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Making the Best of Basics

Making the Best of the Basics is a must have book. It is a great go by, for food storage. This high lite of the book is from Walton Feed http://www.waltonfeed.com You can purchase the book from Walton, plus Walton sells storage food, and many other useful items. I understand though, that there is a back log in filing food orders throughout the smalll long term food storage/preparedness business community.

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Walton Feed, Inc 135 North 10th, P.O. Box 307
Montpelier, ID 83254
Fax: 208-847-0467
Price: $20.95
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81/2 inches by 11 inches, 336 pages

Photo of Making the Best of Basics Book Cover Making the Best of Basics
Family Preparedness Handbook
By James Talmage Stevens

  • If you were temporarily out of work, how long could you sustain yourself and your family in a near-normal manner?
  • To what natural, man-caused, or personal disasters are you vulnerable?
  • If the transportation system were disrupted, how long could you and your family live on the food in your home?
  • Do you know what to store, how much you need, or where to get it?
  • In today’s world you can’t afford to be unprepared. If you want the security of being able to live from your own personal resources for up to a year regardless of external conditions, Making the Best of Basics will show you how.
  • With over 365,000 copies sold, Making the Best of Basics has long been a standard on in-home food storage and family preparedness. The 10th edition of Basics has been expanded, revised, and updated. More than 100 additional pages of charts, tables, and recipes have been added. The Resource Directory is more than 60 pages, and comprises over 2,500 private industry preparedness providers, as well as government resources. The Family Preparedness Handbook is the most comprehensive single volume ever compiled on in-home storage.

    The Family Preparedness Handbook gives you:

    • A plan for acquiring and maintaining your in-home food storage
    • Charts defining what foods and nonfoods to buy for your in-home storage
    • A Family Factor to determine quantities of foods and other items for your family
    • Resource Directories listing of 2500+ suppliers of food storage and preparedness items

    Peace of mind follows preparation. Let the Family Preparedness Handbook do for you what it has already done for more than a generation––make preparation both possible and manageable––and give your family a measure of security in an uncertain world.

    Table Of Contents Chapter 1: What is Family Preparedness?

    Preparedness Is Expecting the Unexpected Events Which Could Not be Controlled Why Don’t We Prepare? How Prepared Is Your Family? In-Home Storage–a Basic Strategy for Family Preparedness

    Chapter 2: Basic In-Home Storage

    Preparedness and In-Home Storage What’s Important to Store Guidelines for Stocking Your Pantry Store What You Eat Purchase the “Essentials” First Determine Manageable Time Units Chart Your Progress Start In-Home Storage With a “Safety Net” Supply Maximize Your Purchasing Power Capitalize on the Wide Variety of Resources Available Planning Your One-Year Storage Quick-Charts The Family Factor Step-by-Step Planning Charts, Guides & Lists

    Chapter 3: In-Home Storage Problems and Solutions

    Poor Food Selection Problems/Solutions and Hints Improper Packaging and Storage Techniques Problems/Solutions and Hints High Storage Temperature Problems/Solutions and Hints Moisture and Microbial Infiltration Problems/Solutions and Hints Insect and Rodent Infestation Problems/Solutions and Hints Failure to Use Foods within useful Shelf Life Problems/Solutions and Hints Local Area Resources Federal Government Resources Resource Directory

    Chapter 4: Water–the Absolute Basic

    Importance of Storing Water Store Your Emergency Water Supply Now! How Much Water to Store? Basic Subsistence-Level Water Storage Requirements Basic Maintenance-Level Water Storage Requirements Contaminated Water Treating Contaminated Water Water Resource Directory

    Chapter 5: Wheat–the Basic Grain

    Basic Storage Guidelines Fumigating Wheat for Storage Basic Wheat Resource Directory

    Chapter 6: Basic Whole-Wheat Bulgur Cookery

    Directions for Making Basic Bulgur Directions for Making Basic Cracked Bulgur Bulgur Basics Recipes for Basic Cracked Bulgur Recipes for Basic Bulgur Soups and Salads Recipes for Basic Bulgur Main Dishes Recipes for Basic Bulgur Pilaf

