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The McCainiac picks a Squaw

It has been widely reported, Palin is a Squaw. Her Buck is reported to be an Eskimo. dr jimmy Dobson has become all warm and willing over this, advising that he will NOW pull the lever for the McCainiac. Even if her husband is not an Eskimo, I dont care how “conned” (conservative) she claims to be or how conned the professional joodeochristian Wrong proclaims her to be, she will never rule over me or mine. Stay home and take care of you papooses, Squaw. Today, I listened on the radio to several professional joodeo-christian Wrong whores loudly proclaiming the Squaw as the savior. They all brayed, Now, “We” can vote for the McCainiac. I watched the Obamanation coronation last nite, on a friend’s TV. I agree with what was stated at the event, time and time again, “The New Amerika has arrived. ” Indeed it has. No denial from here, I can smell the stench. Me and mine will have nothing to do with anything “They” offer us, nothing; squaw, negro, joobiden, or White hating McCainiac. We want nothing that illegitimate Uncle Sam has to offer.

LITM, now more than ever!

God save what is left of the White race!
No king, but King Jesus!

2 responses to “The McCainiac picks a Squaw

  1. Fr. John September 3, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    When I mentioned to my almost 10y.o. son in the car, that a ‘prolife woman’ had been chosen as Veep candidate for ‘the white man president,’ (as he calls him) my son blurted out these memorable words:

    “But that isn’t right. As a woman, her place is in the home, taking care of her husband and children, not running the country.”

    Praise, GOD, the homeschooling lessons I’ve been teaching for two years ARE sinking in! Raising my children with what is now called a ‘White racially-conscious approach to Christendom’ – or, in olden days, ‘a Eurocentric tradition;’ and reading the Scriptures; (OT as well as NT!) and showing that free, White, Christian Males founded this country, is clearly to my son’s eternal advantage, when he comes of age to rule these benumbed minds. I am raising my son to be a kingly gentleman as Washington, Adams, et al. were; and as is his destiny as a White Christian. Clearly, it is what is needed….

  2. leeinthemountains September 5, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    Thanks Fr. John, you are being blessed by God with your son.

    You son understands Scripture. In a real Christian country women are held at the highest esteem. So many Christians care not what the Bible says, or do not care for Bibical order and hierarchy. The majority of Christians appear to be eaten up with Egalitarianism. Just because a women “Can” do something does mean that she should do it, nor make it right.

    However as Dabney said, far too many men support feminism, something like “money for nothing and your chicks for free.”

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