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14 Christ

Y’all know that @ 50+% of children under the age of 9, here in the Forced Union are non-White.  The negro, just like the McCainiac favours Amnesty.  The negro will push Millions of more non-Whites here, MILLIONS more.  If God does not intercede for us, this Forced Union will be majority non-White in a very few decades OR LESS.

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One response to “14 Christ

  1. Tom November 6, 2008 at 8:37 am

    Unfortunately, 50% of the children in this Country are non-White, which is ominous for our Country, especially when those children come from families that want nothing to do with American Culture, History, and values. They would rather re-write History, and tell their children, and ours, what he White man did to them.

    The problem with that is that these other groups did not have much in the way of Culture, or Civilizations, to speak of, and many did not even have a written language.

    Without the benefits that these other groups had received from exposure to White European Culture, they would have made minimal progress, devloping on their own.

    So, there is a need to educate our children, specifically in the accomplishments of all of the many European cultures, that have contributed to our advancemnet as a Society.

    Now, another fact needs to be addressed, which is the need for healthy, traditional families to consider having more children.

    Because the cost of children is so high, when one factors in medical care, diapers, formula, cribs, strollers, toys, etc., I believe that is incumbant to assist our fellow European-Americans with such items, as we can provide, to ease their finacial burden.

    Many of these items are given as gifts at Baby Showers, but as you know, children grow up fast, and will have a need for new clothes.

    Growing families will need help meeting their food expenses. This is how we, as a Community, or Group, can assist White American families raise their children, in good Christian homes, to foster the growth of Citizens of sound minds, bodies, and exceptional character.

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