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Declaring Your Independence

This is a most excellent article from Western Voices World News. I would only add a few things, do not give money to whore churches who hate White people (that is most of them in the Forced Union), and I think we need PSS, in the Celtic Fringe, with our own churches, to give our people a fighting chance

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Declaring Your Independence
Posted on: 2008-07-04 21:03:26

by John Young Audio version

Welcome to Western Voices. I’m John Young of European Americans United. A few weeks back, my friend and colleague Frank Roman created a pod cast entitled Sphere of Influence in which he explored what Noam Chomsky calls manufactured consent. This concept bears further examination because Frank also pointed out something incredibly important: that the status quo depends upon our participation for its perpetuation. Rather than paraphrase, here is the direct quote:

“Living under a tyranny of what Noam Chomsky called manufactured consent; we need only realize that we can withdraw this consent by simply changing the way we live. Manufactured consent requires our participation; especially our economic and cultural participation.”(1)

Noam Chomsky and Edward Hermann published a book on this topic back in 1988. But, even before that, in 1982, Ayn Rand delivered a powerful speech entitled “The Sanction of the Victims” in which she stated unequivocally: “… it is a moral crime to give money to support ideas with which you disagree; it means: ideas which you consider wrong, false, evil. It is a moral crime to give money to support your own destroyers.”(2)

According to Rand, the sanction of the victims can be defined as: “the willingness of the good to suffer at the hands of the evil, to accept the role of sacrificial victim for the ‘sin’ of creating values.”

What Chomsky and Rand are in agreement on is the fact that evil is powerless without the cooperation of the good; and this is a subject I have visited implicitly in various forms. Obviously, Chomsky, Rand and I would all differ on the details of what is good or bad. So we would differ on the content, but the structure holds as truly today as when English philosopher Edmund Burke stated the idea in the 1700’s, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.’ This concept lies at the core of the unique approach to activism that we take here at European Americans United. Rather than blame pornographers for pornography — we put the blame, and thereby the power — in the hands of the white men who purchase the product. If white men refused to purchase the product, the evil intentions of its purveyors wouldn’t matter and they would be powerless.

We are not a victims-rights group. Rather, we are an organization that seeks to make change through beneficial changes in our own behavior — political behavior, economic behavior, ethical behavior, spiritual behavior and family behavior. We — you, I, and every white person in this country — already have the power to accomplish anything we want. All we have to do is stop blaming everyone else for our plight, take personal responsibility, and withdraw our consent and sanction from the Apostles of Epic Evil.

Many ethnic advocacy organizations work on a victim-hood model, mainly because it is profitable. The NAACP is a good example. The NAACP sees African-Americans as perpetual victims, teaches them that they aren’t responsible for their own plight, and therefore assures the perpetuation of their organization and cushy jobs while the plight of ordinary black folks either remains the same or worsens. If the endemic poverty, crime and illegitimacy that plagues African-Americans were ever to be substantially abated, the NAACP would go out of business. So, paradoxically, their jobs depend upon problems remaining unsolved. Thankfully, a lot of good black folks have finally caught on to the scam and have taken charge of their lives in order to provide good homes for their children. Now, all they have to do is spread the word and show their brethren how John Calvin was a greater friend of theirs than Kweisi Mfume; and that Bill Cosby should command their attention rather than Jesse Jackson.

But, as I was explaining, the victim-hood model is great for an organization; but not particularly effective for actually solving problems. The victim-hood model is great for depositing large sums of money into the bank accounts of activists, but very poor at empowering the people who should be helped. A victim isn’t expected to DO anything but blame other people and perhaps demand that other people modify their behavior. A victim is seen to be powerless, so very little is expected. Salvation doesn’t come from within — but from without — from external forces beyond one’s control. And this is where our organization, EAU, stands apart.

Yes, we are aware that hostile organized efforts exist among other ethnic groups; and that these efforts place our survival as a distinct genetic group in jeopardy. But we are also aware that all of the evil intentions of the Frankfurt School, the Anti-Defamation League, the so-called Neo-Conservatives and others would be utterly impotent without the acquiescence of nearly all of our folk and the active assistance of far too many. This sort of position is both empowering and demanding.

