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I do not worship the Constitution, it was murdered in 1865ad, and the great Southron Patrick Henry was correct in sniffing out the Rat Lincoln to come. However, we at LITM are the posterity of the Founding Fathers, our greatest enemies right now are the leaders of the Evanjellyfish professional christian Wrong, Dobson et al. These Evanjellyfish care not for the Posterity of the Founding Fathers, Bibical hierarchy and order. They only care about keeping their House Privileges granted by their joo masters and their joo master’s minions. There was much truth presented by the joo writing in the Washington Post 1998ad, “Christians are uneducated and easily lead.” However I do not think they are uneducated, I think they are just plain stupid. They are being urinated on by their masters and they call it dew.

With Palin On the Ticket, Evangelicals Are


By Michael D. Shear and Juliet Eilperin
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, September 1, 2008; A15

ST. PAUL, Minn., Aug. 31 — Outside his evangelical church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Sunday, David Chung was mobbed by friends and church members suddenly excited about the Republican ticket. “I had half a dozen people come up to me,” said Chung, a delegate to the Republican National Convention. “It’s a night-and-day change.”

Ralph Reed, former director of the Christian Coalition, reported the same reaction at his church in Atlanta to John McCain‘s selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. “It’s really extraordinary,” Reed said.

But McCain’s performance at the Saddleback Church candidates forum two weeks ago — in which he solidly reaffirmed his antiabortion stance — “perked up” social conservatives, said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. That was followed by the GOP’s adoption of a party platform that pleases conservatives.

Now, many evangelicals say Palin offers a fresh opportunity to rejuvenate their movement.

Jessica Echard, an activist with the Republican National Coalition for Life, said she “wasn’t going to put a McCain bumper sticker on my car or a yard sign up” at her Northern Virginia home. “Now, I can’t wait to get my McCain-Palin bumper sticker.”

Reed said McCain’s public flirting with Ridge and Lieberman was a brilliantly executed “head fake” to make people even more excited when Palin’s name was announced. “It made the normal enthusiasm go off the charts,” he said.

At the New Hope Church north of Minneapolis, the Family Research Council’s Perkins preached at two services Sunday morning about the responsibility of Christians to be involved in their communities. But afterward, he said, everyone wanted to talk about Palin.

“The campaign has turned around in the past 72 hours in terms of the enthusiasm,” he said.


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