Lee in the Mountains

Doing the Lord's Work by Saving the White Race

Lee in the Mountains – An Introduction to this blog

Lee in the Mountains

Our people, white Anglo-Celtic Southerners, face cultural
destruction and our demise as a people
. For decades we have
suffered the scorn and abuse of liberal/corporate elites, a
spiritual assault which taken its toll on our morale and
spirit. These elites have used media and education to burden
us with racial guilt and belittle virtually all of our
folkways—in the name, most ironically, of tolerance.

Now the elites are upping the ante. Along with the
continuing psychological assault against the South, they
have unleashed mass Third World immigration against our
region, thereby shrinking our numbers and historic
territories. And it’s not just in places like South Texas
and South Florida. Growing swaths of the interior South,
from Arkansas to North Carolina, have become alien colonies.
This trend is only one thrust of an immigration invasion
which threatens the entire Western world.

Before us lies genocide, our systematic elimination
from the face of the earth. Mass executions need not be the
means. Demoralization and amalgamation can accomplish the
task just as well.
We cannot speak for other white nations, but as for
ourselves, we affirm the self-evident truth that a people
have every ethical right to defend their very existence.
This right implies no innate malice toward others. And
indeed, it is those who deny such right who should bear the
suspicion of hatred.

Thus when our enemies charge us with “hate,” we
should consider the hateful source. Let them hurl their
invectives against us—racist, bigot, hater—and we shall
stand unmoved, drawing endurance from our love of ancestors,
our heritage, and our generations yet unborn. Race is real
and significant, and no “social construct.” Far from
shallow skin color, it is the depth of flesh and blood—the
force kinship through time.

So deep and powerful a force, we concede, may turn
toward evil as well as good. But the same may be said of any
human passion. Better to control passions than deny them.
Without them we are dead. All races today, but white
Westerners, draw sustenance—and rightly so—from their
kinship. We white Southerners now claim the same. No more
will we endure a double standard. Hypocrisy destroys harmony
among men. We seek harmony, while demanding simple justice.
True tolerance is a two-way street.

Armed with this righteous conviction, we seek the
wisdom, the knowledge and the practical means to ensure our
survival. The title of this website, Lee in the Mountains,
comes from the suggested plan of General Robert E. Lee, near
the end of the War for Southern Independence, to withdraw
his beleaguered forces from Richmond and Petersburg to the
Appalachian mountains. There, using the advantage of
terrain, he proposed to carry on the struggle.

For a number of reasons, he chose not to do so. One,
perhaps, was the belief that the Union would give some
quarter to the Southern people and not destroy them utterly.
Today, we Southerners have no such assurance. On the right
we face assault from business elites who want to destroy all
cultures—and our very souls—in pursuit of money. On the
left are the “politically correct” neo-communists who
hate our faith and love of freedom as obstacles to the
totalitarian society they wish to erect on the ruin of our

Caught in this vice of Mammon and Marx, we must
execute a strategic withdrawal in spiritual and cultural
space—as well as physical space—to reform our lines and
attain some hope of survival. This website will explore the
possibilities and advocate practical action. We seek peace,
and will earnestly negotiate for it. Not negotiable is our
right to be.


4 responses to “Lee in the Mountains – An Introduction to this blog

  1. Kimmy May 18, 2008 at 12:35 am

    Looks good Cowboy.

  2. Laurel Loflund May 18, 2008 at 1:13 am

    Lovely to read your new blog; your point of view is, of course, close cousin to my own.

    May I link to your blog from both Natural Consequences and Kinism.net?

    God bless,

  3. leeinthemountains May 18, 2008 at 4:34 am


    You are very kind, please do, it would be an honour!

    Christus Victor,

  4. Laurel Loflund May 18, 2008 at 8:58 pm

    Hi, Leeinthemountains,

    Could you PM me over at Kinism.net?


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