Once we understand that we already have the power in our hands to do what must be done; it’s hard to make excuses for not using that power — especially when the requirements are so modest. This is what makes EAU members so much different from the unawakened among our Folk: our members make active changes in their own behaviors and thus serve as an example that spreads beneficial changes among our people as a whole. It’s a lot harder to join a political campaign, start a garden, home school a child, cancel the cable subscription or write a letter to Congress than to lie back and whine about omnipotent evil forces; but our members undertake the hard work of self-empowerment, and they make us proud.

And this brings me back to what my friend and colleague Frank Roman was talking about: actively withdrawing our consent.

I haven’t subscribed to cable TV for the past 14 years. Your cable company makes almost nothing on standard or digital cable. The only money they make on TV is on premium channels. The rest of the money they collect is passed straight through to the people who own the content. All 200+ cable channels are owned by a mere handful of companies controlled by people who actively hate European-Americans and wish to destroy our people, our culture, and any semblance of positive morality. Their television programming is pernicious and deadly; and enabling these destroyers through providing them with one thin dime is nothing short of suicide. If you haven’t already canceled your cable TV subscription; put it on your “to-do” list for the upcoming month.

Maybe you think that your subscription is just a drop in the bucket and won’t make a difference — but their fixed operating costs for satellites, satellite ground stations, satellite command and control stations, leased fiber-optic transport, production facilities and contracts with personalities are gargantuan. Every year they charge cable companies more to cover these costs while delivering little if anything new. Your dropped subscription works right down to the bottom line — but you can also multiply your effectiveness and get more people to drop their subscriptions.

As my father would say, there are a lot of ways to skin an animal. Talking to your next door neighbor or workmate about hostile media ownership and media bias might not work out very well. But the American Council of Pediatrics and TrashYourTV.com have already given us dozens of studies demonstrating that TV viewing by young children can cause permanent changes in the brain that cause Attention-Deficit Disorder. They have also produced studies demonstrating that TV viewing corresponds to lower grades, poorer health, higher rates of obesity and poorer self-image. And that is just for starters. But the simple fact is that there are extremely compelling reasons — outside the hostility of the bosses of the controlled media — why nobody, and especially nobody with children, should be paying for a cable or satellite TV subscription.

Remember, the reason why a person has stopped subscribing to TV services doesn’t matter economically. All that matters is that he or she should stop. So after you have canceled your own subscription, you need to inspire others. Do a search on the Internet, and you will find dozens of bumper stickers, brochures and articles that will convince any rational person to cancel their cable subscription. An enterprising EAU member might even come up with a brochure to hand out. All it takes is a handful of people to ultimately start a trend. First dozens, then hundreds, then thousands and finally millions will detach themselves from one of the most insidious and deadly mass brainwashing devices ever invented; and that will be the key to turning this country around. But before that can happen, first YOU must declare YOUR independence.

And speaking of this, a while back I produced a pod cast on gardening. Our board of directors considers this so important that we have recently appointed a coordinator to be in charge of the re-localization of agriculture. When you grow and freeze, can, and dehydrate your own food — you have a stocked pantry ready for financial emergencies. You insulate yourself from the energy dependent aspects of the cost of food. You directly reduce the demand for third-world immigrant labor, and you directly expand your own freedom to the precise degree that you gain independence from needing money from a wage to buy your food.

The importance of all of these things is hard to overstate; but let me give you one example worth considering. In 2002, Dr. Frank Salter of the Max Planck institute delivered a stunning study of immigration entitled “Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests: Is it Adaptive to Resist Replacement Migration.” In this thirty-page article, Dr. Salter used genetic distance maps between various races and European nationalities to quantify the impact of immigration in terms of children that are never born. According to his research, 104 Belgians would have to immigrate to Denmark in order to cause the equivalent genetic damage of losing one Danish child. By way of comparison, it would only take the immigration of LESS THAN ONE Mexican of Amerindian origin to cause the equivalent genetic damage of losing one European-American child. That’s huge. What that means for European-Americans, genetically, is that if you and your neighbor each become food self-sufficient and this results in even ONE less Third-World immigrant within our borders, the effect is the same as if you had conceived and raised a child.(3)

This is just one of the reasons why we consider growing your own garden and buying locally-produced food so important that we’ve appointed a coordinator for this project whose job it will be to help European-Americans become more food self-sufficient. This is just one more area where withdrawing your sanction can make all the difference in the world.

