Lee in the Mountains

Doing the Lord's Work by Saving the White Race

All That We Are

Quote for the day (from Gods and Generals)

In this scene, Generals Lee & Taylor are standing on the
heights above Fredericksburg, Virginia, before the Yankee

Looking down on Fredericksburg, General Lee states to
General Taylor, what the South means to him & the

(General Robert E. Lee) “Did you know George Washington
spent his boyhood not far from here?

(General Taylor) “And across that river, he’s supposed
to have thrown that silver dollar……and cut down that
cherry tree.”

(General Lee) “That may be so, Mr. Taylor, but it has an
even greater significance for me. It’s where I met my
wife. That’s something these Yankees do not understand,
will never understand. You see these rivers and valleys and
streams……and fields, even towns? They’re just markings
on a map to those people in the war office in Washington.
But to us, my goodness, they’re birthplaces and burial

They’re battlefields where our ancestors
fought……places where you and I learned to walk, to talk
and to pray. Places where we made friendships and, oh, yes,
fell in love. And they’re the incarnation of all our
memories, Mr. Taylor……and all that we are.

All that we are.

God save part of the South for White people,

Deo Vindice,

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