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Gallatians 3:28 for Dummies

I guess these Dummies must not be Christians, because we all know that in Christ Jesus there is neither male nor female…


Female Crash Dummies Part of Updated Vehicle Safety Tests

By Jordan Weissmann
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, July 9, 2008; D01

The U.S. Transportation Department announced the first major update to its vehicle safety rating program in seven years yesterday, drawing mixed reactions from advocates who hoped the government would go further in revamping the way it tests automobiles, trucks and sport-utility vehicles.

Beginning with the 2010 model year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will change the way it measures frontal crash tests by placing female dummies in passenger seats and taking injury data from new parts of the body, including the legs and neck. It will run a new side-pole test as well, meant to mimic collisions in which a vehicle wraps around a tree.

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