Lee in the Mountains

Doing the Lord's Work by Saving the White Race

So, just how much food can you grow in a year on a 10th of an acre?

We at LITM are building alternatives to every thing Babylon has to offer. In fact, we dont want anything that Illegitimate Uncle (Sam) has too offer. We dont want his “free” government education, we dont want his water, and we especially dont want his food. This family featured in the video and website have figured it out, at least the food part and TPTB’s deadly intentions for TPTB’s global food system. I would only add, someday soon, this family will reap the harvest of diversity, when the patina of civility vanishes from Pasenda, with La Raza control, but none the less they are doing. Make sure you check out their website! http://www.pathtofreedom.com

Oh, and the answer; How about 6,000 lbs…


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