Lee in the Mountains

Doing the Lord's Work by Saving the White Race

Bad Moon Rising, better check your 6!

Here at LITM we are attempting, by God’s grace and providence, to follow Revelation 3:2: “Wake up! Save what is left, that which is about to die” (that being the White race, starting with our own extended family). However as has been posted before, “We do not have unlimited time.” There is much national and individual sin, national calamity is here.

I believe we are at that point in our history, per Deuteronomy 28:

“As nations cannot be rewarded or punished in the next world, they must be in this. By an inevitable chain of causes and effects, Providence punishes nation sins, by national calamities.”

George Mason, Virginia delegate to the Constitutional
Convention, 1787

I also know that what we propose, Abjuration of the Realm, is very hard for most Whites, living in this Empire to grasp. Just look at the unbridled support for the McCainiac after he was blessed by the Dobson for “choosing” the McPalin.

What’s the point?

“The point is that while herding is natural and inevitable on a collective scale, the urge can be overcome on an individual level. By recognizing the invisible pull of collective social mood a person can, with practice, overcome its siren song and follow a different path, a path that seeks to avoid the collective, self-destructive behaviors of the crowd.”


Help us in the fight by joining in real community. For there really is a Bad Moon Rising.

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