Another area where we have made great progress is in the area of college education. Colleges have become the focal point of what could only be described as *evil* in this country. They have become the incubators for censorship, Stalin-inspired political correctness, multi-culturalism, anti-white discrimination and more. The anti-male discrimination throughout our educational system has become so pronounced that men — and that includes all of the non-European-American men — only account now for 35% of enrollment in four-year colleges and universities.(4)(5) This doesn’t bode well for the future, as under-educated European-American males will not be economically viable, and thus will not be marriageable in the future. The causes of this disparity stem from attitudes and techniques employed from Kindergarten all the way through college, but explicit anti-male bias in colleges makes the college environment hostile to men, who thus avoid it.

Speaking of the prevailing attitudes on college campuses, two researchers noted: “The programs may have fostered an environment in which the very presence of males on campus is a threat to a worldview that sees things only in terms of oppressors and the oppressed. Deliberate misinformation about men and gender issues are an integral part of modern campus culture.”(6)

Of course, even though young women are outnumbering young men in college and in college graduation rates; the colleges aren’t doing them any favors either. Along with being encouraged to be “lesbians until graduation,” our young women, rather than learning how to think critically, are being given lessons in what Denesh D’Souza calls: “an education in closed-mindedness and intolerance.”(7) The average college senior scores only 54.2% on a basic civics-literacy test, a dismally failing grade.(8) According to a recent Washington Post article, a surprising number of college graduates are barely literate:

“Only 41 percent of graduate students tested in 2003 could be classified as “proficient” in prose — reading and understanding information in short texts — down 10 percentage points since 1992. Of college graduates, only 31 percent were classified as proficient — compared with 40 percent in 1992.”(9)

That’s right. Colleges that cost tens of thousands of dollars per year in tuition plus receive generous taxpayer subsidies are giving our children what could best be described as a piss-poor education that is not preparing them for the world of the present, much less the future. Fully 59% of students pursuing masters and doctorate degrees aren’t even literate. But what colleges ARE delivering is hordes of academics hell-bent on the destruction of our civilization. They are so far gone that reform isn’t even practical, and secession is the only practical solution.(10)

This is another arena where sending money to these colleges to educate your children is enabling the enemies of our Folk. Yet, a college education — a good one — is absolutely necessary for our kids. Noting this problem, EAU has produced a manual that describes how you or your kids can earn a fully-accredited college degree for 1/10th the cost, without ever walking into such a toxic, costly and enemy-controlled environment. This manual is called EAU’s Guide to Completing your College Degree and is available for download for only $6.25. If you are considering going back to college or you have kids that will need college, this book will be worth hundreds of times what you spent on it. Independence starts with YOU.

Of course, the educational problems our kids face don’t start in college — they start in elementary school. The average public school in this country is an expensive disaster in that it puts more time and effort into indoctrinating kids in condom usage than exploring the U.S. Constitution; while graduating droves of functional illiterates at an average cost exceeding $12,000 per year per student. Some kids graduate with a reasonable education — but those few do so in SPITE of the public educational system rather than BECAUSE of it — either due to their own inclinations or the vigilance of their parents. But in the modern world where inflation has devalued wages to the point that many parents have to work two jobs; it isn’t always easy to fight the school committee.

Because of this, a number of EAU members have been developing a comprehensive home school curriculum that can be used to supplement public or private schooling in order to make sure our kids are properly educated; OR it can be used to replace public school altogether for parents who can arrange their schedules to allow home schooling. I am pleased to announce that our efforts have borne fruit, and grades 1-6 of EAU’s home school curriculum are now complete. Over the next year we plan to complete grades 7-12. But if you have elementary-age children; you can get started right away.

