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Why We Need PSS

Why We Need PSS

Washington Jefferson

It was one of those typical “milk the white guilt” articles. Appearing on CNN, the article described how “racism” still lurks at the University of Mississippi, despite all the alleged progress in recent years. It said that whites (horror of horror) still often group together, and related one incident where a black student who crashed a white party was called “nigger” by one of the boys there.

We at Lee in the Mountains don’t condone rudeness or insults, but we’re not planning a guilt trip over this incident, as similar ones, either. The fact is, we as white Southerners can’t exist as a people unless we can have some places and occasions of our own. This is why we advocate what we call primary social space (PSS). At minimum it means that we must have our own neighborhoods, churches, schools, businesses, private organizations, and social activities.

To say such a thing, of course, will incite the Politically Correct Inquisition to call us monsters, bigots, and haters who-if given just an inch-would start throwing people into gas chambers. Our reply is simply to ask, “If you want to bring up the issue of genocide (destruction of a people), then how do you suggest that we maintain our peoplehood and culture without resorting to PSS?

In this age of environmental awareness, most people understand that a variety or species of animal cannot exist without an adequate habitat. Take away the full and necessary habitat of grizzly bears, and these creatures slowly but surely will go extinct. So it is with peoples. Thus when our accusers allege that hatred and genocide are our motives, we reply that they are ascribing what are really their motives to us, a classic example of what psychologists call “projection.” One proof of their evil intent is their hypocrisy. If blacks or members of any other group want space of their own, the accusers never object. Their ire only rises when whites do so. These indeed are the same hypocrites who rant about “white privilege.”

Some Christians will object to PSS, saying that we should “love our neighbor.” But the love they conceive is the love of humanist egalitarianism, not biblical Christianity. The humanist creed teaches that love consists of leveling all men to make them equal and without distinction. The Bible, in contrast, affirms distinctions and boundaries among men, as well as their nations, tribes, and kindreds.

To love our neighbor, the Ten Commandments inform us, we must respect the bounds of property (thou shall not steal or covet), the bounds of marriage (though shalt not commit adultery), and the importance and legitimacy of blood ties (honor thy father and mother.) Loving people, in the Christian sense, means respecting their boundaries and legitimate concerns. The old saying is quite true, “Strong fences make good neighbors.”

With race relations today, the fences are broken down, and as a consequence misunderstanding and bitterness abound. The incident at the University of Mississippi is a good illustration. Some white students no doubt resent the anti-white political correctness forced on them in their classes. No doubt from time to time they seek the haven of their own society. The black student would have been wise to have appreciated their feelings, or put another way, their boundaries. The student who insulted him was wrong to have done so, but given today’s racial climate his resentment was at least understandable.

It is not “racism” or “hate” for people to feel comfortable with people of their own kind, heritage, and background. To make people feel guilty about such natural affections (these days almost always white people) is a form of spiritual assault for the purpose of mind control. No self-respecting person of any race should tolerate such vicious manipulation.

A wise and good black man, Booker T. Washington, many years ago set forth a workable plan for racial harmony in the South. He said that whites and blacks should work together as one hand for many common purposes, but in social matters they should be separate as fingers on a hand. The alternative is genocide for both peoples, and the creation of a confused and debased humanity most suitable for the rule of tyrants.

To that, we at Lee in the Mountains will say a hearty amen.

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