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Before one can be a King, one should first be a Man

“Every man is a leader in his own right. Every man is a De La Rey.”

Every man is a leader in his own right. Every man is a Robert E. Lee.

This compatriot speaks appropriately of De La Rey. We appropriately, must become Robert E. Lees, servants to our people, servants, to the King of Servants, Jesus Christ!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Before one can be a King, one should first be a Man

By Mike Smith – Cape Town, 17 June 2008

I was moved by some articles written by fellow bloggers today. All excellent pieces that I wanted to comment on, but I thought it better to write an article in response. The first article was by Dark Raven who correctly pointed out the use of rape as a psychological weapon by the communist ANC regime against the whites of South Africa, asking why our men do not defend our communities. The second was by Doodler who pointed out that the lack of patriotism amongst ourselves will be the death of our nation and nobody will sympathise with us.

These articles moved me because it is so true. Us men sit by and read about these atrocities against our people, but we do nothing. As long as it is not personal, we sympathise for a moment and then the sun comes up and it is another day. People who do not live in South Africa or who were not raised here find it difficult to understand.

The usual simplistic solution is for whites to “Stand together”. “Unite and fight back”.

As an officer I know that this view is not going to happen. Not in the short term anyway. Why, you may ask. Fact is people are not going to stand together or unite behind a common cause, miraculously. People follow a LEADER.

The song “De la Rey” by Bok van Blerk and Sean Else, pointed this out. Our people are hungry for a leader. Even English speaking South Africans were singing this song loudly at get-togethers. The hearts of the people are in the right place. Everyone knows that “Something needs to be done”.

It is not as if whites in South Africa are turning a blind eye to the murders, rapes and tortures of our people. They simply need direction. Our people are confused, lost, influenced by mainstream media, the church and pseudo leaders. Our people want to do the right thing, but what is “The Right Thing”? What should we do?

Maybe we are asking this question to everyone except the right Being. We look for answers in all the wrong places, when we should be asking our God that stood by us at the Battle of Bloodriver. The One we entered into a covenant with and to whom we built a temple in Pretoria, OUR capital.

The Communists build their entire campaign on fear and hatred. They hate us and want to make us hate them back and fear them. The counter to their strategy is LOVE.

By that I do not mean that we must “love our enemy”, because I can never love Satan. Communists are Satan’s’ spawn and I can never love them. What I mean with love is that we must start loving our own.

We should start with loving our God that saved us at Bloodriver. We should love our families; willing to die for our wives and children. Then we should start loving our neighbours as we love ourselves.

What has the spawn of Satan done? They have alienated us from our God to the point where we are to scared to go to church. The St. James Church massacre is proof of this. Look at how high our walls are. We live in fear in our houses for years and we do not even know who our neighbours are.

People, that is not how I grew up in South Africa. We use to braai with our neighbours; our kids played together, even sleep over. Our neighbours were like family. We have lost all of that. It was an eye opener to me when I recently travelled to Germany to see people have gates in their fences between them and their neighbours. People exchange flowers for eggs. Neighbours yarn swap and have beers together after work. We use to do that as well. It brought tears to my eyes.

So let us not loose focus. Let us not play into the hands of our enemies. Satan wants us to hate, but what we should be doing is love. Love our God, our families and our neighbours. Let us love our country and our culture. Let us love our language, our history and our music. Let us be proud of who we are and teach our children the same way. Love is a much greater emotion than hate. Even in war, love always wins.

There is no arguing that we are leaderless today. Our leaders have forsaken us. The problem with leadership amongst our people is that they pop up here and there. Our enemies, the Communist spawn of Satan are well adapted to this. Their Modus Operandi is like this: The moment a leader steps up, they character assassinate him. When that does not work, they will try to buy him. If that still does not work, he is assassinated physically, usually by a mob or poison. Against these tactics we will never have a De La Rey.

A De La Rey does not fall out of the sky and one day he is miraculously there. De La Reys are made. So what should we do? How do we get to unite our people and produce a De La Rey?

Every man is a leader in his own right. Every man is a De La Rey. Take charge of your property and the well being of your family. Get fit, train and condition them in vicious unarmed combat. You do not have to be a Martial Arts expert. Common sense is your best weapon. Just breed in their minds the possibility of an attack and how they need to defend themselves to the point of self sacrifice for their loved ones. Train as close to reality as possible.

Further, take part in sports like SCUBA diving, sky diving, abseiling, and martial arts. Take part in driving courses, hunting and paintball. All these skills are useful when the time comes.

Out of every community will come a leader and these leaders will compete to produce even a better leader and so one and so forth until the day comes that we have our De la Rey. When he falls away we have plenty more to take his place, but the fact is that it starts from the ground up. It starts in your own home. Everyone have to be a De la Rey in his own right. Develop a mindset of resistance; a will to fight back.

Guys, we are the last white men of Africa. There is none after us. History will one day tell our story. How would you like to be remembered? As a bunch of spineless cowards who allowed your wives and children to be raped, tortured and murdered?

We now have the opportunity to be remembered as great men of our kind and to make our ancestors proud. We do not have to take these rapes and murders any longer. We do not have to cower in front of Satans children a single day longer. Do we love our own enough to kill to protect them? If so…then let the games begin. There is no greater love

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