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Fight Famlism

This is dedicated to Janet Parschell’ , the southern national congress, and the most infamous Chuckie Demastus and his list. Y’all have done “good!”

Fight Famlism

By Rev. Jack O’Kobian

Modern Christians have made great strides against racism. But much more needs to be done if we are to be true servants of Equality.

Now we must confront a form of racism that most people don’t even recognize as such. This is the sin of famlism, the preference for one’s children over other children. Admittedly this seems natural, but in the fallen world most sins seem natural. Only as we follow the spiritual truth of Equality can we rise above this sinful material world.

Do you doubt that famlism is racism? Consider how racists often justify their hate by saying that it’s really no different from preferring one’s child. And consider how famlists often use such terms as “my flesh and blood.” The similarity to the Nazi’s “blood and soil” is obvious. Only a bigot would disagree,

In the words of no less than Martin Luther King, the only basis for judging another human being is the “content of character.” Thus if a “father” prefers his “son” to another child who is morally superior to that “son,” he is clearly a bigot because he values flesh more than morality. Such a “father” clearly views his “family”-physical traits, genes and all-as a miniature Master Race.

While it is true that the Old Testament affirms family lineage and says “honor thy father and they mother,” the law of the OT no longer applies because now, under the New Testament, we are under grace instead of law. Jesus said “call no man your father.” Grace is spirit and abolishes physical distinctions.

Throughout history we can see the evil caused by famlism, wars of dynasty, family feuds, jealously and favoritism. Blood ties lead to bloodshed. It is the shame of the Church that Marxists have long understood the evils of famlism better than Christians and have worked to attack this and other sins against Equality. Indeed it was the Marxist, Leon Trosky, who invented the term “racism.”

To fight famlism, the Church must set the long-range goal of raising all children in common. In the words of Hillary Clinton, “It takes a village to raise a child.” As a preliminary step to that goal,

Christian parents should make a practice of swapping their new-borns with other “families.”

Some “mothers,” of course, will object, and they will play on the sentiments of a mother holding her infant child. Nevertheless, we must cut through this sentiment and understand the sin that motivates it. The extent to which a “mother” focuses on her child is the extent to which she tunes out other children-and that is hate.
Although abortion is a bad thing, it may be serving what is ultimately a good purpose. When a woman has the child in her womb killed, it desensitizes her to warmth and favoritism toward children of her own, and thereby opens her heart to impartial feeling toward all children. Gay marriage also may have a beneficial side by undercutting the prestige of famlism.

We should never fail to denounce famlism whenever we encounter it, even in tough cases. For example, if a couple has just lost its child in an accident, the moral response is to withhold sympathy for their grief. Tell the couple “to get over it” because there are plenty of living children around for them to love, many with a “content of character” superior to that of “their” deceased kid.

Admittedly, the path to True Equality will not be easy, but it is the only way we can purge the sin of earth with the spirit of heaven. One day this love will trample out the vineyards of hate.

One response to “Fight Famlism

  1. Dr.D August 22, 2008 at 11:53 pm

    That is straight marxism! What totally anti-Christian instanity!!

    Is there a link to the original?

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