We will also be assigning a special project group to improve these curricula on a yearly basis so that our kids always have the best. We realize that home school curricula are often extremely expensive; sometimes costing hundreds of dollars a year. This sort of expense really hurts when undertaking homeschooling already entails a loss of income. Moreover, when used as a supplement to the public or private schools, it is hard to justify the added expense in a tight family budget. But, EAU is intended to be a community; and communities help each other. Our elementary school curriculum is of, for and by EAU members; and so for current EAU members it is completely free of charge. It is yours — just for the asking. If you want access to it, just go to our organizational contact page, and send an email containing your membership number to our board of directors. You’ll receive an email back that contains the access information for the curriculum.

If you are not an EAU member for some reason and want access to the curriculum; such access can be obtained by sending a $100 donation, your email address, and a short note requesting access to our regular mailbox.

If you are listening to me, you already know that our schools have been seized — lock, stock and barrel — by social deconstructionist forces. Yes, there are some good teachers, and even some who agree with our world-view. But these are a minority who must keep their views to themselves while the overwhelming majority of teachers and administrators are nightmares straight out of the Frankfurt School. You have no choice but to pay for these schools, but you DO have a choice as to whether you will subject your kids to them without supplementing their education to counteract the pernicious effects, or whether you will subject your kids to them *at all*.

This is another area where you can declare your family’s independence, withdraw your consent and rescind your sanction.

Finally, I want to talk about something a bit more difficult. Most of us work for a wage. Thankfully, many of our members are lawyers with their own law practices or small business owners — and that’s good. Because owning your own means of production is a key aspect of the sort of independence that gives you freedom. We are living in a system where people — quite legitimately — fear losing their jobs over the opinions they may express outside of work.

This is not a new situation, as it has accompanied the concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands over the course of decades. Back in 1936, in the midst of the Great Depression, Herbert Agar noted something so timeless that it could have been written today: (please bear with me, as this is a long quote)

“So far from providing freedom, monopoly capitalism does not even desire it. To be sure, a cardinal tenet of its economic theory is that both capital and labor should be ‘free.’ But this only means that they must be allowed to flow backward and forward from area to area and from industry to industry, wherever the highest rate of profit is to be found.

“In terms of labor this means that the workman had better be “free” from a home, because if he had a home he would not be sufficiently mobile. He had better be free from personal responsibilities; above all, he had better be free from children. Landless and toolless … his successive livelihoods at the mercy of an ‘economic law’ which we have basely allowed to take the throne from morals — this man has, of course, the vote. And the Thirteenth Amendment protects him from involuntary servitude. Yet his is not quite the sort of freedom for which our Fathers founded America.

“So far from offering the chance to do creative work, monopoly capitalism subjects more and more laborers to a humiliating, nerve-racking boredom. The boredom, to be sure, is qualified by fear — fear of losing their jobs, fear of annoying their straw-boss, dear (sometimes) that their private habits may not meet the taste of an impudent and nosy employer.”(11)

As I have pointed out before, capitalism and communism both start with the identical premise of seeing man materialistically — as a unit of production and consumption — and neglect the wider aspects of human needs such as community, spirituality and family and extended kinship networks. Ultimately, they both put control in the hands of a small number of people, and compromise the practical freedom of everyone else. The broad solution to this problem lies in third-position ideas that counteract the concentration of power in the hands of a few through established mechanisms such as Employee Stock Ownership Plans and similar mechanisms. But these solutions are the subject for another day.

Today, I’d like to highlight a different approach applicable to individuals. The average adult American spends a stunning five hours a day in front of the idiot box. With the cable subscription gone, this will be greatly reduced. What will you do with those five hours?

