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Hoes we do not like, and Hoes we like

bros before hoes

Now for Hoes we like:
The Rogue Hoes are excellent. I do not know the owners, but they are a family owned business and farm , located in the Southern Border State of Missouri. Sure as heck beats China mart et al. You need good tools for your homestead at LITM. These hoes fit the bill.

“For the best Hoe in the USA made in the USA”
Garden Hoes Hand Hoes Scuffle Hoes Field Hoes Yard Hoes
Fire Fighters Tools Price List and ordering form Flooring Tools Roofing Tools Give us your comments
For the best, try us

Call or e-mail us

“Welcome to Roguehoe”

….. We are a family owned business located in the heart of the USA. Each hoe is hand crafted, and quality is our most distinguishing characteristic. The heads of the hoes are made from recycled agricultrual disk blades, which is a high grade tempered steel, well suited for strength and holding an edge.

….. Thousands of our hoes are used by cotton growers and sugar beet and grape producers throughout the US and Canada. We are pleased to say that Rogue hoes are used on some of the largest commercial vegetable farms as well as college research farms and backyard gardens.

…..We invite you to experience the pleasure of using these quality tools. The Garden and Field hoes are made from the recycled, tempered steel of an agriculture disc blade!

Our hoes make a Great Present

….. We can also mail them directly to that person with a greeting card with your name or names on it. They also make a great Birthday, Father’s and Mother’s Day present or for any special occasion. Just give us a call and we can get it set up for you.

….We also have Gift Certificates of any dollar amount you want.

Larry and Phyllis Pierce
If outside of the USA e-mail us for shipping rates.
If ordering from Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii or Alaska please go to ordering tab at the top. Because of the size and weight of some of your hoes and tools we will be shipping some of them UPS….So be sure on the mailing address to put a address that UPS can deliver to….
Thank you

Contact us

Fax # 417-962-5505

For your Heirloom Garden Plants go to our friends, Randel and Pam GO HERE

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