    Chapter 7: Basic Whole-Wheat Flour Cookery

    Recipes for Pancakes, Waffles and More Recipes for Basic Snacks Recipes for Basic Pretzels Recipes for Basic Crackers Recipes for Basic Pasta Recipes for Basic Tortillas Recipes for Basic Pie Crusts Recipes for Basic Muffins and QuixBread Recipes for Basic Cakes Recipes for Basic Cookies Basic Whole-Wheat Cookery Directions for Basic Bread making Making Sugar from Whole-Wheat Berries Recipes for Basic Breadstuffs Basic Stuffing and Dressing Cookery Recipes for Basic Easy Bread Stuffing

    Chapter 8: Basic “WheatMeat” Cookery

    Directions for Basic 3-step Gluten Flavoring Basic Gluten Recipes for Beef-flavored Basic Gluten

    Chapter 9: Basic Sourdough Cookery

    Hints for Successful Basic Sourdough Cookery Basic Sourdough Starter Recipes for Basic Sourdough Starter Yeast Recipe Conversion for Basic Sourdough Cookery Directions for Basic SourBatter Directions for Basic Sour Breadmaking Recipes for Basic Sourdough Bread Recipes for Basic Sourdough Biscuits, Muffins and Pancakes Recipes for Sourdough Cakes, Rolls and Doughnuts Exchanges for Converting Yeast Recipes to Basic Sourdough

    Chapter 10: Basic White Flour Cookery

    The Case Against White Flour A White Flour Experiment The Case for Whole Wheat Recipes for White Flour

    Chapter 11: Basic Triticale Cookery

    Recipes for Basic Triticale Breads, Biscuits and Muffins Recipe for Triticale Main Dish Recipes for Triticale Desserts

    Chapter 12: Basic Dairy Products from Powdered Milk

    Powdered Milk Nutrition Purchasing Powdered Milk Powdered Milk Storage Rehydrating Powdered Milk Recipes for Basic Powdered Milk Basic Yogurt from Powdered Milk Suggestions for Making Basic Yogurt Successfully Recipes for Making Basic Yogurt Recipes for Basic Yogurt Basic Cottage Cheese from Powdered Milk Recipes for Basic Cottage Cheese Basic Cheese from Powdered Milk Recipes for Basic Cheeses Basic Dairy Products Resource Directory

    Chapter 13: Basic Honey Use

    Buying Honey Honey Selection Criteria Storing Honey Using Honey Recipes for Honey Sugar-to-Honey Recipe Conversion Chart Basic Honey Resource Directory

    Chapter 14: Basic Self-Health with Supplementation

    About Dr. Zoltan Rona Dr. Rona: Why Supplementation? Basic Supplementation for In-Home Storage Live Whole Food Concentrates Vitamins Vitamin Supplements Intake Guide Minerals Mineral Supplements Intake Guide Herbs and Whole Food Supplements Herbal and Whole Food Supplements Guides Professional References for Supplementation Supplementation Resource Directory

    Chapter 15: Basic Sprouting and Kitchen Gardening

    Why Use Sprouts? Basic Sprouting Basic Sprouting Equipment Step-by-Step Basic Sprouting Method Basic Sprouting Guide Special Treatment For “Reluctant” Sprouting Seeds Tips for Using Sprouts in Recipes Basic Sprouting Resource Directory

    Chapter 16: Basic In-Home Drying of Fruits and Vegetables

    Drying Methods In-Home Drying Basic In-Home Drying Method Step 1: Selection of Fruits and Vegetables Step 2: Preparation of Fruits and Vegetables for Drying Step 3: Pretreatment for Fruits and Vegetables Step 4: Drying Fruits and Vegetables Step 5: Post-Drying Handling to Extend Shelf Life Step 6: Rehydration for Use Basic In-Home Fruit Drying Guide Basic In-Home Vegetable Drying Guide Basic In-Home Drying Resource Directory

    Chapter 17: Energy and Fuels Storage

    Two-Mantle Gas Lantern Kerosene Lantern Flashlight Tallow Candles Emergency Candles Two-Burner Gas Camp Stove Emergency Tin Can Stove Charcoal Briquettes Coal Newspaper Fuel Canned Cooking Fuels Fire Starters Gas Detectors


    Appendix I––Websites of Selected Preparedness Suppliers
    Appendix II––FEMA National Emergency Management System
    Quick-Guide II-1––Summary of National Disasters Publications

    Supplement––Compendium of Preparedness Resources

    Selected listing of more than 2,500 vendors and suppliers of preparedness products and services in the US and Canada

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