Well, you could start gardening and improving your food self-sufficiency as I described earlier; but you could also start a small home-based business. Given the Internet, it is easier now to start a small part-time business than it has ever been. Marketing through tools like Yahoo and Google is a snap; and publishing-on-demand technologies can make start-up costs minuscule depending upon the arena of business you choose. What a home-based business accomplishes is putting YOU in charge of the means of production, and thus the profits you may derive. Every dollar you earn in profits can go first to reduce your debts, and ultimately to build your wealth and replace sufficient income that the risks of job loss in the wider economy become less of a threat.

Not all home-based businesses work. At one time, back before the Internet, I tried selling formulas mail-order that explained how to make cleaners and other household products. I used direct-mail marketing — which cost a fortune, and my returns were poor. I didn’t make any money. Then I tried writing custom software. That was too broad, and made no money. Then I found a niche software market that wasn’t being served and overnight I was finally making a profit. Later, I went into custom server appliances based on Linux, and made profits. Most recently, I’ve made profits from books I’ve written on various subjects, and wholesale delivery of specialty organic produce that I grow at home.

Over time, I learned how to find a need that wasn’t already being served by some multinational conglomerate, and meet that need in a fashion that made people better off for the sales that I made. I learned how to keep my start-up and marketing costs low, make use of professional, industry and personal affiliations to boost sales, and how to confine those business ventures in such a way that they wouldn’t interfere with regular employment. Most importantly, I learned how to get projects off the ground with start-up costs of under a couple of hundred dollars.

None of this is especially difficult, though it does require some thought and planning. Because my majors in college were in science and engineering, I didn’t understand the principles of marketing in spite of two years of economics classes; so I learned a lot by trial and error. Today you can walk into any book store and find dozens of books that will tell you up front all of the things I had to learn by trial and error.

And you also have another advantage as an EAU member. As an EAU member, you have access to our members-only website; and you can advertise your goods and services to people who WANT you to succeed and will see purchasing from you instead of one of your competitors as a virtue. You can also float your ideas in advance and ask your fellow members if they would find a given product worthwhile, and if so, at what price. Our members are students, professors, truck drivers, engineers, assembly-line workers, lawyers and just about everything else you can imagine. When you bounce a home business idea off of our collective membership in our members-only forums; you gain the benefit of thousands of years of experience — and this can give you a valuable shortcut to success.

So rather than empowering our enemies by leaving yourself at the mercy of any news article that your employer happens to see; you need to withdraw your consent, cancel your sanction and declare your independence through starting a home-based business. Own your own means of production.

In the long run, we’d like a nation of owners of private property rather than a nation of wage-slaves; but you can get a head-start on that with your own small business at home.

Now, let me take you back to what my friend and colleague Frank Roman said: ”

“Living under a tyranny of what Noam Chomsky called manufactured consent; we need only realize that we can withdraw this consent by simply changing the way we live. Manufactured consent requires our participation; especially our economic and cultural participation.”(1)

Frank stated the matter broadly, but absolutely honestly. We have the power — YOU have the power — to start a revolution simply through some basic choices that you make. Frank gave you the idea, and now I’ve given you some specifics to help you follow through.

Today is Independence Day: the day upon which many noble and brave men attached their signatures to Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence at grave personal risk. Many suffered mightily for standing up for the courage of their convictions. But you have the ability, right now, today, to start a revolution at far less risk. You already have the power to unseat the moneyed bigots who hate our people; starve out the purveyors of smut; keep Mexicans in Mexico where they belong; give the Apostles of Epic Evil and the owners of the controlled media a serious financial shock; educate your children for competence and critical thinking while protecting them from the forces of social deconstruction and give yourself greater financial independence.

YOU, Mr. and Ms. European-American, are NOT victims. You are the progeny of brave souls who tamed this land and made it ours. You are the children of bright minds who put man on the moon. You are the inheritors of the greatest art, science, technology and philosophy the world has ever seen. You are NOT victims. To the extent that you are a victim, it is only because we are collectively allowing it. But you have the power to reclaim your life, your freedom and your independence. You have the power to reclaim our inheritance — all you have to do is reach forth, and grab it.

This has been John Young with European Americans United. Thank you for joining me again today.

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(11) Agar, H (1936) Who Owns America? A New Declaration of Independence

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