of brothers, we will have strength far greater than the sum of our numbers. With that strength, we will have a powerful political voice.

Duty, sacrifice, loyalty and honor must replace the Yankee-conservative obsession with “rugged individualism” and me-first materialism. We must be rugged individuals with unyielding commitment to our community. We can find no better examples than the fabled Southerners of history and legend, Washington, Lee, Jackson, and Davis.

To avoid frustration and defeatism and focus on practical and doeable projects. Small successes and accomplishments lay the foundation for larger ones. Some examples: Read history and study how marginalized people in the past have survived. (Our own Reconstruction is a good place to start.) Keep physically fit. Shun factory food; grow as much of your own as you can and patronize local growers. Study the law to gain knowledge about defending your rights. Study a martial art and armed defense. Master public speaking as a means of having influence. (Look what it did for Obama!)

Some other examples: Learn about finances. Start a small business on the side. Network with fellow southrons for mutual economic benefit. Buy from local stores. Home school your children and build a home school network. Be a good citizen in your broader community. Run for local office. Be a person whose opinions others will respect.

Finally, if your are a Christian, deepen your relationship with God. This will be essential in the difficult times ahead. Most important is finding, or starting, a church that affirms that God created the nations, tribes and kindreds, and it is not God’s will to undo His handiwork by blending all humanity into a raceless and faceless uniformity. Let’s not get bitter about the rise of Obama-nation, but rather see it as a God-given opportunity and challenge, to our generation, to become something better than what we’ve been.

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