Lee in the Mountains

Doing the Lord's Work by Saving the White Race

The Honorable George Allen

“We are engaged in a great cultural war where reason itself is at issue.” No, I will never support Palin or anything Rep. or Dem.! Palin, McCainiac, Obamanation, Biden et al are War supporters. ALL! Isralie first don’t you know. These ongoing Wars are not Biblical. They are not Just Wars. Palin can sacrifice her son, with the christian fish tattoo, to the Moloch god’s U.S. Army, but over my dead body will she or the rest of her ilk ever touch mine, boys or girls. Ever!

Virginiae Fidem Praesto

Separation from the Empire, now!



Lawyer, Clerk of Circuit Court,

Stafford, Virginia

January 3, 1997

The Honorable George Allen

Office of the Governor

Richmond, Virginia

Dear George:

You honored me beyond measure by appointment to the VMI Board of Visitors. But I cannot in good conscience, and in faithfulness to your trust, continue. Permit me an explanation.

There was, from the beginning of this fight, far more at stake than a small college in the Valley of Virginia. We are engaged in a great cultural war where reason itself is at issue. The other side reduces all human relationships to power struggles, where gender is merely a cultural phenomenon to be overcome. They care not about education, character building or developing responsible citizens. By being all male (and worse, adherents to tradition) we were perceived as powerful and therefore had to be destroyed.

On a basis that defies logic, the majority of the Board has determined to admit women while attempting to remain VMI. This course, known as “minimal” change, flies in the face of our own evidence and the documented experience of every other military school that has gone this route. I can only accept the sincerity of their position while questioning its wisdom.

It appears that we will not accomplish minimal change. Modifications in progress include facilities, staff, faculty, uniforms, haircuts, academics and athletics. We are developing policies on such matters as fraternization, harassment and pregnancy. Some Institute officials also seem headed for sensitivity training and politically correcting our language. This before the first woman passes through Jackson Arch on 18 August (perhaps, more properly, 1 Fructidor).

If successful in minimal change, we would be committing a far graver offense. It should not escape our notice that Justice Scalia, in his eloquent dissent, included in toto the text of “The Code of a Gentleman” from the Rat Bible (The Bullet). The majority proposes reducing the most exhilarating of human relationships, at a particularly impressionable age, to contract and regulation. It is a perversion and an offense against the laws of Nature. How do we aspire to be Gentlemen and yet require young men to abuse and debase women.?

The VMI has heretofore stood for timeless principles no matter what was popular or expedient at the moment. Words such as Honor & Duty are not relative values, but immutable truths, guiding our daily lives. The sad fact that this society is increasingly irrational did not justify our abandoning the pursuit of what is right and good. If we are no longer ennobling, then we no longer exist.

Understand clearly that a majority of my fellow alumni disagree with me, at present, as they are still in a state of denial. They have not yet fully recognized that the body of the late and great VMI stretched before them is dead, while the majority of the Board hurriedly pours perfume on the corpse. The stench will slowly seep out and, over the next few months and years, will be undeniable.

On a personal note, the first member of the VMI Board from Stafford County was my Great-Granduncle, Major John Conway Moncure, CSA, Class of 1847. You know better than most my devotion to the Institute – the old one– and my love of Virginia. My sensibilities are absolutely irrelevant where the glory of this commonwealth is to be served. But I cannot – will not – continue to be a party to what must ultimately be a sham on the good people of Virginia.

We are not longer, in contravention to our motto (Virginiae Fidem Praesto), true to Virginia. It is with unbounded sorrow that I must tender my resignation as a member of the Board of Visitors. I am always at your service, and remain

Sincerely yours,

Thomas McCarty Moncure, Jr.

Class of 1973

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