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Sorry, y’all, I do not know how to make ACRES USA’s Front Page come out full, but hopefully, y’all get the essence. Here is the web site: http://www.acresusa.com CHECK IT OUT!

Acres USA
the original eco-agricultural bookstore

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Acres U.S.A., the monthly magazine
Acres U.S.A. is North America’s oldest, largest magazine covering commercial-scale organic and sustainable farming … subscribe and receive Acres U.S.A. each month. Read some of our current issue below.

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Feature Article Archives

2008 Acres U.S.A.
Conference & Trade Show

December 4-6, 2008,
St. Louis, Missouri
Complete details now online.

October 2008
Featured Articles
Farming in the Peak Water Era
As sources of clean, unpolluted water shrink, how will farmers meet the challenge? These practical tips from renowned organic growers will help you conserve this precious resource.

Water Conservation Inputs for Growers
A concise review of treatments to maximize water usage in crops and soil.

Happier by the Dozen
What it the Brady Bunch lived on an organic farm? They might have discovered, like Laura and Robert Robinson, that it’s a great place to raise a large family.

Soil Carbon: Diamond in the Rough
A detailed look at the benefits and characteristics of this crucial component of living soil, and a simple program to increase soil carbon on your farm.

Tellurium — A Discovery Adventure
It’s one of the more obscure trace minerals, but tellurium has its own fascinating role to play in health maintenance.

Quality Starts in the Womb
Would you like to have an eye for selecting animals that have the ability to function well on a total grass diet? An expert tells you how!

Toxicity for the Gene Pool
A whistle-blower is continuing her fight to expose and stop the use of industrial waste and other toxins in our fertilizers.

Filling Amish Ice Houses
A winter morning spent cutting pond ice provides community fellowship, fun, and the reward of thousands of dollars’ worth of clean, sustainably produced ice.

October 2008
Interview Paul Roberts: The End of Food
A respected author and journalist who specializes in energy issues and politics turns his attention to the global food industry — and argues that the industrialization of agriculture is an economic model on its last legs.

Eco-ag news from around the world.

Commentary on vital issues affecting organic and sustainable farmers.

“Certified Organic Industry News”

“Neem: The Miracle Tree” by Anne Marie Van Nest

Charles Walters on the economy and farm issues

Health & Healing
“Real Milk Cures Many Diseases
by J.R. Crewe, M.D.

The Natural Vet
“First-Rate Farms: Achievable Goals for Whole-Farm Health”
by C. Edgar Sheaffer, V.M.D. & Bonnie M. Sheaffer, R.N.

Books & Information
Reviews of new eco-farming literature

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A roundup of eco-suppliers

Eco-farming meetings and events across North America

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Parting shots from our editor

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