Lee in the Mountains

Doing the Lord's Work by Saving the White Race

Kinism and PSS

We at Lee in the Mountains (LITM) are Kinist. We believe Kinism is a Bibical solution for all people. We also believe that White people must have PSS (Primary Social Space). PSS in small town, agrarian communities, with our churches, schools, farms, small business etc.. Lord willing, if we are to survive as a people, we must have PSS. LITM is the one of the best ways for White Kinist to enjoy PSS.

Kinism Statement

It is time to discuss the racial issue intelligently. Ignoring it will not make it go away. The place to begin is to refute the false choice that political correctness (a variant of Marxism) offers to white people.

Significantly, nonwhites are not forced into this false dichotomy. Whites today must either be “racists,” who hate and wish to harm other groups, or “anti-racists.” To prove his anti-racist credentials, for all practical purposes, a white person must demonstrate an active disdain for his group.

This latter choice, says the PC crowd, will promote tolerance and understanding. In point of fact, it amounts to self-hatred, with all the self-destructiveness that this implies. Also, it does not encourage respect and tolerance from other groups. Instead, it arouses contempt and even aggression. As a black pastor observed, “If white people keep apologizing to us, we’re going to figure that they really are doing something wrong.”

I would like to propose a third option, one consistent with justice and decency. It is that of the “kinist,” one who practices “kinism.” This is the belief that the love of racial or ethnic kin is similar to that of family ties. Specifically, it is right and proper for a man to love his child in and greater and more special way than other children, without suggesting that he hates those other children. The Bible states that God has divided humanity into “nations,” which may be properly translated as races or ethnicities. As ties of kin maintain those distinctions, kinism, is consistent with Christian belief. One biblical statement of kinsim was that of the Apostle Paul. Though a man of great benevolence toward men other groups and nationalities, he stated in Romans 9:1-3 that he would be “cursed of Christ” if it could save his “kinsmen according to the flesh.” It was not an offer made to other groups.

Similarly, the great Southern General Robert E. Lee also expressed kinism when he stated that he opposed slavery in part because of the problems it caused blacks, but more so because of the problems it caused his fellow white southern people.

Kinism for white Southerners and other whites is necessary for survival, if for no other reason. Mass immigration from Third World countries, both to America and Europe threatens that survival, as does a steady assault of anti-Western Europhobic propaganda from the key institutions of society, namely the media, schools, universities, and churches. “White male” is
virtually a term of contempt and hatred in most universities. Ideas, as Richard Weaver, once noted, will have consequences. In this instance, what might they be? Zimbabwe and South Africa today offer disturbing possibilities.

Of course any suggestion that white people might have any legitimate interests will provoke the lords of political correctness to cries of “racism.” Many whites are utterly terrified of this word. Perhaps they wouldn’t be if they understood its Marxist origin. Its purpose is not to
promote tolerance or understanding. Rather, in most instances, it has become a psychological assault weapon. Like the word “nigger” used by genuinely hateful whites, its purpose is to silence and humiliate. The same may be said of such words as “bigot,” “hater,” and “white supremacist.” Thus it is important for honorable white people to be skeptical before taking these words too seriously.

In terms of the Southern movement it is essential to understand that the Southern Anglo-Celtic culture (the core Southern culture) will not survive the passing of Southern Anglo-Celtic people. Other groups may participate in it, but history offers no encouragement that they alone can sustain it. Consequently, Anglo-Celtic kinism is necessary for the survival of Southern culture. This, however, does not preclude cooperation with honorable people in other groups. Indeed this may be most helpful in thwarting the “divide and conquer strategy” promoted by the Marxists with their chants of “racism.”

Again, many whites are terrified of this charge. One hopes that they can find the courage not to be so easily frightened and manipulated. Kinism, however, is not just for white people. It offers the dignity of community life to all groups and subgroups which value their heritage and identity. True diversity, is the glory of mankind. Love of kin is not hate, and self-preservation isn’t prejudice


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