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Tsunamis and Borders.

This NATVAN article is three years old. It has only gotten much worse since then. This article does not include the reverse migration of negros back to the South, from the north and west coast. Rodney King’s garden spot in LA is now part of the Reconquista, and Atlanta got the negros who escaped. I am not a NATVANer. I am a Christian, not a pagan, but I appreciate many of NATVAN’s stands. Cambria Will Not Yield http://cambriawillnotyield.blogspot.com/ has done a wonderful job in his writings about the differences between White pagans (not saying NATVAN is all White pagan) and us. However, I wish many more White Christians understood what Kevin Strom stated: “At some point, we are going to have to draw some borders” he said, adding that “There must be no compromise on the need for White living space.”

Unfortunately most Whites have become tsunami watchers. They do not understand that if they do not flee, that if they become one with the approaching non-white tsunami, they will cease to exist.

Time to get off the beach, into the Celtic Fringe, and draw those borders .

U.S.: Black Immigration Surging
News/Comment; Posted on: 2005-05-26 13:29:39
More Africans arriving in U.S. than in peak days of the slave trade; will this make the Black population ‘Blacker’?

by Ann Hendon

THOUGH OVERSHADOWED by the much larger (and still increasing) tidal wave of Mexican immigration to the United States, Black Africans are coming to America in ever-greater numbers, placing an additional burden on White taxpayers and filling what used to be White living space — the constantly-diminishing places where White families can live and raise children in peace and security.

According to GhanaWeb and the New York Times, Black Africans are arriving in numbers exceeding even those of the peak years of the transatlantic slave trade.

Since 1990 more have immigrated “than the total who disembarked in chains before the United States outlawed international slave trafficking in 1807. More have been coming here annually – about 50,000 legal immigrants – than in any of the peak years of the middle passage across the Atlantic, and more have migrated here from Africa since 1990 than in nearly the entire preceding two centuries.” (Emphasis ours.)

Sources place New York State as the top target of Black immigrants from Nigeria, Ghana and other countries, but other targets are Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and Houston. Somalis have especially chosen Minnesota, Maine and Oregon as their destinations of choice. It has been documented in Lewiston, Maine — and the pattern is repeated elsewhere — that Jewish organizations and misguided Whites have funded free housing and other benefits for Somalis, while at the same time virtually 100 per cent. of the local homeless population, often living on the streets in the most shocking of conditions, consists of White men and women.

Sources state that these new Black arrivals drain the U.S. of at least $1 billion annually in funds sent back to Africa, a figure which does not include benefits given to them but consumed in this country.

“Basically, people are coming to reclaim the wealth that’s been taken from their countries,” said Howard Dodson, director of Harlem’s “Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture,” an anti-White group which is funded by the taxpayers of New York.

Will the African influx make the (partly mixed) Black gene pool in America “Blacker,” countering a centuries-long trend of genetic dilution? Or will the new arrivals stake out a separate identity (as many Somalis do) from the largely-dysfuntional ghetto and “gangsta” subcultures that loom large on the American scene? The New York Times quotes academics who are actually worried about the fact that, once again, American-born Blacks will lose out:

The influx has other potential implications, from recalibrating the largely monolithic way white America views blacks to raising concerns that American-born blacks will again be left behind.

“Historically, every immigrant group has jumped over American-born blacks,” said Eric Foner, the Columbia University historian. “The final irony would be if African immigrants did, too.”

Studies state that in the last ten years “recent arrivals from Africa accounted for about 25 percent of black population growth in the United States.”

Although the census typically underestimates marginal populations (especially those with a sometimes adversarial relationship with the law), the number of African-born Blacks now in the U.S. is “estimated conservatively at more than 600,000.” More ominously, surveys indicate that more than 1,700,000 describe their immediate ancestry as “sub-Saharan.” And these numbers reflect only legal immigrants, who have been “arriving at the rate of about 50,000 a year,” according to the Times: “There is no official count of the many others who entered the country illegally or have overstayed their visas….” (Again, emphasis ours.)

Kim Nichols, co-executive director of the African Services Committee, which directs newcomers to health care, housing and other services in the New York region, estimates that the number of illegal African immigrants dwarfs the legal ones. “We think it’s a multiple of at least four,” she said.

National Vanguard director Kevin Alfred Strom spoke on the dangers of non-White immigration and birth rates at last weekend’s European American Conference in New Orleans. In response to statements from British National Party and French National Front spokesmen that non-White immigrants were “here to stay” in those White nations, Mr. Strom cautioned the audience that, even if all immigration were to end tomorrow, the higher birth rates of non-Whites would still spell doom for White families in the long run: “At some point, we are going to have to draw some borders,” he said, adding that “There must be no compromise on the need for White living space.”

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